What I Wore in June

And just like that June is almost over! I knew this month would fly by with our vacation taking up so much of it. But, I still had plenty of working days, so I’m here to share some of my favorite looks from this month as I always do on the last Wednesday of the month. Here we go!

Shirt – Thrifted, Pants – Old Navy, Sandals – Clothes Mentor, Jewelry – KEEP

This was a casual Friday look early in the month. I thrifted this shirt on Memorial Day. It goes with some shorts I also bought that day, but I think it looks nice with these jeans as well. It actually goes with a surprising number of things in my closet so I’m excited to style it in some other ways too.

Shirt – Lularoe Classic T, Skirt – Lularoe Madison, Sandals – Style Encore, Jewelry – KEEP

I am focusing on a bit more of a secondhand wardrobe now, but I still have some Lula pieces that I can’t quit, and these two items are definitely some of them. This shirt and skirt were made to go together. Subtle pattern mixing and colors that compliment each other. And so simple to put together! Boom!

Jacket – Old Navy, Tank top – via swap, Pants – Thrifted, Shoes – Thrifted, Purse – Thrifted Kate Spade

This was a look I put together the day after Kate Spade passed away. I wanted to carry my thrifted Kate Spade bag in her honor and I threw a bunch of other pink items together in spirit of KS. And I showed off my new hair, lol!

Shirt – Target, Pants – Old Navy, Sweater – thrifted, Sandals – from mom, Jewelry – KEEP

I can’t get enough of this pineapple shirt from Target. The colors are perfect and it goes with everything. Best purchase I’ve made in the last few months!

Sweater – Banana Republic (thrifted), Shirt – Skies are Blue (thrifted), Pants – Simply Vera (via ThredUp),           Sandals – Thrifted, Jewelry – KEEP

And this is what I am wearing today. I wanted to find a little light weight summer sweater to throw over tank tops when it’s cool inside from air conditioning. I found this at the thrift store and it was exactly what I wanted! And then I grabbed this cute tank top also. I thought the colors would look nice with my pink pants.

This was my first month of living with a very scaled down wardrobe, but I have to say, so far it’s working well. I can easily see what I have, and I can more easily find the gaps and narrow down what, if anything I need. And I feel like I still have enough variety to not get too bored with what is in my closet. Now if I could just apply this concept to other areas of my house (cough, linen closet, cough)!

10 thoughts on “What I Wore in June

  1. I love Love Love a scaled down closet. It means staying on top of laundry more but that’s just a good idea in general. Pineapple shirt = the best!

  2. I love that pineapple shirt! That light weight summer sweater works so well – I’m always looking out for something similar in summer. My cardigan collection mostly works for winter and cooler weather.
    LOL at linen closet – you can do it! 🙂

  3. Super cute!! I love ThredUp! I’m so thankful my kiddos (well, 2/3) don’t mind thrifting, there are so many gems to be found while thrifting, right?
    Anyway, I’m digging your style.

  4. Haha I need to do some scaling down pretty much everywhere in my house too–starting with my closet! I love all your colorful summer looks. That pineapple shirt IS so fun!

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