Winter Bucket List

Winter is not my season. Once Christmas and the holidays are over I’m just so over winter, snow and being cold. There is so little daylight and it just feels all around blah. This year I’ve decided to take a different approach to winter though and try to make the most of it. Last summer and fall I made seasonal bucket lists and I thought maybe I’d like winter a little better if I found some fun things to do and kind of celebrated it. And because it’s what bloggers do, I’m sharing my list with all of you!

~Take Ollie sledding. He’s not real hip to this idea, but I think we just need to show him how fun it is. There is a park now far from us with various sized hills, so if we find a nice gentle one I think he’ll enjoy it.

~Visit the Science Museum and see an Omnifest show. The Omnitheater is hosting Omnifest now through March and the films they chose look so fun. I think Ollie would enjoy Rocky Mountain Express as it’s all about trains. And the Science Museum is just a fun place to spend time indoors!

~See the Winter Flower show at the Conservatory at the Como Zoo. They do a great job and put out tons of colorful flowers and it’s such a pick me up on these cold dark days!

~Go to a movie at the theater. I don’t know the last time Nate and I saw a movie in the actual theater. I’m itching to make that a date night/afternoon for us soon. I might also think about taking Ollie to his first movie, I know a couple of decent kid movies are in the theater right now, so it can’t hurt to try.

~Bake cookies or cupcakes. I did bake a fair amount of cookies before Christmas, but it’s something Ollie enjoys helping me with, so it seems like a good activity to do more of. Also, I haven’t made cupcakes in ages and Nate and I were just talking last night about these pecan pie cupcakes I made him a couple of years ago and that I should make them again. So I think I will!

~Try a new hot chocolate recipe. Hot chocolate is fun to make from scratch! And splash a little grown up something in it and it’s even better. And we just got a new microwave for Christmas after not having one for a LONG time, so this would be a fun way to use it!

~Make a pot roast dinner. This is really a request I have for Nate. He has this amazing recipe for a roast that is to die for, it cooks in the oven all day and makes the house smell amazing. And I want it. And what mama wants, mama gets. HA.

~Make and send Valentines for Valentine’s Day. Ollie’s school doesn’t do holidays, but this could be a fun craft for us to do at home and he loves sending mail, so he can send them to all the people he loves. It will be fun.

~Find a fun new recipe for the Super Bowl. We get together with my in-laws every year to watch the game and we make tons of snacks and appetizers. I always like finding a new one to try out if I can!

~Go swimming at the indoor pool. There’s a pretty nice indoor swimming pool not too far from us that Ollie enjoys going to. It’s a nice way to get some activity and it’s warm enough inside to pretend you’re really in some warm place like Florida.

~Check out the Ice Castles in Stillwater. I’ve seen a ton of pictures and it looks so pretty and fun. We could easily make an evening out of this and have dinner out that direction as well.

~Get some cleaning/organizing done at home. Hey, they can’t all be super fun ones I guess! But what better excuse than it being cold and snowy outside than to get some crap done at home right?

~Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day – which I know is very close to Spring, but isn’t quite in that season yet. It’s a nice way to end winter. We make corned beef in the crockpot and last year I bought Nate and I some fun green mugs to drink our beer out of. We know how to par-tay!

Hopefully this list will help me love winter a little more. Well ok, let’s be honest. I’m never going to love winter. But maybe this list will help me tolerate it a little more?

Are you a winter fan? What kinds of things do you enjoy in winter?

12 thoughts on “Winter Bucket List

  1. Whomp!! My previous comment disappeared! It’s okay. I love being here and just hope I’m not repeating myself (so like, pretend I’m not crazy if my other one comes through lol).

    The winter is not my season either. I used to love it but with all the cold and snow this year, I’m having a hard time of it. But!! I love this idea of creating a bucket list of things to help us love (or at least strongly like!) the winter again. Going swimming indoors sounds wonderful and also taking Ollie to the movies would be fun! There are so many good ones in theaters now that I’d like to see (and we don’t get to go nearly enough, either!).

    Xo nd have fun crossing these items off your list!

  2. These are great winter goals! We have a tradition of making mint + Rumchata hot chocolate in the crockpot every winter, it’s delicious! And these fabulous mini merlot meatballs (also in the crockpot) for our Superbowl party- they’re so easy and tasty. And funny enough, we’re having pot roast this Sunday! Those ice castles sound so cool and a really fun night out!

  3. I love this, because winter is so not my thing either. But I like that you’re embracing it and taking advantage of the good parts instead of letting it bring you down. Maybe I need a winter bucket list!

  4. I’m not a huge winter fan, as I’m almost always cold and there isn’t always a TON to do. However, I did make a winter bucket list myself so I think these type of lists are a lot of fun. I hope you can cross off most, if not all, of these! Now that my nieces and nephew live near me again, I think I’m going to try and do some holiday themed crafts with them. They love it!


  5. Winter is undoubtedly the worst. But a friend and I are planning on trying snowshoeing. I thought I had more plans but nope! Does surviving winter count? Some good ideas on yours but they just feel so much harder than just staying under a blanket on my couch :p

  6. Winter is SO not my season, either. I’m a Michigan girl but glad to be living in the tropics, now! Homemade hot chocolate is pretty amazing, though. I like your idea of making a list of fun activities to look forward to this winter!

  7. A winter bucket list sounds like a great idea and your activities sound like such fun.
    When I was growing up I loved winter and now I loathe it! I love summer so much more as an adult.

  8. I love that you came up with such a long list of activities, even though winter is “not your season”. You’d better try to make the best of it, at least.

    I love winter and snow. Well, I guess, I can easily say that because it never snows where I live, but I can be in the mountains within 2 hours to play in the snow. So, I admit, that’s convenient 🙂

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