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Thinking Out Loud – Christmas So Far

It’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday with both Penny’s Passion and Running with Spoons. And at the moment I’m not thinking about too much besides Christmas!

At the moment I’m mostly just thinking about what still needs to happen over the next four days. I’ve been doing a little bit of wrapping each day which has helped immensely! I have typically waited until the last second to get my gifts wrapped in the past which has led to major stress. I started wrapping a couple of gifts a day starting last Sunday and I’m most of the way done. I just have a few left. I also need to get some “Santa” wrapping paper to wrap Ollie’s Santa gift with.

I should take a poll that guesses how many times between now and Christmas Day I’ll be at Target. I have been once already and I have at least one more trip planned. We forgot to grab something small for Nate’s cousin’s baby and also a present for the dice game at his aunt and uncle’s house on Christmas Day. I’m just getting a feeling there may be other reasons over the next few days we might need to pop in there. I was laughing with Jen the other day though – Christmastime is like the only time that going to Target feels like a chore!

I have not watched Elf, Home Alone or A Charlie Brown Christmas yet. I think those will all be my required viewing over the next few days here. I have managed to watch The Holiday, all the Christmas episodes of Friends, A Very Sunny Christmas and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation though.

We’ve seen holiday lights, visited Santa, done lots of baking, decked our halls inside and out. I think we’ve been doing pretty good. I feel ready for Christmas even with the few things I haven’t done quite yet. And now my goal is to step back, relax and enjoy these next few days. I know from past experience this time will fly by too fast.

Are you feeling ready for Christmas?

9 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Christmas So Far

  1. Feeling ready on the 21st is a good thing! Hopefully you can continue to avoid that feeling of being rushed at the last minute. I need to go to Target but I’ve been avoiding it since our Target is attached to the mall. It’s just madness over there!

    You’re right, the next week is going to go so fast!

  2. I am so ready for Christmas! I went to Walmart yesterday and was shocked that the entire parking lot was full. There were no shopping carts. I will probably make a trip to Target so I am sure it will be crowded as well. The only thing we have to do is wrap presents.

  3. My immediate family did our Christmas already, so part of me feels like it’s happened already. LOL I’ll be with my brother’s family for actual Christmas though and it’ll be fun to see the kids open up their gifts. I still have a bit I need to do from my holiday bucket list – watch certain movies, etc. but I can easily extend the holiday season. 🙂


  4. Ive put up the trees, shopped and wrapped presents, but it still doesn’t feel like the holidays. It’s weird the older I get the less it feels like it.

  5. Sounds like you were pretty organized and got a lot done. I was super-ready for Christmas until I got sick last week and all plans went out the window… ugh. I have being sick over the holidays. It was still a nice low-key weekend.

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