What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 12.29.17

It’s the last Friday and last What’s Up Weekend of 2017! Next week will be a whole new year! As usual, I’m doing my weekly link up with Charlotte and Lindsay to reflect on the week that was. It has become one of my favorite things I started doing in 2017. Join us and share the happy! Here’s what I’m grateful for this week.

(1) Space heaters. It’s very chilly in the Public Works office that I’ve been filling in at this week, but there is a space heater and it has helped immensely on these chilly days!

(2) Speaking of chilly days, the remote start on my car is also high on my list this week. It has made a world of difference being able to jump into a warm car!

(3) Hanging with this goofball in the afternoons after work.

(4) Trying out a new to us restaurant and having a nice new spot to add into our rotation.

(5) Kitty snuggles. They are so cuddly when it’s cold. And I was so happy to find them cuddling together on Christmas Eve morning!

(6) Noosa Yogurt. It’s been my breakfast of choice on these early mornings. I’ve been getting the Noosa Mates specifically that comes with a little granola to mix in. They are so tasty!

(7) An impromptu shopping trip with Ollie last Friday to Style Encore and Once Upon a Child. I love the items I found.

(8) An easy to please kid. I took Ollie to Target to spend a gift card that he got for Christmas and was disappointed to find the toy aisles were practically bare on not restocked from Christmas yet. But Ollie found a multi-pack of Matchbox cars and was perfectly happy with that!

(9) I have a five day weekend coming up! I took off January 2nd since Ollie is still off of school so I could spend a little extra time with him. I’m really looking forward to no alarm for the next few days!

(10) My exciting new blog name! Are you ready?? Here it is!!

Woo hoo! SO much fun ahead! I will be doing some updates over the weekend to get everything ready so I can come back here next week and start fresh and new! Watch my social media pages for updated link info, but if you want to be able to bookmark it now, you will be able to find me at www.coffeeuntilcocktailsblog.com starting January 1st! I cannot thank you all enough for the support and a huge shoutout to my tech hubby for helping me get everything all ready to go.

For now I wish you all a fun, safe and Happy New Year! Please feel free to link up with the girls and I below and be sure to check out the other posts. See you in 2018 as we explore my Coffee Until Cocktails life! But don’t worry, I will always be your Beth Next Door. <3 <3 <3

15 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 12.29.17

  1. What a great week. I can’t believe that 2017 is almost over. Can’t wait to see the new blog. Also I might need to pick your brain on weekly blog topics too. Enjoy your long weekend! 😘

  2. Ah! I love the new name! So very cute. 🙂 Remote starts are wonderful. I miss when Colton had that on his truck. Happy new year!!

  3. Omg omg omg I love the new name and it suits you perfectly!! Can’t wait to see all the exciting changes here!

    Awww lil Ollie is so stinking cute <3 hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

    Bryan has the remote start and it’s wonderful. I want one too but not sure I can get it without spending a fortune at the dealership (leased vehicle, whomp!).

    Stay warm and happy new year, my friend!!

  4. I have to go to Once Upon a Child and sell some clothes. It’s just one more thing on my to do list lol. It seems a lot of stores are not really stocked well due to the holidays. Hooray for days off work! Stay warm and I hope you have a Happy New Year!

  5. Lots of good stuff here, Beth. Love the pic of Ollie! So adorable. Also, can I say that I’m jealous of your new blog. I want that title 😀 Sounds fantastic. Happy New Year to you and yours, Beth. See ya soon.

  6. Woohoo! Love the new name!
    I live for my space heater at work – I think my corner is haunted or something since it always feels so much colder than the rest of the office – even in summer!

  7. The ten seconds I spent learning how to use the new command start was worth it. I hate winter marginally less now.

    Extra time with Ollie is awesome! I am eagerly anticipating Scott going back to work one day before me next week so I can have a day with just me and the girls. It’s fun with all of us, but I also like when it’s just the three of us.

    Loving the new blog hints. Can’t wait to see it, so I’ve imagined it in my head. Bitstrip-style Beth in a unicorn costume with a rainbow of coffee and cocktails racing over her. Am I close? Not at all?

  8. Ooh so exciting!! I love the new name! Isn’t 4 the best age for gift giving? They’re old enough to get SO excited about getting presents and they really get it, but at the same time they’re super excited about even the smallest things. Jona was as excited about the $10 lego set he got as the over $50 teepee he got. And I’m pretty sure he’s also just as excited about hot chocolate, which is even cheaper. Ha!

  9. I just love your new look hun. Coffee until cocktails is real catchy and I love it.

    Oh my gosh, I spent ten days away from work and it was HARD going in yesterday. Why can’t I win the lottery already?!? Lol!

    Isn’t it great that (a lot of) kids are so easily entertained? Such simple things amuse them and the innocence.. it’s just so adorable to see.

    I’m thinking of doing an overhaul on my site but I don’t know yet.

    We have seat heaters and those are THE best. We’ll never not get them in a car… when it’s as cold as it has been here, “warming” up the car doesn’t even take the edge off. But with seat heaters… THE BEST!

    Hope your long weekend was fabu and your day wasn’t too shabby today. 😉

    Love ya momma. xo

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