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The Mac Ollie Will Make you Jump Jump

At both Ollie’s early childhood screening and his first conference at school this Fall, something both his teacher and the screener mentioned is that we could do a little more to help Ollie develop his gross motor skills. Gross motor skills are the larger movements kids make with the arms, feet and body. He isn’t severely behind or anything, it was just suggested we help him develop them a little further. One recommendation is to get your kids involved in something that teaches them to make large movements and be aware of your body and the space it takes up – like tumbling. Nate remembered he took tumbling as a child and enjoyed it. We researched options near us and found a perfect fit at Perpetual Motion Gymnastics.

We are three classes in and it is already apparent that this was the best decision we’ve made in recent times. Ollie LOVES his class. The class runs 45 minutes which is just a perfect amount of time at his age I think. The teachers are fantastic and very patient and they are right next to the kids spotting them and keeping them safe. The class is a mix of games, obstacle courses and other activities that keep the kids moving. They use balance beams, foam mats to help learn forward rolls, trampolines and this giant pit filled with foam that even I want to go jump in because it looks so fun.

The session is eight weeks long and we chose a class on Saturday mornings. We noticed that they kind of repeated everything from the first class at the second class, but started to change things up by the third class which is neat. Variety, but also repeating things to help them remember and learn. The entire gym is surrounded by benches, so parents can sit on the sidelines and observe. Ollie loves his class so much that the first week when they took a water break, he came over and gave us both big hugs.

Again, we’re only three classes in, so I can’t speak to if it’s helping his gross motor skills yet or not, but I will say I’m seeing an improvement in how he moves around at home and even just in what he’s willing to do and try. And we’re loving that this is a way to keep him active through the winter. In the summer we’re out disc golfing and walking to the park and playing outside so we get lots of movement and exercise, but it’s a lot harder in the winter. This way we’re guaranteed a weekly workout for him!

I cannot recommend Perpetual Motion enough. For the locals, they have a location in Blaine (that’s where we go) and Woodbury. We’re already looking at doing another session after this one! And since you’re dying to know, what’s Ollie’s favorite part of the class? The trampoline. My jumping bean.

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10 thoughts on “The Mac Ollie Will Make you Jump Jump

  1. Oh look at him jumping! Hes so happy and I bet it wears him out too! Winter is such a hard time for us to keep busy. Mostly we all just want to sleep LOL . Im so thankful our YMCA has an indoor heated pool. Gotta stay indoors till the warm weather comes back! Have a wonderful week Beth!

  2. Awww he looks like he’s having a blast!! That’s incredible that you’re already noticing a change in how he moves and I’m sure he’s developing confidence/able to take greater risks. I kind of want to do this myself!!

  3. That’s awesome that he’s loving it so much. Definitely a great way to get him moving around in the winter time. That’s tough for anyone, let alone kids!! I never did tumbling but my sister did and she really enjoyed it. 🙂


  4. When M was doing her casts, the Orthopedic Pediatric surgeon and I got to chat for roughly 20 minutes a week, as he held her little feet at the right angle while the casts dried. It was easiest to get him to talk about his work, and he is very heavily working on trampoline injuries (I promise: it turns out ok). After one week, I said “message received, my kids will never set foot on a trampoline” and he looked at me crazily and said: “I didn’t say that. If you were to take away any message, just make sure they are supervised, and supervised closely, and supervised by people who know how to supervise. And let kids be kids!” (There was some very specific “Don’t go there, don’t go here” stuff in there too;) ). I think he’d very much approve of this place 🙂

  5. This looks like so much fun!! Such a great idea this time of year too when kids are so tired of being stuck inside–this is a good way to burn some energy. I think Jona would enjoy something like this, I should look into it!

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