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Well if you look outside today in Minnesota, it’s anything other than spring like. We got another snowstorm overnight. I’m just OVER it. But we won’t talk about that. Instead I’m linking up with the Blended Blog and answering their questions for the month all about spring. I’ll just pretend it’s spring. If I think about it hard enough, maybe it will happen!

(1) What three colors remind you of spring? Mint, coral and pastel pink. I’ve decided to start wearing these colors even if there is still snow on the ground because I need some brightness!

(2) What is the first thing you add to your wardrobe in spring? It depends, but usually some kind of nice skirt or maybe a fun bright t-shirt.

(3) What is the first wardrobe item you ditch in the spring? Boots. I’m so done with boots. Though I did wear some today, thank you snow, but I’m pretty much shedding the boots otherwise.

(4) Who mows the grass where you live? That would be my wonderful husband Nate. We live on a lot that is double deep, so it takes him quite a long time to do it, but he enjoys the exercise he gets from doing it!

(5) What’s Spring like where you live? Minnesota spring is kind of non-existent. We’ll go from this wintery crap to pretty much sweating in humid summer heat just about overnight. But if we’re lucky we might get a few days of lovely mild temps, sunny days and cool nights.

(6) What’s your favorite thing about spring? When the flowers start to bloom again. Color makes me happy.

(7) Are you a spring cleaner? I try to be! I have a whole bunch I’d like to get done at home this year so we’ll see how it goes!

(8) Are you a baseball fan? If they’re playing well, then yes, I like the MN Twins.

(9) Tulips or daffodils? I prefer tulips. They have such pretty colors. Ollie got a little tulip pot in his Easter basket from his grandparents and they’re opening up into lovely orange flowers. I love it.

(10) Favorite outdoor spring activity? Disc golfing. Hands down. All three of us are itching to get out and throw some discs, so the weather seriously needs to cooperate!

(11) Flowers in the ground or in pots? We put flowers in pots. Usually for Mother’s Day the boys plant flowers for me in these hanging pots we put on our railing by the front door.

(12) Favorite bird? I have never given this one much thought. I like birds, but I have never thought of a favorite. I guess maybe cardinals or bluejays. Something colorful.

(13) Car wash or wash vehicles at home? We typically just go through the car wash. I think this summer maybe we’ll attempt an at home wash though because I think a certain young car lover at our house would like that.

(14) When do you pull out your sandals? When the temp gets up over 70F degrees. And when I can get or give myself a pedicure, ha!

Yep, I’m craving spring now. So listen Mother Nature. I’ll make you a deal. You stop snowing and warm up and I promise to get outside and enjoy your beauty ok? And I won’t complain when you get your hot flashes this summer. At least not too much. Deal? Deal.

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11 thoughts on “The Blended Blog Asks: Spring

  1. Yeah, Spring where I live has some nice weather but a lot of the time it’s rainy and wet, and then before you know it, it’s super hot and I’m dying. LOL I’d really like some nicer days soon though so I can go outside and read…and hopefully get a bit more active. đŸ™‚


  2. Spring is playing hard to get this year, no? I used to live in Edmonton, Alberta which has a very similar climate to Minnesota. Spring was very dusty and dirty until we got some rain to wash it away. Blossoms didn’t come out until May. That said, we have signs of spring here on the coast although, accompanied with tons of rain (blah!). I love your answers and pastels always remind me of spring and summer as well. Wearing skirts and dresses in a casual way are my favorite when the weather warms. Sounds like you have lots to look forward to, Beth. It’s almost here!

  3. I never realized it until I read your response, but I also associate mint green with spring. I love all the colors of the trees and flowers blooming during this season. We’ve had squirrels and lots of cardinals, blue jays, and bluebirds in our weeping cherry tree. It’s like the world comes alive this time of the year!

  4. I’m wearing mint nail polish right now! I’ll don spring colors, even when we’re wading in snow. đŸ™‚ I’m the opposite with boots, though. Winter boots, yes, I’m happy to ditch those! But I love booties and wish I could wear them all year round. đŸ˜‚

  5. It’s snowing right now here too. Ugh. I am way over it too. I can’t wait for things to get green and bloom. I’m also trying to be a spring cleaner and declutterer this year too.

  6. I am so over the cold and the snow too… bring on the spring PLEASE!!! I can’t wait to ditch my boots too, although I can’t seem to do that just yet. And yay for nice husbands who mow our lawns đŸ™‚

  7. So envious that you are going into spring. The weather is cooling down here and I don’t like winter at all!
    I love mint, coral and pastel pink too!

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