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See Beth Read: The Sun is Also a Star

I should possibly re-title this review “See Beth Listen”, because I actually listened to this book as an audio book, but so it goes. Anyway, I just finished The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon. I don’t remember who I saw recommend this one (Shea, was it you?) but I had it on my Goodreads list and when i was at the library last month they didn’t have a copy on the shelf, but they had it as an audio book, so I decided to give it a try. I was so glad I did. Not only is this a fantastic book, it was wonderful to listen to, they had some great folks doing the reading.

The Sun is Also a Star is a YA Novel. It is told from the perspective of two teenagers, Daniel and Natasha. They are both on the cusp of some major life changes. Daniel is heading to an interview for admission to Yale University and Natasha is trying to stop her family’s deportation back to Jamaica. Through chance, Daniel and Natasha’s paths cross and they find themselves entangled in each other’s stories over the course of an entire day. Though Natasha initially resists, they end up falling in love with one another even with the odds stacked against them. Daniel’s Korean family heavily disapproves of people of color. Natasha will be leaving the country that evening unless a lawyer she meets with can get a judge to reverse the decision. They both know they only have this one day together, but they realize they need to make every moment count. They confide in each other. Daniel tells Natasha of his wishes to not go to Yale to be a doctor and instead become a poet. He tells her about his older brother and how he bullies him. Natasha shares with Daniel how her father had big dreams of being a Broadway actor and how he regrets ever having his family and ultimately how a his DUI is leading to their family being deported. They share their hopes, dreams, and imagine a life where they could be together. They feel they are meant to be.

The story is woven together in a beautiful way. Each chapter alternates between Natasha and Daniel’s point of view. Every so often there is a chapter that is a back story on another character or an explanation of something mentioned in the book. Even some of the minor characters play into the story in kind of a big way and shows how connected everything is. The overall message I think is summed up really well in this following quote from Natasha.

I won’t give away the ending, I wasn’t terribly surprised by where it ended up. I think there is some foreshadowing that goes on, but I found it kind of satisfying actually. I found it to be a unique modern romance that touches on some timely subjects of race and immigration. Overall I found it to be a great read that kept me engaged and wondering what would happen next. I definitely recommend it!

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  1. I’ve heard really good things about this author, but Everything Everything never really interested me (the movie is cute, but fairly obvious, so I figure the book is the same) but I’m glad to hear that you really liked this one. Might need to check it out someday!


  2. It wasn’t me, but I DO have this one on my to-read list! I read another one by her, Everything, Everything and I liked that one. I’ve heard this one is even better though, so you’re reminding me I need to get to it soon. Good to know that the audio version is good!

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