June Goals and Mantras

Happy Monday! It’s that time once again where I look at my goals from the previous month and set new ones for the coming month. May was kind of a bust, I just have to be honest. Some of it was weather, some of it was my own laziness. I also think maybe I gave myself too many goals, so I may have set myself up to not be as successful. But, it’s a fresh month and a chance to start over. Let’s look at how I did in May.

May Goals

Clean out the linen closet – um….I should really just stop adding this one each month because clearly I have no desire to get it done!

Have at least one bonfire – I blame the weather on this one. It was either rainy or way too hot on the weekends that would work for us.

Register Ollie for some summer classes at school and also Vacation Bible School – YES! He’ll be doing two weeks of summer program and one week of VBS.

Celebrate Mother’s Day – Yes, even though my kiddo was under the weather that day.

Figure out what I’m wearing to Twitter Prom – Yep! I still love that it was a dress from high school!

Take Ollie to the zoo – Nope, not for lack of trying. I tried to take him on a day that Nate was brewing beer and Ollie wanted to wait until all three of us could go. I’m sure we will get there this summer at some point.

Help Nate stain the new outdoor chairs – Nope. We took them outside though so they should at the very least be weather sealed.

Continue cleaning up the yard – Yes. We (and by we I mean mostly Nate) have done a lot of cleanup of the yard and also planted the garden and flowers. It’s looking nice out there.

Book two more KEEP parties – Nope, but not for lack of trying. People are busy. I get it.

Tune up my bike – Sigh, nope. But I did mention to Nate that I’d like some air in my tires so I guess that’s a start!

Go walking/jogging three mornings a week – Big fat no. Sleep wins.

Yeah, like I said, I didn’t do so hot on most of my goals. But, I feel like we had a really productive month and even accomplished some things that weren’t on this list, so I don’t feel that bad overall. I also feel like May just went by really fast. I fear June will be the same because we have a week long vacation kind of smack in the middle of it. So, I plan to really simplify my goals for June.

June Goals

~Go for a walk once a week

~Read two books

~Celebrate Father’s Day

~Go to the Farmer’s Market

~Eat dinner on the deck

~Take donations to the thrift store

That’s it. Simple, short and hopefully do-able! For my mantras I’m really going to focus on two areas this month – slowing down and enjoying the moment for one of them. I get too caught up in looking ahead and I really need to just pause and appreciate where I am. And two, I am going to work on living more simply. We went through my closet over the weekend and let me tell you, my wardrobe is going down by half. But instead of just replacing things my goal is to try to live with less. Simplify. So here are some mantras to help me.

What are your goals for the month? Feel free to link up with Charlotte, Lindsay and I below! Make June a great month!

9 thoughts on “June Goals and Mantras

  1. May is so busy, it’s so hard to get stuff done! I think you’re smart to make simplifying your theme for June. Those all sound like great, do-able goals. I need to do a closet pare-down too. I worked on shoes this weekend, but I need to keep going!

  2. Love your mantras for June. I think we all need to remember to slow down sometimes. May really did go by quick, and I think you did well with your goals. Hopefully you can all make it to the zoo soon and I’d love to have a fire pit night too! 🙂


  3. Some of your goals are on my list, too… like taking stuff to Goodwill and having breakfast in the backyard 🙂 Oh, and I need to go back to the Farmer’s Market!

  4. Great mantras as always! Slowing down is so important and sometimes we need a reminder.
    The linen cupboard was on my list for months so don’t worry about not ticking it off!
    Your June goals sound great – good luck and enjoy the month ahead.

  5. I have to admit I laughed out loud at the clean out the linen closet goal comment. I am totally the same way! I put stuff on my goals that I know I won’t do because I don’t want to. It makes me feel better adding it though LOL…. I will say I have been rocking it in the goodwill category lately. Getting rid of stuff. I am sort of thinking about having a garage sale this summer. Although I need to get on that as it’s already June..

  6. Great job on your goals for last month! It’s hard when you’re doing some projects around the house, especially when you are reliant on someone else to help you complete them. I also have a linen closet that has been on my list FOREVER. Maybe it’ll get done sometime soon. 🙂

  7. Hey momma,

    Your linen closet remark had me laughing. LOL. Get that ish done, homie. Or not, just keep rolling it over into the next month. Maybe give that job to Nate?

    I still have yet to go to our farmers market too and I hope to this weekend. I was supposed to go up north with jeff this weekend to help with a gun match but I think he’s heading up early, tomorrow, so it looks like I’ll be all by my lonesome until Sunday. Oh well, nothing wrong with me time.

    I hope you’re having a blast away, hun! xox

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