I Know This Much Is True

Inspired once again by my bloggy sistah Charlotte, I’m sharing some things I know to be absolute truths today. Because sometimes it’s fun to share. Here are things I believe to be true.

While this year was not their year, someday the Vikings will go to the Super Bowl again.

My newest haircut is possibly my best and favorite to date.

Hugs from Ollie will forever melt my heart.

This bag my mom got me for Christmas is possibly the best thing ever.

I will never stop loving Unicorns and will forever be a Unicorn mom even if Jen and I kind of gave up our Unicorn blog. We’ll be Unicorns for life no matter what.

I’m powerless over chocolate chip cookies.

Minnesotans forget how to drive in snow over the summer every single year and have to be retrained every winter.

Coffee is life juice.

This sweater may be the most comfortable item of clothing I own outside of a sweatshirt.

Old school arcade games are kind of the best. Gimme some Ms. Pac-Man any day.

Blogging has led to some of my greatest friendships, possibly even more than high school or college did.

Putting on some lipstick will always make you feel pretty.

I will return to Jamaica someday.

My kid will change the world someday.

What are some things you know to be true?



11 thoughts on “I Know This Much Is True

  1. Omg that last pic of Ollie…so cute!!

    I loved reading your list! And your new hair suits you beautifully! heck yea to coffee being life juice. And I love me some unicorns, too. Hope you are having he bestest week ever—and so grateful to you and our friendship. Xoxo

  2. Love this! I’m loving your hair color – it’s awesome. And Omg, that bag your mom got you is all types of amazing. I’ve met and “met” some amazing people blogging, and it’s a big reason that I keep at it. 🙂


  3. Aw, these are fantastic truths, Beth! I love your new haircut. I’m still on the fence about whether to cut mine all off. You’re certainly inspiring me. Love the pic of Ollie. I know the rain will end eventually. I am powerless to peanut butter cookies. This too shall pass. Those are the things I know to be true right now.

  4. I love these kinds of posts. So much fun.

    Ollie is the cutest. And yes, coffee is life juice.

    Yay for blogging! I’ve never regreted starting a blog once.

  5. Blogging is my saving grace. I lost a lot of friends in sickness and it’s my space that keeps my thoughts afloat and connected to people who get me.
    Your hair is fab. I don’t go many places that warrant lipstick but when I do plaster it on it does make me feel like a changed woman 😉
    I love your passion for unicorns. If you lived near, I’d take you to the cupcake place that makes unicorn cupcakes. They’re magical!
    Ollie is always adorable. No doubt he’ll be a game changer xoxo

  6. I had to laugh about driving in the snow–that sounds like the people around here too. Although they never fully learn. I’m powerless over chocolate chip cookies too. Or pretty much any chocolate 🙂

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