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What’s Up Weekend 6.22.18

Happy Fri-yay!! I’m back in action with What’s Up Weekend with my bloggy sisters Charlotte and w. I’ve missed my weekly gratitude posts! I’m just going to dive right into it and share the good of my week, the things that made me happy and that I’m grateful for.

(1) I GOT MY FREAKING UNICORN SPRINKLER! Oh did I put that in all caps? Nate was feeling exceptionally generous on Father’s Day – HIS day of all days, and told me if I went to Target and bought it, he’d set it up for Ollie and me. It was hot, so it seemed like a great idea. We are both in love. I see fun times ahead with it.

(2) Playing at the Surly Open Disc Golf tournament for the 4th year – even though it rained. Nate and I still had a good time!

(3) New KEEP that arrived while I was out of town. I love the pretty new summer collector’s set!

(4) We’re soon to be a composting family. Nate’s been building a composter and it’s almost finished. I’m excited to see how much less waste we have.

(5) Styling by a four year old. I had a challenge in my VIP group for KEEP that if I sold five of the Live Happy bracelets that benefit the Sunshine Kids foundation, I’d let Ollie dress me for a day. I hit that goal, so I let Ollie dress me today. I have to say, he has a good eye, I’ve trained him well. He picked a pretty colorful look, but one I can get away with wearing to work! Now I need to hit my goal of ten bracelets so I can go hold a tarantula at his school’s bug event next week…eek. Three bracelets to go. We’ll see what happens!

(6) Sleeping in my own bed after a week away. I enjoyed my vacation, but man, there is nothing like returning to your own bed, am I right?

(7) A super fun art event at our local park celebrating the Summer Solstice yesterday. I went with my sister-in-law and a couple of friends and we had a blast using indigo to dye a tote bag, experimenting with watercolor paint and making cyanotypes. It was a beautiful evening, so that was an added bonus too!

(8) Ollie-isms. The other night I was sitting with him while he was having a little dessert and he says to me in a very manner of fact way “Mama, I’m allergic to celery. Just so you know.” It was all I could do to not burst out laughing.

(9) My lazy kitty cat. She was just too cute on the couch last night.

(10) Celebrating the amazing men in my life last Sunday for Father’s Day. I am so very lucky to have a great dad, a nice father-in-law and an amazing partner in my husband. They’re all the best.

And with that we head off to the weekend! Tomorrow I’m going to do a puzzle contest and Sunday we have a birthday party for our sweet little friend Callie. The rest of the weekend we’ll take as it comes. It is nice to be back to normal after vacation and back into our routinie. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Feel free to link up with the ladies and I below and check out the other posts!

10 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 6.22.18

  1. OMG that UNICORN is HUGE!!!! I’ve seen a few of those sprinkler blow-up things around the Internet and at that Five and Below store, but didn’t realize they made them so BIG! I need one of those in my life. Especially right now while it’s so hot outside!

  2. I can’t even with that unicorn sprinkler. It just makes me so happy to look at 🙂

    I so glad you had a great time but that you’re happy to be home and in your bed, too. I like that feeling, too. Also big props to Ollie—I love the outfit he coordinated for you! Also summertime KEEP jewelry is so cute!!!!

  3. So that sprinkler is the BOMB! I might have to get one for me and one for my nieces 🙂 I hear you on the coming home to your own bed. We need a new bed but I love this one. Plus I put clean sheets on when we left and that made it 10 times better. lol . Ollie is allergic to celery. Got it! Such a cutie that kid! Have an amazing weekend!

  4. Hah! Allergic to celery. If only it worked that way. Omg, I love your sprinkler – so so cute. I’m sure you’ll all get some great use out of it this summer!

    I hope you have a fun weekend. A puzzle contest sounds exciting!


  5. I love that unicorn. What a fun find! You always have the cutest accessories! Your cat looks very similar to one of the cats I had when I was married. He was such a love bug and enjoyed snuggling as much as it looks like yours does. 🙂

  6. That unicorn sprinkler is so awesome! When I saw on FB that you got one I could just imagine how thrilled you were!
    Holidays are wonderful but I agree nothing beats the comfort of your bed when you get home.

  7. A unicorn sprinkler?!? That’s what that is?! That’s awesome! Love that you’re going to be a greener family with composting now. And of course celebrating the men in your life. 😉

    Hope you had a good week love. xoxo

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