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I’m always a day behind on The Blended Blog’s monthly link up. But I’m here today! So a day late and a dollar short or something right? Anyway, this month the Blended Blog is asking all about love. Since I’m focusing on love this month I’m all about this survey! Here are my answers to their questions!

(1) Kisses or Hugs? I like both. Hugs are probably my favorite, but kisses from my husband and my sweet little boy are kind of my favorite too. However if we’re talking Hershey, then it’s Kisses all the way.

(2) Candy or flowers? I’ll go with flowers. Candy is nice, but it doesn’t feel as special to me as when I get flowers.

(3) Baking or cooking? Baking. I love baking, I don’t really love cooking. Thankfully I have a husband who loves to cook, so it all works out for us!

(4) Do you remember your first kiss? Yes I do. No, it was not with Nate. But that is ok.

(5) Favorite color of Roses? I’m pretty traditional in that I like red roses.

(6) Conversation hearts, yes or no? BIG no. I saw another blogger describe them as eating chalk and I have to agree.

(7) Do you leave love notes? We have this little erase board on our door that Nate and I were leaving notes for each other for awhile but we kind of stopped. My challenge is to start up again for the month of February.

(8) Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? Not really, though I did buy a little word statue that says “HUGS” from the Target Dollar Spot because Ollie asked for it. I’m a sucker for that kid I tell you!

(9) Red or Pink? I’m more of a pink girl for most things!

(10) Milk, dark or white chocolate? I love dark chocolate so much.

(11) Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes I do.

(12) Do you give humorous or serious Valentine’s cards? I try to find something kind of humorous that still has some heart as well.

(13) Favorite chick flick or romantic movie? Dirty Dancing probably tops my list, closely followed by My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

(14) Stay in or go out? We’ve done both, this year Nate plans to make me a fancy dinner at home since the holiday falls on a Wednesday. There is something to be said for eating by candlelight in your jammies! I have no complaints about being spoiled by him in the kitchen too!

What about you? Do you like Valentine’s Day or do you loathe it?

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9 thoughts on “The Blended Blog Asks – All About Love

  1. I can’t say I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year. After years are mutually agreeing it was overrated, (and not prioritizing date nights) we decided (ok I decided) we were doing Valentine’s Day this year. Of course, being my decision, I had to plan it. Haven’t so much started that. I’ve still got a week right?

  2. Aw, cute photo! That’s awesome your husband likes to cute – I need a partner like that. LOL I’m actually more of a chocolate gal over flowers, but really? Give me a book and I’ll love you for life. 😉


  3. Aww that is so sweet that Nate is going to cook dinner for a romantic V-day in! And speaking of sweet, that picture is the best! I totally agree that dark chocolate is the best, conversation hearts are like chalk, and getting flowers just feels so special. (Maybe it’s because I buy myself candy all the time?)

  4. Those were fun to read 🙂

    I neither love nor hate Valentine’s Day, but we usually don’t “acknowledge “it… ha…. we like to express our love any damn day of the year, if we want to 🙂

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