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It’s time for the monthly currently link up with Anne of In Residence and her guest host Sarah of Foxy’s Domestic Side. I love this monthly link up! Here are some current happenings based on this month’s prompts!

~Currently I Am~

Planning – Easter. I have a super cute basket for Ollie this year from Thirty One. Now I just need to shop for some items to put inside of it. He always loves cars so I’m sure a car or two will make it’s way in. Lately he’s been back to playing with his Paw Patrol toys, so I might get a small Paw Patrol toy as well. I also always try to get a book for his basket. And he isn’t big on candy, but he loves his suckers (which he still calls plums) so I’ll get those too.

Wearing – All the layers. It’s still winter. We had a snowstorm. But I’m trying to bring lighter, brighter colors out in an attempt to be somewhat springy! And I’m still wearing all the leggings. Especially this week due to the lady business if you get my drift. Keeping it real friends. I always keep it real.

Seeing – Signs of spring. I know I just said it’s still winter, but the daylight is getting longer, the sun is starting warm my vehicle during the day and I’m starting to hear the “hoo hoo” birds as we call them, so I know spring is slowly creeping in and it makes me happy!

Pretending – Ollie’s favorite game is “Honda Dealership” as I mentioned last week. We take turns being the salesperson and the person coming to trade their vehicle in for a new one. Yesterday he added an element of service shop to the sales shop as well. So now we have people coming to buy cars and others coming in to have their cars worked on. It’s riveting stuff. You know you want to play with us.

Making – I’m finally trying out a Bullet Journal. I am really liking it so far, I’m using it for my daily graitiude log, a reading log, tracking my goals, and also listing movies we’ve seen. I’m trying to keep it simple, but it’s been fun to play with and decorate and make my own.

That’s the latest from here! It’s been a bit of a hectic and rocky start to March, it kind of came in like a lion, but I see some calmer waters ahead here, so that will be good. Nate leaves today on a two day work trip, but Ollie and I are going to fill our time well I think with some different things. Overall the month looks quieter than February was so it’ll be a good time to regroup and work on my goals and what not!

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11 thoughts on “Currently in March

  1. Awww what a fun linkup and you know how I feel about currently posts—they are my favorites! I can’t believe Easter is just around the corner! And that we’re goong to get about a foot of snow today lol. It was sooooo nice out yesterday and I love starting up a car and not having to wait for it to warm up.

    Also the Honda dealership game sounds adorable 🙂 hope you’re having a great week, my sweet!!

  2. My family usually gets my nieces and nephew simple things, like a new book or whatever. My oldest niece isn’t big on candy either, plus they are bound to get a ton of that from other people. haha

    Yay for using a bullet journal. I’m working on mine too, and it’s similar to yours – movies I want to see/did see, books I need to read/books I did read, etc. It’s a work in progress so I’m sure it will change through the year.


  3. I just picked up a few things for Hendrik’s Easter basket too – trying not to go nuts, but it is fun 🙂 And “Honda dealership” – hilarious! It’s funny how entertained kids can be with pretending such everyday things. For a while Hendrik was frequently roping us into playing “children in worship” which is the Sunday school approach that our church uses. I love seeing the little things they pick up on in routines/interactions that I might not have otherwise even realized that he noticed.

  4. How did Ollie end up calling suckers plums? That’s cute. I will be curious to hear how your adventure in bullet journaling goes. That’s something I’ve pondered doing a few times, but never actually taken the leap.

  5. Did I tell you I started bullet journalling at the start of the year? And then stopped two days later and forgot all about it? If it’s not on my phone, it doesn’t exist.
    We are getting closer to easter, eh? I should figure that out. Scott doesn’t understand Easter presents, but finally figured out that they are a way to get the kids toys they “need” (C is on a puzzle kick, and we don’t have many, etc) without them thinking every time we leave the house we are going to the toy store to buy them something. We usually wake up Easter Morning at the in-laws, with a few dogs around, so we can’t do the Easter egg hunt, too, so presents it is!

  6. Oh fun I love your bullet journaling! I need to get on Easter too, thanks for the reminder. I actually picked out outfits for the kids this weekend but haven’t put a thought into the baskets… need to get on that!

  7. Last week I stumbled upon the cutest kids gardening stuff in Target’s dollar section! WALA! Easter baskets for the girls were born! Bonus, all outside fun, means no tiny pieces to step on.

  8. The Easter basket is so cute. I am finding it all just as tempting as Christmas after such a grim winter – so cheery! Your journaling looks like a great idea – we seem to have whizzed into March – I might give it a go to try and get organised. You are right about the ‘perfect Mom’ thing. I am not sure it is as much of a concern for European women – don’t want to sound trite but there maybe isn’t the same pressure? We all just laugh about being ‘slummy mummies’ when we get stuff wrong. Do you think there is a social pressure / media pressure in the US? Sorry to be so nosy!! J x

  9. Oh, yes ,yes ,yes … you’re trying out bullet journaling! I want to see 🙂 (I mean, I *would like to*). <3

    Also: I love layers. Always.

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