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It’s the first Wednesday in May, so that means it’s time for the monthly Currently link up with Anne of In Residence and her guest host this month, Carrie from A Stylish Fit. I’m just so happy it’s May. It’s a good month with some good things going on. Here are some current happenings based on this month’s prompts!

~Currently I Am~

Celebrating – Mother’s Day and our anniversary. May has quickly become one of my favorite months for these reasons! I don’t know what we’re doing for Mother’s Day quite yet. I’m usually happy if I get a mimosa somewhere! Last year we went out for fancy donuts and I’m thinking that might be a nice treat again. For our anniversary we’re going to a restaurant we haven’t been to before called Borough that I’m super excited to check out!

Creating – Stories through my KEEP pieces. I just got this necklace that I’m in love with – the date I became a Mrs and the date I became a Mom. And an infinity symbol because my love for my boys is eternal.

Wearing – Comfy clothes. I’ve had the early shift at work this week so it’s all I can do to pull together something comfy and stylish at the same time. Thank God for Lularoe.

Sharing – The Flamingo and Unicorn cookies we made with my in-laws on Sunday. I ended up dropping the bag with the flamingos in it so they were pretty much bodies and heads, but they didn’t mind! They tasted just as good.

Going – Outside as much and as often as we can. Now that we finally have nice weather we’re going to take advantage of it at every opportunity because we know winter will be back someday!

So that’s the latest from here! I’m looking forward to all that’s coming up this month and then before we know it, summer will be here! We’ll be hardcore preparing for our trip to St. Louis by the time the next Currently post comes up! I am hoping the time doesn’t go too quickly because I’m not quite ready for that trip yet! I plan on enjoying Minnesota spring for now!

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12 thoughts on “Currently in May

  1. Looking at the dates on your Keep necklace (so fun btw!) reminds me of how similar my dates are–we got married in July of ’06 and Jona was born in August of ’13. I love having a blog buddy to share that with! 🙂 Also, the print of your top in that pic… PERFECTION. Those colors and that pattern is so my jam.

  2. LOL at heads and flamingo body cookies. I bet they were still delicious 🙂

    Oh, that Keep necklace is beautiful–I love that you are able to customize it with important dates to you and symbols (like the infinity sign). So sweet.

    Hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day / Anniversary month and that you get some mimosas and donuts 🙂 You deserve ’em! XOXO

  3. Mmm…those cookies look so yummy!! I’m also trying to enjoy as much time as I can outside as well, especially before it gets WAY too hot to really enjoy unless you’re in a pool. Ah yes, LulaRoe is definitely good for quick, comfy clothes. I need to get more of those perfect t’s I think. My mom loves them too.

    Aw, I love your Keep necklace. What a cute idea!


  4. Hehe “bodies and heads” – I wouldn’t be too bothered either though. A cookie is a cookie when it comes to eating! And I love that floral print! So pretty with the blue – nobody would guess you’re just going for comfy 😉

  5. Hooray for some nice weather! We’re outside all the time too. I love your necklace! We’re not sure about Mother’s day either. We usually do brunch, but Mr. B has a soccer game right in the middle this year, so maybe lunch?

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