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Thinking Out Loud – Girl Wash Your Face

It’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Penny’s Passion and Running with Spoons. And what am I thinking about today? The fact that I finished a book! You guys, I repeat, I finished an entire book! I know this shouldn’t seem like such a big deal, but I’ve been in such a weird phase where I was just struggling to read. Maybe I just hadn’t found the right book. Anyway, I want to talk about the book I read today, because A. I’m proud of the fact that I finally read a book from start to finish again, and B. It was a good book and I want to talk about it!

The book is Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. I’ve been seeing it talked about all over the blogosphere and after a friend of mine reviewed it I finally went on Amazon and looked a preview of the first chapter and from the few words I read I was like, um, ok I need to read this book ASAP. I wasn’t looking for a self help book, but this book called to me and was like “READ ME.” I immediately downloaded it onto our Kindle – and for those playing along at home, I’m not normally a fan of the Kindle, but I wanted to start it right away. I finished it in a week.

Rachel writes in a way that is SO approachable. You feel like you’re sitting down and having coffee with a friend. Each chapter she opens with a lie that she – and many of us as women – has told herself for years and the process of how she’s worked to disprove that lie. SO many of these lies are things I have said or thought about myself such as, “I’ll start tomorrow.” “I’m not good enough.” “I’m not a good mom.” “There’s only one right way to be.”

As I read through these chapters I found myself nodding along and saying “yep, I’m right there with you.” I started taking screenshots of various passages that really spoke to me and are things I want to remember and work on. The chapter that spoke to me the most was the one about not being a good mom. I think all moms feel this at various times and I know I’ve been struggling lately thanks to a headstrong and stubborn four year old. Rachel breaks it down though and reminds us that there is no right way to be a mom. She says it in the simplest terms “you don’t have to get it right all of the time. You only have to care.” I read this and was like, you’re talking TO me. I hear you Rachel. I hear you loud and clear. Another quote from a chapter on success is “turns out, the most beautiful things in my life were never on my to-do list.” Whoa, um yes. And then in a chapter on getting through difficult times she reminds us (she is a Christian BTW) that God is sending us all kinds of life rafts – some are big, some are small, but we need to get in the freaking boat. Take the help that’s sent your way. My favorite quote from the book that I think I need to blow up and frame for a reminder is “Someone else’s opinion of me is none of my business.” I gotta be me. And it’s ok to be me.

There’s an episode of Friends where the females read this empowering book called Be Your Own Windkeeper and Rachel goes “this book just spoke to me, I feel like it should be called Be Your Own Windkeeper, Rachel!” I felt this way about this book, it should be called “Beth, Wash Your Face.” That being said, there were chapters I didn’t relate to as much as others. For example, she talks about her relationship with her husband and how they started off in an unhealthy relationship that she chose to walk away from, but how they end up coming back together, both wiser and more mature. She did caution that their story is not the norm, and the important thing is to have the strength to get out if it’s bad, but I found I just didn’t really relate to that entire section. I would say I also don’t quite have the same entrepreneurial, go-getter approach to life that she has, but that’s ok. She has also been through some truly tough and tragic life events. Events I can’t even imagine and hope I never have to walk through myself – but I appreciate reading her experience, especially if something unthinkable ever did happen.

I just overall loved this book so much, I am glad I have it on my Kindle and can return to it if some of those lies we tell ourselves creep back into my brain, I can go and read one of these chapters and remember that those words are lies. I highly recommend giving this a read!

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10 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Girl Wash Your Face

  1. I need to read this! I love that idea about myth-busting the things we all tell ourselves. And that makes me laugh – I do the same thing with my Kindle when I can’t wait to read a book. 🙂

  2. So, I now have to look for this book!! I’m pretty sure I need it in my life. I’ve seen other people mention it, but nobody shared how awesome it is like you did, and the fact that you referenced Friends, I mean, c’mon. 🙂

  3. Does she break down the “I’m too tired” myth? Because I’ve lost track of whether I’m tired or whether I’m using that as an excuse. That’s what holds me back.

  4. I love when a book just speaks to you, you know? Whether that’s fiction or nonfiction. Yay for finishing a book and I’m glad it was such an enjoyable book that you could really relate to overall. 🙂


  5. That is awesome that you found a book that really sucked you in and spoke to you like that! (And I love that Friends episode too!) I feel like sometimes that’s all you need to get out of a reading rut, just find a really good one. This isn’t one I’ve heard of before but it sounds right up my alley!

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