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Ollie Reads – May 2018

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some of Ollie’s latest library picks, so I thought I’d do so today as this last batch of books was more or less a hit! You’ll sense a bit of a theme here, almost every book we picked was related to some kind of vehicle this time!

Calling All Cars by Sue Fliess and Sarah Beise – This was a very simple book that calls out all kinds of cars, fast cars, slow cars, old cars, new cars. It was almost reminiscent of a Dr. Seuss book in a way. Ollie loved all the different pictures and the fact that it was animals driving the cars. It also makes a good practice reading book because of the simple words.

My Race Car by Michael Rex – This was another cute book about a race car driver as he shares all the parts of his race car and all the people who help with a car race and how he stays safe. At the very end of the book it shows it’s actually a little boy playing with a car and race track in his room and he celebrates his victory with a milkshake.

Two Little Trains by Margaret Wise Brown – This would be the same author of Goodnight, Moon. And this book is just as poetic and beautiful, talking about two little trains traveling through the night. The pictures show a real train and a little toy train on alternating pages. It was really fun to read aloud, as I said, it was just so lovely and beautiful sounding. It definitely is a great bedtime story as it kind of helps calm down a bit! I think this was my favorite of his picks this time!

Monster Trucks by Joy Keller –  This was my pick and it was a bit of a mom fail as this was the only one Ollie ended up not liking. I should have probably looked inside the book, but grabbed it because of it’s title and I saw the giant excavator on the front and figured he’d like it. Well it was Monster Trucks in more ways than one as there were monsters and skeletons driving the trucks in a bit of a Halloween themed story. And while Ollie is not afraid of monsters he just didn’t care for this one as it wasn’t super vehicle focused. Oops. Oh well.

Thomas’ Tall Friend – a Thomas and Friends Story – Ollie picked this one out, it’s a book of one of the Thomas and Friends episodes. It’s funny, he doesn’t really want to watch Thomas anymore but he loves reading Thomas books. This one is about a giraffe that Thomas needs to transport to the zoo and the challenges the giraffe presents, such as not fitting under a tunnel and things like that. Thomas brainstorms ideas and eventually gets the giraffe to lay down and gets him to his destination. It’s written fairly simply as this is a learn to read style book, but it pretty much tells the story much like the episode of the show did. We love giraffes at our house also so this was a win because of that also!

Out of five books to only have one dud is not too bad! I am very happy that Ollie was the one to pick most of these books too, sometimes he grabs one book and wants me to find the rest of them, so I was excited he grabbed most of these on his own and it’s bonus that he enjoyed them! So there you go, the latest in kid lit from here!

6 thoughts on “Ollie Reads – May 2018

  1. Thanks for sharing! That’s great Ollie chose most of these, and really liked them too. I always love seeing what kids are reading – I get the chance to read/review some picture books and middle grade titles, but it’s nice to see what else is out there! And I’m not surprised these books all have something to do with vehicles. haha

  2. Vehicle books are always a hit at my house too! I’m going to have to look for some of these at on our next library run–Two Little Trains especially sounds so cute!

  3. Ooooh, these look like right out of my son’s childhood library. He was a car, truck and train fanatic. We read Goodnight Moon every night for years…LOVED it, still have the original copy on my bookshelf. It’s chewed in one corner.

    That’s so cool that Ollie makes his own picks. Shows he’s genuinely interested in reading. Happy Tuesday to you guys!

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