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I’m a day late for the Currently link up with Anne of In Residence and her co-host this month, Shelly of The Queen in Between, but I took yesterday off to celebrate the 4th of July with my family. I wasn’t going to let the month go by without doing my favorite link up though! Here are the current happenings in our world!

~Currently I Am~

Celebrating – July 4th! We had a picnic over at my parents house as we do every year. We enjoyed some delicious food and some quality time with family and friends who are like family. We also played our annual bocce ball tournament and Ollie played along with his own balls. He did better than I did a couple of times!

Visiting – Farmer’s Markets. We are anxiously awaiting our own veggies and are slowly starting to get some, but in the meantime we’ve been filling in with fresh fruits and veggies from our farmers markets. Our two favorites are the St. Paul Farmer’s Market and the Northeast Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. One of the best parts of Summer!

Wearing – Tank tops, it’s been very warm and muggy lately. I wore the new tank top from Lularoe yesterday with my 4th of July themed leggings, added in some fun colored KEEP and my favorite thrifted Coach bag and boom. Instant Americana outfit.

Baking – I haven’t done much baking this summer, I don’t really like to turn the oven on if I can help it. But, we had Jamaican food for dinner the other night and we baked some traditional Jamaican Coco Bread to go with it. It is SO yummy. I’ll share the recipe sometime if I remember (someone remind me to do this!)

Loving – Glow Season 2 on Netflix. They have really found their stride this season and we’re having to slow down and not binge the entire thing too quickly. I’m such an 80’s girl, I can’t help it.

This has certainly been kind of an odd week. Work two days, off one day, work two more days. Tomorrow I’ll be here with What’s Up Weekend already. Next week we’ll dive back into my 100 Dreams project AND I’ll be debuting my Happiness Project as well. So much going on!! Happy Belated 4th of July to all my fellow American friends!

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7 thoughts on “Currently in July

  1. We are anxiously waiting for our garden to produce for us too. I can’t wait to have fresh veggies straight from the garden! I loved your 4th of July outfit. I had on some Lula leggings, but they weren’t officially Americana. Just red, white and blue flowers I won in a giveaway 2 years ago. They are my go to 4th of July leggings now! I need t try out the new tanks. I am a sucker for a good tank.

  2. I’m glad you still did this post, even if it’s a day late. I love seeing everyone’s answers. I’m glad you had a nice July 4th. It was way too hot to really do much, and I was sick and my sister wasn’t feeling that great – so yeah, we just stayed home. We got in the pool for a bit, and that felt nice, and we watched the Macy’s fireworks!


  3. Yes, I love farmers markets too! We’re super lucky with a really great one that’s about a 3-minute walk from our house. I guess growing it yourself is even better, but too much work for me 😉

  4. It’s been so hot and muggy here too–it feels like it skipped from May to August. Ick. We haven’t even been to the farmer’s market this year, which is so sad! There is one that’s walking distance from our house, but the selection isn’t that great. Still, we need to just go and check it out, it could be better this year.

  5. I need to get to the farmers market soon. I’ve been dying for some fresh local peaches and it’s the perfect season for them! I’ve never seen Glow before, but it looks really interesting!

  6. I thought I left a comment over the weekend but it dissapeared – trying again.
    Growing your own veggies must be so much fun.
    The Jamaican coco bread looks really good – hope you’ll share the recipe 🙂
    I haven’t see Glow before but it looks interesting – I’m also an 80’s girl!

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