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Happy Monday! I love a good survey and I stumbled onto this fun one from the ladies over at The Blended Blog that is all about winter and the New Year! So, without further ado, here are my answers!

(1) Resolutions or No Resolutions? No resolutions for this girl. I like setting my monthly goals and Nate and I just did our adulting retreat where we discuss goals for the year too, but I don’t really do any resolving. I’ll work on living by my word of the year (Nourish) and that’s about it!

(2) Love Snow or No Snow? I like snow for Christmas. I’m pretty much over it otherwise! We don’t even have that much by Minnesota standards right now, but we keep getting these little nuisance storms that make driving so much fun. And it’s messy. And cold. So I’m kind of done with it, ha!

(3) Name a new place you’d like to go this year? Nate and I have a list a mile long of restaurants we need to try. Topping our list is Young Joni in NE Minneapolis, the new Hai Hai restaurant in NE Minneapolis and I need to get Nate over to Saint Dinette and Mucci’s in St. Paul, while I’ve been to both, he hasn’t. And that’s a sin.

(4) Would you rather have a new hair cut or a new hair color? I’m kind of working on growing my hair just a little bit, so I’m going to go with new hair color. I need to freshen it up, but thankfully I have an appointment coming up to do just that! Not quite sure what I’m doing yet, but a refresh will be nice!

(5) Name one special thing you’d like to do for yourself this year? I really want to go get a massage somewhere. I haven’t had one in far too long.

(6) Least favorite thing about January? It’s so dark and so cold and the holidays are over.

(7) Favorite thing about January? The dark and cold days lead to really good nights of snuggling with blankets and movies which is one of my favorite things to do!

(8) When do you take down your holiday decorations? Typically New Years Day. So I’m already done for the most part, although our outdoor lights are still up and we’ve still been turning them on.

(9) Do you diet in January? Nope. All respect to those who are, but I don’t diet pretty much anytime of the year. I would say we’re eating less now that the holidays are over, but not dieting.

(10) What are of your home do you want to organize the most? We spent a lot of time on our basement last year. This year I’d like to tackle the kitchen, our main living area and our linen closet.

(11) Favorite winter comfort food? Chili and grilled cheese sandwiches.

(12) Favorite guilty pleasure? Baking cookies on a cold day – and eating the cookie dough.

Are you a fan of winter? I’d love to hear any of your responses to the above questions as well!

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15 thoughts on “The Blended Blog Asks – New Year

  1. I love this! I might steal it for my blog tomorrow! It was neat reading your responses and some of them were ones I didn’t know!

  2. Oooh what a fun post! I’m kind of over the winter already too…which is so unlike me because I love snuggling under blankets and reading and movies but it’s been so unbearably cold that going out becomes a chore. I miss fresh air and the great outdoors!

    Love that you and Nate have a list of restaurants you’d like to try! Hope you get to enjoy some new ones together 🙂 also I have a gift certificate to get a massage—thanks for the reminder to use it finally!!

  3. I’m completely done with the snow and cold, but I’m afraid it’s just the beginning. I’m also done with the darkness. Bring on the sunshine! I’ve been going back and forth about a haircut and haircolor too. I want to go platinum, but my roots grow out super fast, I’m afraid it would look crazy. Maybe I’ll go dark, and then go blonde for summer? Have a wonderful week!

  4. Mmm, yes to cookies and cookie dough! And we’re having chili for dinner tonight 🙂 I’m with you on not dieting too–I just can’t do it! This was so fun to read and fun to join in!

  5. I love posts like this. This Kentucky girl is not a fan of winter…. I truly can’t handle cold weather( and it has been horrible here). It also helps me when I hear someone from the Midwest say they are not fans of winter either. I hope you get that massage for yourself soon. PS: I love the new blog name and look. Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few months!

  6. My Christmas lights are still up outside too but haven’t been turned on in a few days. Guess I should get to taking then down. I would. Goose a cut over a color because I am so over my long hair. Have a great week ❤

  7. Fun! I love things like this because it helps us readers get to know you! Um, my Christmas lights are still up inside, including my tree. I just love the cozy feeling and with the ground covered in snow I see no reason to take make my house less cozy!

    I’m okay with winter but the deep freeze we just endured was too much. I like the snow and I work from home so it’s mostly pretty and not usually a terrible inconvenience. Today was finally above freezing! Hooray!

  8. These posts are always fun to read.
    I love trying new restaurants and baking in cold weather is so relaxing (and warms me up at the same time).

  9. I haven’t read much about the actual theory behind intuitive eating but I’m pretty sure I’m doing it wrong but that’s my “diet” for January. Eating what my body feels like. Last night it felt like wine. Some days, my body just gets me :p But yes. Resisted the urge to “diet” this January because just being done with Christmas and birthdays means already eating less (and usually naturally choosing healthier things after the deluge of sugar and fat leaves me feeling sluggish).

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