Holiday Mug Swap

It’s no secret I love a good swap. When I saw that my buddy and swap partner from the Fall Blogger Swap, San of The In Between Is Mine was organizing a holiday mug swap I immediately signed up. What’s not to love for a coffee fiend like myself? I received my package a couple of weeks ago and I have been so excited to share it!

I was assigned Nadine from the blog In Blue Ink. I noticed she loves hiking and has goals of climbing various mountains. I sent her a blog that says The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go. I hope she enjoys it!

My giver is Meg from Meg Go Run and she did a fantastic job! I appreciated how she took the time to read through some of my old posts and got to know me and as a result she picked out the cutest mug for me!

It’s from Elf!! One of my favorite holiday movies! How cute is this? Drinking coffee out of this in the morning will definitely put me in a better mood!

It was funny, Ollie was looking at the backside and he was like, mommy, what is E and F for? I explained that it spells Elf, but that the L is the shadow of Buddy the Elf. I don’t know that he truly understood, but that’s ok!

I am so happy with my mug and I have happily made a new friend as well, Meg is absolutely awesome! She rocks a short pixie like me, so how could she not be cool? Thank you so much Meg!! And thanks to my good friend San for hosting this fun swap!

15 thoughts on “Holiday Mug Swap

  1. I’m happy you like your mug! Coffee definitely makes me smile in the morning. I’m glad you were my secret blogger because I enjoy reading your blog and I’m not sure I would have come across it otherwise!

  2. That is an awesome mug!!!! Elf is one of my holiday favorites too. I think you picked a great mug to send your swap partner too. I’ll have to get involved in one of these sometime, as I always love new mugs.

  3. That is so much fun! Back when blogging was like super old school like in 2008’s, we did one between a bunch of bloggers from all over. The rule was that we had to use our blog logo and make a mug. I still have mine and sadly that blogger no longer blogs — therefore, I do not use that mug because I cannot break it. EVER! NEVER. EVER! It’s antique. Damn I’m old LOL!
    I do love that mug though. Super fun!

  4. How adorable! Love the movie Elf and this mug would definitely put a smile on my face in the morning. Meg chose well for you. I love your pixie hair and I’m toying with going short again, too. Seeing this pic of you is inspiring.

  5. I find it so funny that I was looking for new blogs. I wanted a few more “life bloggers” and maybe a “running blogger” and Meg, who I found from her comments on your blog, seems to be both! Who knew that she was a new blight buddy of yours!

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