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Mom and Ollie’s Day of Fun

Ollie and I both had a day off yesterday from school and work. I promised him we could have a Mommy/Ollie day of fun. It ended up being a terrific day and I think was something we both needed.

We slept in which felt amazing. When we woke up I had promised him donuts for breakfast, so we went out to Dunkin Donuts, which was no small feat because it had snowed and the Dunkin we go to isn’t exactly close to our house, but it was worth it in my opinion because he was so happy (and so was I, donuts are love).

After we were both stuffed, we ran some errands. This kid just loves bumming around with us, he really doesn’t care where we go. We stopped at Clothes Mentor because I was looking for a gold cardigan to replace one I have and I wanted to not spend too much on it. I found one so that made me happy. Then we stopped at Target to return a couple of things and pick up a couple of things. He was so content to just wander the store with me and didn’t even complain that I wasn’t letting him get a car or anything. It may have had something to do with the fact that he knew he was getting McDonalds for lunch though!

I picked up our McDonalds and we headed home to eat it. We had a little time to play and then we headed over to the Minnesota Children’s Museum to meet up with Jen and her girls. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t terribly busy for a holiday. We had fun playing with blocks, clay and ping pong balls. What more do you need? And there was also face paint. I let Ollie do my “makeup” with face paint. He was loving it.

After we’d been there for a couple of hours we headed for home so we could beat traffic. For the rest of the day we just played (well, I cleaned up a bit) and waited for Nate to get home. After Nate got home, I made Ollie some mac and cheese and then we finished our day with playing games on Nate’s arcade machine.

It might not sound like the most exciting day ever on the surface, but Ollie was so happy. He kept telling me how much he loved me and was giving me so many spontaneous hugs and kisses. I think we needed a day like that. Sometimes when we get home at the end of the day our time together is rushed, or I’m tired and I’ll admit to phoning it in sometimes, or he’s cranky because he didn’t get enough sleep or isn’t getting his way. So days like yesterday, where we get to just be together without time constraints, without much that we HAVE to do, where we can just be Mom and Kid, are so important and such a gift. We have another day off next month for Presidents Day, but I think throughout the rest of the year I’m really going to try to take a day every month or two if I can for us to just be together. I need to take advantage of him wanting to spend time with me for as long as I can. So, I’m adding that to my goals for the year. It’s self-care for both of us. It’s funny how much our kids teach us just as much as we teach them, isn’t it?

12 thoughts on “Mom and Ollie’s Day of Fun

  1. Love this post so much! Looks like you had a great time with Ollie yesterday! All I can think of after I read the title for your post is, “Joey & Janice’s day of fun!”

  2. Oh, Beth…what a sweet post <3 I love that you and Ollie had a wonderful day together and it sounded as though it was what you both needed. He is such a sweet kiddo… definitely enjoy that time together where he enjoys wandering around because it’s QT and donuts for breakfast and face paint. I mean, it sounds like a great day to me 🙂 xo

  3. Love this post! I’m so glad that you and Ollie had such a great day. Now I have to go to Dunkin Donuts for some hot chocolate and donuts.

  4. Aw, how fun! I think it’s great that you were able to have a mommy/Ollie day and you both had such a fun time. Definitely a good idea to get as much special time in when they are young and happy to do it! 🙂


  5. Ugh, I need a day like this with my girls. C dragged her heels through grocery shopping last night and finally admitted it was because she knew it was bedtime when we got home but wanted more time with me. Luckily, overtime is over until June (hopefully) so I’ll be getting an addition hour or two with them. It’s true: they’ll get to the “I don’t want you around” stage sooner than we expect so we need to take advantage of the times they want to be with us now!

  6. Your totally reminded me of the friends episode “Joey and Janice’s Day of Fun!” Ha. What a nice day–donuts, a fun little adventure, relaxing time at home–sounds like the perfect mix! This reminds me that I really need to do this to spend time with just Jona. We have little outings together but a whole day would be great!

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