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Thinking Out Loud – Why Keep?

It’s Thinking out Loud Thursday with Penny’s Passion and Running with Spoons. Today I’m thinking about why I’m doing KEEP Collective and I wanted to share a little more about it. I promise I’m not turning the blog into a giant sales pitch and this will probably the last time I mention it (unless I get some pretty new goodies once in awhile that I want to share!) A few folks mentioned they didn’t know what it was when I talked about it in my goals and Currently posts this week, so I also thought this would be a chance to explain that as well!

KEEP Collective is jewelry and it’s not just any jewelry – it’s jewelry that you personalize and make your own. You take a “keeper” which could be a necklace or a bracelet and you add unique charms that help you tell your story. You can mix and match and add on and make it uniquely you. The possibilities are endless.

I was introduced to KEEP last summer when a friend of mine from high school started selling it and I hosted a party with her. I was hooked from the start. After I hosted a second party with her this winter, she asked if I’d ever considered becoming a stylist. I really hadn’t and wasn’t necessarily looking into getting into any kind of sales. While I do support my friends in MLM businesses and don’t have the hatred for them that plenty of folks do (and I get it to an extent, I don’t want weight loss shakes either, I understand) I wasn’t thinking it would ever be for me. But I thought about it after she asked me, I looked at the information and it started sounding like something I wanted to do. I asked her some questions, read up some more and even prayed on it a little and decided that yes, I want to do this. Here are some reasons.

(1) I spend the majority of my time with two boys. And I love my husband and son, but it’s a testosterone driven household. This will give me a chance to do something a little more girly and fun.

(2) I am a storyteller by nature. This is why I blog. To share my story. I want to help others tell their stories in unique ways and this jewelry does exactly that.

(3) Making a little extra money isn’t a bad thing, I can put it away for vacations or other fun things and use our day to day salary for the important stuff.

(4) Even if nothing more comes of it than just discounts on my own products well, it’s discounts on my own products! I’m a girl who loves a deal!

Those are my main reasons. I’m excited to see where this goes. As I said, I won’t likely mention it much here again, I don’t want to turn you away if this isn’t your thing, I completely understand, but I wanted to at least put it out there that I’m doing it and why I chose to. If you are interested in more information you can join my FB group here. 

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8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Why Keep?

  1. That’s so exciting! I have never heard of this jewelry line before you mentioned it, but I love girly things and a good bargain so I can understand completely. I’m so glad you found this and am excited to find out more 🙂

  2. That’s great that you’re doing this; it sounds like a perfect fit for you. It’s easy to see when people are actually in love with the products they are selling and it’s not JUST about the money for them.


  3. I totally understand the testosterone girl! It’s all sports, sports, sports up in here. Just bought a new picture frame that says love on it and they both made a barfy noise. Like WHAT?!
    I think this is great that you’re doing this for you! Go on with your bad self!!! xoxox

  4. If it’s something you enjoy and want to persue, have at ‘er. I know you’ll do amazing. The pieces are quite pretty. I want to look into one. 🙂 I requested to join your group, thanks hun. xoxox

  5. Glad you told us about this opportunity, Beth. I’m interested to hear how you’re doing with it, for sure. I just got a job with an MLM (on the content side, not selling), and I know that with some hard work and creativity, you can make this into something awesome.

  6. How fun! I’ve never heard of this jewelry before but it does sound pretty awesome–I love the personalization aspect. I briefly did a stint of selling Pampered Chef when I was in college, but it stressed me out so I quit (although I LOVED all the Pampered Chef stuff I got and still have a ton of it!!). But I totally see the appeal of selling something that you already buy and love!

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