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See Beth Read – Party Girls by Rachel Hollis

I’m on a roll you guys. I finished another book! In Girl, Wash Your Face, the author, Rachel Hollis, talks a little bit about the fiction books she wrote and how they were fiction, but kind of paralleled her real life and start of her career. I was very intrieged after finishing GWYF, so I thought, why not check out her first fiction book, Party Girl. Once I discovered it was free to borrow from the Amazon Kindle library I was sold. And I finished it even faster than GWYF!

Party Girl is the story of a girl named Landon Brinkley (whom Rachel based a little on herself) who moves from her small town in Texas to Los Angeles to start a career in event planning. She lands an internship with one of the most prestigious Hollywood event planning businesses. She is determined to learn a lot and work her way up, but she soon learns she will have to work harder than she ever imagined if she wants to keep her job. The head of the firm is a very difficult woman named Selah who basically makes life a living hell for all of her employees and Landon quickly learns it’s near impossible to please her. Thankfully a fellow employee named Miko takes Landon under her wing and teaches her the ins and outs of working the entertainment industry.

Landon also befriends her mysterious roommate Max and soon learns that Max’s family runs a hotel chain that is one of Selah’s biggest partners – and that the object of Selah’s affection, a handsome man named Brody, is Max’s brother. After Max has a health scare, Landon becomes friends with Brody and learns he has no interest in Selah romantically and is working to take his business away from her firm. He and Landon find they have a spark, but Landon is afraid to act on it for fear of losing her job with Selah, especially after she sees Selah fire two of her superiors and ruin their reputations all over town when they were caught gossiping about a client.

Landon works her nose to the ground trying to keep her job and win Selah’s praise, but she soon learns it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be after an incident at one of their parties at the Sundance Film Festival. Landon finally stands up for herself and discovers who she was truly meant to be. I won’t spoil the ending, but I was definitely applauding her actions at the end of the book.

This is the best fluff read and I honestly couldn’t put it down. Landon is instantly likeable, you want her to succeed and you find yourself almost wanting to yell at her when she makes poor decisions. Many moments reminded me of the Devil Wears Prada, Selah’s character reminds me a great deal of Miranda and I can gurantee you will pretty much dislike her, but that’s the idea. There were no slow moments, I felt it really was a page turner. There were moments of pure fun interspersed with some of the frustrations. And again, without giving too much away, the ending was my favorite part, I really felt proud of Landon for standing her ground and the choices she makes. It was kind of a girl power moment and I give it a standing ovation.

Overall it was a super fun, easy read, and I think every now and then it’s good to read some pure fluff. Rachel Hollis has written two follow up books from the points of view of Landon’s friends Miko and Max and I am planning on reading those as well. I highly recommend this book if you’re in need of something fun and light to read!

9 thoughts on “See Beth Read – Party Girls by Rachel Hollis

  1. I have such a soft spot in my heart for pure fluff reading ūüôā I’ll have to check this out. I just looked on Amazon and see it’s free in the library, but i have no idea how to get that. Is it a paid membership? I’ll have to look into this–thanks for the recommendation, Beth!

    1. I think if you’re a Prime member you can “borrow” it from the library for free and then you just return it when you’re done and want another book. That seemed to be how it worked for me.

  2. This sounds really good. I enjoy fluff reading (book snobs usually roll their eyes but I don’t care).
    I once lent out a super fluff book to a huge book snob who said she felt sorry for the tree that was cut down for the printing. Needless to say we aren’t friends anymore.
    Will look out for this next time I go book shopping. The character Selah sounds like Miranda in Devil wears Prada (and I loved that movie and book).

  3. Okay, first off, I’m loving all these character’s names…like Landon for a girl? Yes, love it. This sounds like a fun read and I’m so glad to hear it was a real page turner for you! Go you for reading so much lately!!


  4. That is awesome that you loved both the fiction and non-fiction from this author. I love finding a go-to author that I know can get me out of a reading slump. That used to be Jodi Piccoult for me, although I got a bit burnt out on her. I don’t know who my go-to is now, maybe Kate Morton?

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