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Christmas 2017 Rewind

I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee, the day after Christmas, early in the morning because of course I would have the early shift this week, wondering how I am supposed to recap our Christmas this year. It might be my favorite with Ollie so far. And somehow I say that every year, but I truly mean it this year. Without being overly obnoxious with pictures and too many details I will try to share a little bit of our Christmas.

Friday I was off early too because I had the early shift that day as well. After I picked up Ollie I realized I had some mad money burning a hole in my pocket (I gave a co-worker a ride all month in December and she paid me) so I asked him if he wanted to go on an adventure with me. Ollie loves adventures so he said yes. We drove out to Style Encore and I got myself a dress for Christmas (and a sweater and a purse too…and maybe a wallet) and then I let him pick out a car at Once Upon a Child since it’s next door. Then we found out Nate was getting off of work early so we drove back home to meet up with him. We decided to give ourselves a break over the weekend and do as little cooking as possible, so we went out to dinner. We tried a new place not far from us called Twin Cities 400 Tavern. We got there early enough to take advantage of happy hour prices so it ended up not being a super expensive meal. We got Ollie home to bed and then settled in to watch Elf.

Saturday we set out on a mission to finish every last thing that needed to be done for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We started with coffee, then went to Target and got one last minute Christmas gift. Then we went to Byerly’s (higher end grocery store for those not local) because they have a specific kind of mushroom Nate needed for this mushroom gravy he makes on Christmas Eve. I have never seen Byerly’s that busy. Ever. But we survive and rewarded ourselves with sushi for lunch (and a Happy Meal for Ollie.) In the afternoon we finished the last of our Christmas wrapping and then played with Nate’s arcade machine a little bit. Our dinner was another treat to ourselves, we went to Cossettas in St. Paul. Which was also a madhouse but honestly it added to the fun for me a little bit. We still got food in a reasonable amount of time and we really enjoyed it. After we were stuffed we went home and watched another movie after Ollie went to bed, this one a little less Christmasy though, one called Today’s Special.

And then Sunday was Christmas Eve! We started our day with coffee because first coffee. Always. Then I had to sing at the 4th Sunday of Advent liturgy, so I did that while the boys hung out at home making a little brunch for us. I came back and joined them and we ate our pancakes and eggs. Then Ollie and I made some chocolate chip cookies for Santa because I had said we were bringing our gingersnaps to my in-laws so Ollie said we couldn’t give any of those to Santa. Kid logic. When we finished the cookies, Nate made his mushroom gravy. And then we packed up and headed to my in-laws for Christmas celebration number one!

How’re we doing so far? Are you bored yet? Do you need a bathroom break or another cup of coffee? Go ahead. I’ll wait. Ready now? Ok.

We had a delicious dinner with my in-laws – two kinds of grilled fish, tuna and salmon, mashed potatoes with the mushroom gravy, brussel sprouts, salad, and I think that’s it. I can’t remember, ha! There was also wine of course and a ridiculous amount of cookies for dessert. Ollie was very patient through dinner but of course finished before the rest of us and went off to play but kept coming back and saying “ok, I’m done, let’s open presents!” We were finally done as well. While we worked on cleaning up we also took some fun family pictures, including some awkward family photos because that’s how we roll. My sister-in-law also bought some Christmas crackers so we had some fun with those too. Then we finally opened presents in front of the Yule Log on TV. I didn’t get my double fire this year because my in-laws fireplace needs a part replaced, but we at least had that Yule Log! We all received some very nice gifts. After consuming some cookies we finally got Ollie home to bed, but we made sure to leave a note for Santa first!

Christmas Day we were up early, not because we were excited for more presents (though we were) but because my choir was singing for the early Mass so we needed to be at church. The Christmas Mass was lovely and then we came back home to open our presents from Santa and to each other. Ollie was so excited that Santa brought him the remote control car he asked for! My sweet husband spoiled me nicely with the light board I’ve been wanting, a really cute Unicorn mug and a Unicorn Moms hoodie (that sadly hasn’t arrived yet but is due to show up on Saturday. Holiday shipping, what a joke.) I gave him a sign for his new “arcade”, a handheld Pac Man game and a book on cocktails. We also let Ollie shop for each of us and he did a great job, he got Nate a slot machine bank (for when they play with coins) and he got me two Christmas ornaments, one of which is a Unicorn on a sled. It’s a very Unicorn Christmas for me!

We packed up to go have lunch with my parents and open gifts with them. We had some delicious food – my mom tried a new recipe with Brie cheese that was to die for. We also had a couple of different kinds of dips and some cold cuts and buns. And more cookies! My diet is about half cookies right now and I’m not even sorry! Then we opened gifts, Ollie was so excited to get a roll out mat that is designed to be a town for his cars and some racing tracks for his Hot Wheels. With his daddy and Grandpa’s help they set those up right away and started racing. All of our gifts were awesome, but I may be most excited about the microwave they gave us! After living for over a year without one it will be nice to have one again. I’ve made it work without it, but I tell you, I’ve really missed having it at various times!

Then we headed back home for a quick minute before heading to one final Christmas celebration with some of Nate’s extended family. It was nice to see some folks we haven’t seen in a long time. Ollie had a blast playing a couple of games that Nate’s aunt set up for the kids. And then we played the dice game and had a blast with that as usual. I was very happy to take home a bottle of one of my favorite wines! And then we headed home to get Ollie ready for bed because dude was TIRED. That was a long day for a little guy! We pretty much crashed as well.

If you’ve made it this far, hi! Thanks for reading my insanely long recap. This Christmas was such a gift to me. And of course last night that lovely melancholy kicked in when I realized it was all over for another year and that next year Ollie will be five and the days pass by so fast and oh by the way, TMI, but I had my period for Christmas so, hello hormones. So anyway, last night I was a little down, but I try to go with the Dr. Seuss mentality of don’t frown because it’s over, smile because it happened. I think the memories of this Christmas will have me smiling for some time to come.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate!

13 thoughts on “Christmas 2017 Rewind

  1. Sounds like a great weekend and holiday Beth! I love that Ollie left goldfish crackers for the reindeer. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do that before. It’s usually just carrots so I bet the reindeer were excited. 😉

    I know what you mean about Christmas night melancholy. The holiday adrenaline builds for over a month and then it’s over so fast. I’m glad you made some great memories!

  2. It sounds like you got to eat some yummy food for seferal days straight. Us too! How am I going to go back to my boring lunches? Girl, I got my period ON CHRISTMAS. oh well, it’s better than the alternative!

  3. I didn’t LOL at the bathroom break park for two reasons: I’m stuck in a freezing bedroom at my in-laws trying to get an overstimulated baby to sleep, and damn it, I need to pee so badly #momlife eh?
    I am not one to live without a microwave. I just don’t have my shit together enough. I even keep a backup in our basement. So yes, that would be the best gift for me ever if I didn’t have one.

  4. I understand the melancholy that kicks in when something exciting is over, especially something big like Christmas/the holidays. It sounds and looks like you had a great celebrating though and I’m glad it was a really great year for celebrating with Ollie. It’s always fun when they get a bit older and can really enjoy it more. Yay for all the fun unicorn gifts. 🙂


  5. Loved your pictures! I’m so glad that you had a wonderful Christmas! I love that Ollie left some goldfish crackers for Santa’s reindeers. That is just too cute!

  6. That sounds like such a great Christmas!! It did go by so fast, and I totally agree about this one being the best yet. I think 4 is such a fun age for all of it–it made me enjoy it even more for sure. I love your light board, what a fun gift! Glad to hear you had a great Christmas Beth! 🙂

  7. Oh Beth, what a fun, love-filled family Christmas… I was living vicariously through your recap! I totally understand that it’s hard to believe that Christmas is over again already!

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