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Thinking Out Loud – Random Thoughts

It’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Penny’s Passion and Running with Spoons. And today I don’t have one specific thought, but instead I’m just bringing you a round of random thoughts bouncing around in my head. This could be dangerous, ha!

First of all, January was the month that would never end, it seriously drug on forever. February on the other hand? That was a flash. How are we suddenly in March? I’m here for it though.

Now that it’s March, my brain is full speed into spring thinking. This is silly, because it’s Minnesota. This month is really still winter. It can be cold and snowy. But we spring forward this month, we get more hours of daylight and just the last few days we’ve had warmer temps that have started to melt the snow. So, Spring Fever is in high gear over here. I’m ready for dresses and sandals, open windows, walks outside, getting back on the disc golf course….

My hair seems to have stopped growing. I know this is not true, it is still growing, but I feel like it has come to a point where it’s stalled a bit and I’d still like to add some length in the front. I read some information online and have decided to attempt not washing it every day to see if that helps. I know some of you are probably like, duh, I do that all the time. I usually skip hair washing on weekends but during the week still wash each day. I’m going to experiment with skipping some weekdays too. Yesterday I didn’t wash it and then styled it with a kind of twisted braid and I think it worked ok.

I have seen none of the Oscar nominated films, other than the Big Sick and that is only nominated for Best Original Screenplay. But I will still watch on Sunday because it’s my favorite of the Awards shows.

I’m not going to get super political here but I absolutely applaud the move that Dick’s Sporting Goods took on their gun sales yesterday and I pretty much guarantee it will the only place I’ll buy my disc golf gear now.

I went to Target on the way home the other day with Ollie and I only bought the four items on my list. I repeat, I only bought the four items on my list! I have no idea how I managed that.

And that’s pretty much what’s currently on my mind. I know, it’s so exciting. This is probably the most stimulating and thrilling blog post you’ll read all day! Haha!!

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11 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Random Thoughts

  1. Hey I only asked my hairdresser the same thing on Tuesday (about hair not growing)- apparently hair grows and all falls out in cycles (every year I freak when I ‘mault’). Goodness knows why! Too right re spring – it is BALTIC here and all I can think about is Spring! Joanne x

  2. Hehe love this! January seriously was SO SLOW, but I’m so excited to be at March. Yes, it will probably snow and be cold and whatever, but for some reason it just feels like spring. Also sameee about the Oscars; I’m usually so much better about it, but this year, nope. It’s the only awards show I religiously watch though. And OMG I had a similar thought about my hair recently too, and then I ironically realized it just needed a trim. All the split ends were making it look shorter!

  3. Great job on getting the items on your list at Target – that is something to be applauded!
    I’m ready for some warmer weather too. It’s crazy that it’s March already, but I’m not complaining!
    And I’m really glad that Dick’s made that decision too – I mean, I don’t know how Sandy Hook didn’t prompt some of these things, but better late than never. I appreciate the actions people are making now.


  4. I typically wash my hair every other day. I haven’t cut it in months, so it’s out of control. A hair cut is on my spring to-do list.

  5. I didn’t realize that Big Sick was nominated!! That makes me so happy. It was a really great movie. And, being an Indian-American myself, I feel like his story runs so parallel to my own!

  6. I’m so with you on the February thing – where did the month go?!? When March hits I’m always in Spring mode too. I love the fact that the days are getting a bit longer too!!

  7. We don’t have Dick’s up here but we do have Cabela’s. Definitely boycotting them for their inaction. (Little did I know, semi-automatic guns are available here. I thought they, like handguns, were prohibited. But we at least have seemingly rigorous permit, listening and training laws). Considering we still discuss the Polytechnique shooting of 1989 when we talk of recent school shootings, I would assume our laws are doing something good.
    I’m on a hair washing every second day schedule. I stretched it to three days for a while on mat leave and once your hair (and brain) adjust, it’s wonderfully freeing. I still have to shower every day because of my workout schedule, but quick rinses rather than long showers have also helped keep my skin from being as dry as usual.

  8. I am the same way–fully in spring mode now. It doesn’t help that it’s totally felt like spring the past few days–no doubt it will be back to the 30s soon. I hope not. Also, BIG round of applause for that Target trip. That pretty much never happens with me. 🙂

  9. Isn’t it always true that when you decide you want to grow your hair out, it seems to stop growing, but when you find the perfect length, it grows out like a weed? Haha! I, too, was very encouraged to see Dick’s and WalMart change their gun sale policies. I think it’s a smart move and hopefully will prevent future tragedies. Hope you have a great week!

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