Humpday Confessions 2.21.18

Hop into the confessional with me – it’s time for another round of Humpday Confessions! Insert Madonna’s “Secret” playing right here. Let’s lighten our loads and get some stuff off of our chests, shall we?

I Confess….

~That I haven’t actually been watching the Olympics. I know, I know. I was all pumped for it, but the few times I have had the time to sit down and turn it on it’s been events I’m not very interested in like snowboarding. I enjoy the ice skating and would actually like a chance to also watch the bobsledding and curling events, but yep, it just hasn’t happened. I don’t have any hate for the Olympics, just no time I guess!

~That I told my kiddo the Children’s Museum was closed on Monday when he asked if we were going to go there with Jen and Callie after we had donuts. We did that with them on another day off so I think he thought that’s what we always do on days off. And normally the Children’s Museum actually is closed on Mondays, but they were actually open on President’s Day for kids who had the day off. But I couldn’t fathom driving to St. Paul in the snowy weather and not to mention, Ollie had a cold, so I didn’t want to expose his germs to other kids. I’m a respectful parent even if I feed my kid a little white lie.

~That while I loved my nap with Ollie on Sunday I was regretting it come bedtime and it took him over an hour to fall asleep. I guess it’s a good thing he’s given up naps after all.

~That I totally didn’t shower before coming to work on Tuesday morning, I had the early shift and it had snowed and I thought, I don’t want to have to get up even earlier than I already am. So, I pinned my day two hair back as much as I could and boom. No one could tell. Today I did shower, but I didn’t style my hair much. Gasp. I actually feel like my current style is working well for 2 day hair. Or three day hair….

~That I have to agree with the general population, Fergie’s National Anthem was terrible. Disrespectful. Ouch.

~That I squealed like a little girl when I saw a post from Josh Groban that he is touring later this year and releasing new music. Grobanite for life.

~That my Unicorn love is so obvious I had five different people share with me on Facebook that Lucky Charms is adding a new marshmallow in the shape of a Unicorn. But here’s the true confession – I hate Lucky Charms. I always found he texture of the marshmallows to be like eating Styrofoam. But I might buy a box just for kicks.

~That I mispellled “Marshmallow” each time I typed it in the sentence above. Can you tell I’m not a huge fan of marshmallows? Unless we’re talking S’mores.

~That we currently have enough cookies in our house right now to feed an entire football team. Between Girl Scout cookies and the cookies Ollie and I baked the other day we have cookies kind of everywhere. What’s for dinner? Cookies.

~That sometimes I choose to write this confessions post because I have no better ideas up in my head. Writer’s Block? What Writer’s Block?

Whew. Ok, I feel better now. Got anything you want to get off your chest? Go ahead, we’re all friends here. We can keep secrets!

12 thoughts on “Humpday Confessions 2.21.18

  1. I love this little post you do every week. It’s refreshing to read and see others admit things I myself am thinking.

    I have not watched the Olympics at all this season and is it bad that I don’t feel bad about it?

    My confession this week is that I haven’t worked out even though I am still up early to do so, I just haven’t been feeling it. Think maybe I am fighting a bug.

    Anyway, lovely post my friend!

  2. Ha! I love that you have cookies everywhere. I wish I did! We still haven’t gotten our Girl Scout Cookies yet. Also, I totally would have pulled the same white lie, and it’s super considerate that you didn’t want to share Ollie’s germs. I also have not watched the Olympics. I just can’t get into it for some reason.

  3. Hey, if it’s normally closed on Mondays, it’s really not much of a lie! LOL Mmm…I could use some Girl Scout cookies right about now. I don’t know anyone that sells them though! Everyone around me is too old, or not in GS.

    I’ve been watching random bits of the Olympics; I tend to do so while also doing something else, like blogging. I really only care about ice skating/ice dancing. LOL


  4. LOL, cookies for dinner? Yes please! I’m not a big marshmallow fan either unless they’re melted into s’mores–the texture of cold/unmelted marshmallows is weird. Also, I haven’t been watching the Olympics that much either. I just forget about it!

  5. Hey I haven’t been watching the Olympics.. it isn’t such a big things here as all we seem to be able to do is curling. Is it a big patriotic thing to watch it I the US? I read one someone’s blog (just after I’d written I didn’t watch it and we would be better in a rain based climate not a snowy one) that if ‘blew their mind’ that people weren’t watching it. That comment blew my mind – is it seen as in-patriotic not to watch it or something? We just aren’t patriotic here (very much) so no-one really cares! If you watch it you watch it, if you don’t you don’t. No one discusses it. We are an apathetic nation! Joanne.

  6. Lies I tell my kids:
    – it’s too bad our TV doesn’t get Peppa Pig
    – it’s grown up food / it’s spicy
    – the car shaped grocery carts are only for grandparents to use

    What is it about the Olympics this year? Past years I would actually take time off work to watch them. I caught Canada’s Sweethearts win gold in figure skating but other than that, not much. Even events I used to love don’t thrill me any more.

  7. I really enjoy reading people’s confession type posts – they’re fun and personal. Even when you know someone you learn a few fun tidbits – like you’re a curling and bobsled fan! I never would’ve guessed that since they aren’t the go-to Olympics sports.

  8. I hate marshmallows too, except in s’mores (and the mini ones in hot chocolate that come in the Swiss Miss packets lol). I used to watch the Olympics religiously with my mom when I lived with her, but I realized when I lived alone that I really just don’t care! But, go USA?! And THANK YOU for being a respectful parent! I hate it when parents take their sick, germ-infested kids to places where they can get others sick “just to get them out of the house.” To be fair, I feel the same about adults/coworkers too, just stay home and get better!

  9. I always enjoy these posts – I keep meaning to do one myself sometime! Everytime I see anything unicorn related I think “Beth would love this!”
    People that are sick (or have sick kids) and go out exposing others to their germs really get to me. It is so disrespectful – drives me up the wall when people come to work sick and you just know in a few days you’ll get it too. I’ve missed parties before because I was ill and didn’t think it fair to make others sick. Each time I could tell the host/organiser was grateful – nobody wants to catch something just because a guest doesn’t want to miss out. It is called manners.
    Sorry this turned out to be a rant instead of a comment!
    Lovely post 🙂

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