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Weekend Happenings 12.18.17

We’re fresh off another jam packed weekend. It was a good one though and it was very festive! I thought I’d do a little recap, I want to have as many memories of this Christmas season as possible!

Friday night was the holiday program at Ollie’s school. Those kids were OFF THE WALLS. They were all so excited. Our sweet little Oliver though is such a rule follower, he stayed with us until it was time for the kids to sit on the ground for the slideshow showing their work in classroom and then he just sat right down while the rest of the kids were running everywhere. Anyway, after the slideshow they did their little concert and much like last year it was so cute. I took a bunch of pictures and some video and anytime Ollie made eye contact with me, he gave me the biggest cheesy grin. He did such a great job! He crashed hard when we got home and then Nate and I watched The Holiday. I love that movie so much!

Saturday morning we got up and got fueled up with coffee and then set out for Mission: Finish Christmas shopping. We hit up World Market to get all of our stocking stuffers as we do every year. We stopped a few other places as well and got what we needed for the rest of our family and we are done! We do need a few gift cards for Nate’s cousins, but that’s a Target stop. Otherwise stick a fork in us. We’re done! Then we headed over to my aunt’s house to celebrate Christmas with my mom’s family. It was so nice to see relatives we haven’t seen in a long time. We had delicious spaghetti and meatballs and visited. It was lovely.

The rest of Saturday we chilled at home for a bit and then had Brasa for dinner in the evening. And we finished the day with the final Hunger Games movie because that’s so full of holiday cheer, hahaha. Funny story, after watching the Holiday I ended up having nightmares about the zombie apocalypse and my grandmother’s dead cat. After the Hunger Games I had pleasant dreams about Christmas. Yep. My brain is fun.

Sunday we decided to treat Ollie since he’d been pretty good with all we had going on over the weekend and we had donuts over at Dunkin Donuts. They were delicious as usual. Then we headed home and Nate set about a project he was working on with fixing our garage door. Ollie and I baked gingersnap cookies which he absolutely loved helping with. He also “helped” me wrap some presents. Of course I put that one in parenthesis because he wasn’t super helpful on the wrapping, but I appreciated his company and his humor if nothing else! And then Sunday night we finished out our weekend with dinner at Nate’s parents and then watched A Very Sunny Christmas after Ollie went to bed. Nothing says Christmas like Mac and Charlie throwing rocks at trains!

I feel pretty accomplished about our weekend and we also had some festive fun and good cheer too. I have a feeling this week will fly by as we get into the homestretch before the holiday! I’m hoping to slow down and enjoy these days too. How was your weekend? Are you ready for Christmas?

13 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings 12.18.17

  1. That is adorable. Children’s concerts are always so cute. I watched the Holiday this weekend too! No strange dreams for me though!

    I just finished my Christmas shopping online. A few things should show up today and then all that’s left is the wrapping!

  2. Don’t you just love it when your kids behave. I mean kids are kids, but when they are able to behave in the middle of craziness, its a great feeling! LOL . Im so glad Im not the only one whos brain does things like that. Sounds like a great weekend. I hope the week is too!

  3. Omg he looks so proud of himself singing. Adorable 🙂 glad you are all getting in the holiday spirit and I love how your brain works lol!! I haven’t seen Hunger Games in ages; I actually have been in the mood to seefun Christmas movies…nothing yet though we did watch Judd Apatow’s stand up special on Netflix which was hilarious.

    I haven’t gotten around to wrapping yet!! It’s on the list for this week though 🙂 Bryan and I went to the city yesterday to light the menorah and eat latkesbwith my family. It was a beautiful day 🙂

  4. Don’t kids look so cute when they’re all dressed up? I teach music at an elem. school and I always make them dress up for their concerts. I think it makes (most of them) behave better, and they just look sharp! I have noticed that as the years go by, I have less and less boys complaining about dressing up. They used to hate it when I told them no t-shirts or jeans. (Unless they are dark “nice” jeans.) But I would say for the past two years, the boys have been EAGER to dress up and show their style! They’ll come in with “suits” on, clip on ties, even a fedora. I love it. I guess men are just more into fashion these days. 🙂

  5. Busy weekend indeed! I will be going to my granddaughter’s holiday program tomorrow evening. This will be so much fun- my parents are going too!

    Your family time sounds really fun and cheery. Special times for sure!

  6. Way to go for getting all your shopping done!! I’m just about there, just some last-minute things left. Aren’t preschool Christmas programs the cutest? Jona’s was the weekend before and it was so stinkin’ cute. I love that Ollie’s a little rule-follower 🙂 So is Jona.

  7. Aw, Ollie is too cute. I’m glad he had a great time at the holiday concert. Lots of festive fun this past weekend for sure! I didn’t really feel well yesterday, which sucked, but I THINK I’m finally getting better? *fingers crossed*

    Mmm…those donuts look amazing.


  8. Aw, the cheesy smiles 🙂 C rocked her preschool concert – literally the only kid you could really hear. Girl loves the stage :D. As much as I hate children’s concerts, I will admit to being a little disappointed they cancelled her class’s songs for the Sunday School concert on Christmas Eve because no one (except us, and that was only after some serious plan rearranging) could make it. But they had the parents stay back after the service on Sunday to see them do their thing. Again, only kid you could hear.

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