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Spring Has (Finally) Sprung

We just had the most perfect spring weekend at long last! We had some amazing weather and spent some time outside and it was SO good for all of us. I felt the most happy and relaxed that I have felt in quite some time!

Saturday we did a little spring shopping in the morning for some clothes for Ollie so he has some stuff to wear for the upcoming warmer weather. Then he and I baked some cookies and then we went outside and blew bubbles, he rode his bike a little and we just enjoyed the fresh air.

Sunday we slept in a bit and then we finally got to go disc golfing! We had a great first round, we went to a park that has nine holes and I was so proud of Ollie, he walked all nine holes and pretty much carried his own bag of discs as well. It’s really nice not dragging the stroller around anymore on the course. After we were done we stopped at a disc golf supply store and let Ollie pick out a new disc as well, he was pretty excited about that.

We stopped and picked up some food for lunch and decided to do our old taproom lunch routine, even though it was a Sunday instead of a Saturday. Then we headed home and back outside for a bit, the boys worked on the garden and I sat on the deck with Taylor (on her harness and leash) and soaked up the sun.

It’s been a long time coming so it just felt so good to be outside enjoying the fresh air and the sun as much as we did! I am anticipating more days like this! Is Spring finally in your neck of the woods? How are you getting out and enjoying it?

7 thoughts on “Spring Has (Finally) Sprung

  1. Yay for spring!!!! I am so thankful for the nice weather too. And holy cow that pic of Ollie with his little hat and disc golf bag–he looks like SUCH a big kid. Stop growing boys, you’re killing me!! We spent pretty much the whole weekend outside, and it was great, and it wore everyone out, which was good!!

  2. It’s finally Spring here today; now let’s hope it stays for a bit and doesn’t immediately start burning up. I’m glad you had a nice weekend and that Ollie was able to walk the whole disc golf course. That’s awesome. Aw, I love that your cat will wear a harness/leash and sit outside.


  3. Awwww, what a lovely weekend you had! I’m so glad you were able to get out there and enjoying some fresh air–doesn’t it make a world of difference?! Also Ollie looks so grownup on his bike!

    I love that you brought your kitty outside on a harness and leash 🙂 My brother does the same with his cats (and even takes one for a walk). They want to be outside, too, in this beautiful weather!

  4. It’s still a little damp on our lawn so we used it as the perfect excuse to hold off on yard work for another week and just enjoy a chill weekend. Chill weekend like yours – filled with things we chose to do! Oh spring, you are so welcome here!

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