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That Time We Went to a Grown Up Prom

Most of us will only ever experience Prom in high school and some of us haven’t experienced Prom at all, but we were lucky enough to get to go to an “Adult” prom experience over the weekend. The local Twitter community here in Minneapolis/St. Paul is pretty strong and a few months ago various folks were sharing prom stories and memories from back in the day and an idea was hatched – what if we had a grown up prom somewhere? Get all dressed up, dance, take pictures, drink alcohol? A few people decided to make it a reality and planned #TwitterProm. They also decided that it would be a good idea to make it a charity event and donate some money to the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, a fantastic and deserving organization. Everything came together and the event was held this last Saturday.

I bought the tickets as soon as they went on sale and basically told Nate “you’re going” and he didn’t really protest. Such a romantic promposal. He’s such a good sport for this social media maven! Anyway, the date got closer and I didn’t have a dress, but thankfully found one in the form of a dress I wore to our first ever high school formal. I have no idea how it still fits other than it’s made of spandex! We arranged for Ollie to be with my parents overnight and we were all set to party!

I only knew a couple of people going into this thing but I managed to meet and give hugs to a few others I’ve followed for quite some time. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. I don’t know what it is about internet friends but I will say that some of the greatest people I’ve ever met have been through various internet happenings, whether it was blogging or Instagram or Twitter.

Highlights of the evening were dancing to Shoop with a bunch of ladies, getting my husband to dance with me to a Prince song, laughing at a couple (who we think were drunk or high) that snuck in and were promptly thrown out by the Amsterdam staff, admiring other people’s dresses and some of the dudes suits, and overall just smiling and having a good time. This was far cooler than our high school prom ever was and I’m not just saying that because now we could have beer!

It was a super unique experience and I’m hopeful it will happen again in the future, but even if it doesn’t, much like my high school prom, I’ll have memories that will last and photographic evidence of the entire thing (although honestly not that much – that’s the sign of a good time, an event where social media brought people together, but not that many people being on their phones!). Thanks again to the organizers – we had a great time!

12 thoughts on “That Time We Went to a Grown Up Prom

  1. That sounds like so much fun! And awesome to be able to get one more use out of that formal dress. I don’t even know where mine are… probably in boxes somewhere if I even still have them. A year or two after high school some friends and I decided to have a “fake prom” night and wear our formal dresses and go out for fancy dinner together–it was fun!

  2. How fun! What a nice way to give back to some great charities too. I’m glad you had a wonderful time – and internet friends really ARE some of the nicest people. 🙂


  3. Yay, I’m glad you have fun. I’ve been promoting the adult “prom” idea for years. Just ’cause we grow up doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun. 🙂

  4. You mentioned this last week and I was hoping you’d do a post on it! Such a fun idea and looks like you had a great time.
    How lucky to still fit into your prom dress!

  5. Party Crashers, even at the grown up prom! That’s awesome. Did anyone spike the punch? This sounds like such an awesome event! And girl, way to go on the dress! There’s no way I would be able to get into my high school dress! Not to mention it was strapless. What was I thinking! LOL . Hope the rest of the week is amazing for you! XOXO

  6. Awwww I love this! So glad you were able to go, get dressed up, dance to Shoop (love that song), drink, and be merry! What a great time 🙂

  7. This sounds like so much fun and you guys look great! I never had a prom because I went to a private religious school and it was against their beliefs, so I totally need to find or create one like this!

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