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What I Wore in April

April was a really tough month to dress for! I pulled out a bunch of my spring stuff at the end of March because Spring Fever and then Mother Nature was like, you thought Winter was over? Fool. How long have you lived here again? Anyway, I did my best to infuse some spring colors into the warm layers I was forced to wear until this week. Here are some of my favorites.

Sweater – Micheal Kors via swap, Dress as tunic – thrifted, Leggings – LLR, Necklace – Thirty One, Shoes – c/o Rhea Footwear, Bracelets – KEEP Collective

I thrifted this dress and decided it would be too short to wear as a dress, but as a tunic over leggings it’s perfect. I remember this was a chilly day but with no snow and I refused to wear boots, so I wore flats instead in rebellion.

Jacket – DKNY (thrifted), Top – Agnes and Dora, Leggings – LLR, Boots – Target, Bracelets – KEEP

Back to boots here as this was after one of the annoying snowstorms of April. But I kept things springy with these fun floral leggings, striped ruffle top and favorite denim jacket. I could repeat this look on a warmer day with sandals and maybe rolling up the leggings into capris.

Shirt – Calvin Klein (thrifted), Pants – Faded Glory (thrifted), Shoes – TOMS via outlet sale, Necklace – Candidly Handmade, Bracelets – KEEP Collective

I wore this the first day this month they said it could get up to 50 degrees. I was like, I’m going with bare feet. It’s happening. I also wore this the day of my KEEP Collective launch party. I love these floral pants so much. I can guarantee they’ll be worn at least once a week now that it’s nice out!

Dress – LLR (thrifted), Jacket – DKNY (thrifted), Leggings- LLR, Boots – Coach via garage sale, Necklace – Stella and Dot, Bracelets – KEEP Collective

This was another post snowstorm look. I caved and wore boots again. I can only rebel so far, I have this thing about liking to be warm. But anyway, I called this my power look, I was wrapping up my KEEP launch that day and was kicking butt and taking names. This outfit totally made me feel fierce.

Jacket – Thrifted, Top – LLR, Jeans – Old Navy, Bracelets – KEEP, Shoes – Thrifted

This was my “Day to night” look last Friday for date night. This lace jacket is both edgy and elegant all in one. It dressed up my casual Friday look nicely. Although I mostly kept my fleece jacket on over this when we actually went out, at least I knew I was cute underneath!

Lots of layers this month but as I said, I tried to bring a lot more color back into my looks. I am hearing rumors that within the next week or two we’re going to start seeing 70s and maybe even 80s, so you just might start seeing short sleeves on me pretty soon. And skirts! Guess that means I have to shave then, huh? Darn. Winter was good for something!

11 thoughts on “What I Wore in April

  1. April was SO hard to dress for–the weather was all over the place here too. You walked the line well though–so many fun bright springy colors but you managed to keep them warm 🙂 My fingers are crossed that we can finally put the boots away soon!

  2. I’m a fan of those striped blouses!! I’m ALL about long, lengthy tops to cover the you-know-what. Hahaha. They’re perfect outfits to wear in the classroom!

  3. I thought you were wearing lots of leggings and tights until I remembered where you live. The Arctic. Hope Spring arrives soon and you have reason to shave. 🙂

  4. I love all of your looks, Beth! The stripes, patterns and bold prints are so fun for spring, even if it was cold. K-it’s driving me crazy-what is LLR? Please advise as I love the items you’re labeling LLR. Also, great deals thrifting!

  5. I dressed similarly in April. there were days I refused to wear my boots one more time. I’m hoping they can finally be officially done now. and yes, summer does mean slightly more frequent shaving. although as a single person and a blonde, I really only have to do twice a week.

  6. I said this before: you have such a colorful, unique style.
    I wish I had any style at all… it’s jeans and t-shirts for me most days.

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