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Thinking Out Loud – Ollie at Age 4

Ollie’s birthday was Sunday and I’m finally getting around to sharing his birthday post. Busy week with other scheduled posts I guess! But we have a big 4 year old now so I’m sharing all about that and linking up with Penny’s Passion and Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud today!

So, as I said, we have ourselves a four year old! It’s hard to believe and yet I’ve been kind of excited for him to be this age. I’m not going to lie, three was a challenge. I hated the word threenager but it quickly became part of my vocabulary in the last year. I’m not expecting to wave some magic wand and have everything be different now that he is four, but I will say I’m already seeing some maturity I didn’t see even two months ago. I’m also not saying age 3 was all bad though! It was a fun age and I see that fun continuing. He’s just the coolest kid.

For his birthday he wanted a donut party with his favorite grownups. So we happily obliged. He’s just not a big sweets fan so he really didn’t want cake. We put candles in the donut instead! We also had pizza to help balance out all the sugar. The donuts came from Glam Doll in NE Minneapolis, figured we’d splurge a bit since you only turn 4 once! Ollie had a blast with his grandparents, auntie, psuedo uncle and psuedo grandparents. He is so very loved.

And as I like to do with birthdays, I thought I’d share his birthday survey as well. So fun to see how things have changed over the year but also what things have stayed the same.

Nicknames: Ollie, Kiddo, Ollie Boy, Buddy

How old are you? Three! Wait, no four! (he keeps correcting himself and it’s so cute.)

What is your favorite color? Orange (this changes every day)

What is your favorite animal? Penguin and fox

What is your favorite book? The Big ABC Book (it’s a Richard Scarry alphabet book)

What is your favorite show? Paw Patrol (some things never change)

What is your favorite song? I don’t know. He does like music, but couldn’t decide on a song I guess!

What is your favorite food? McDonald’s! (He’d live on Chicken McNuggets if we let him)

What is your favorite drink? Milk (guess what, he outgrew the milk allergy!)

What is your favorite breakfast food? Pancakes

What is your favorite snack? Goldfishies! (Goldfish crackers)

What is your favorite outfit? car shirt (he has a ton of these)

What is your favorite game? Fly airplanes (paper ones)

What is your favorite toy? My scooter (he just got one for his birthday from his great grandma)

Who is your best friend? Mama (I love this)

What is your favorite thing to do? Go to Target (I love this too)

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Disc golf

What is your favorite holiday? Halloween (I told him all the holidays and that this was when we dressed up like donuts, lol)

What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Blanket, fox, penguin and cars. (He’s got a full bed for sure!)

Where is your favorite place to go? McDonalds

What is your favorite restaurant? Donatellis

Where do you want to go on vacation? To a hotel (no specific destination, he just loves staying in hotels, lol)

What do you want to be when you grow up? When I’m 16 I’m going to fix my car (I think this is his way of saying mechanic maybe)

What did you do on your birthday? Ate donuts!!

And from mama, some milestones from the last year: Transitioned to a twin sized big boy bed, fully pee trained in the potty, outgrew his dairy allergy and can now drink cow’s milk, traveled to Missouri, Itasca State Park and Duluth, started his second year of Montessori school, dressed up like a donut for Halloween, transitioned to a booster seat in the car, caught his first fish, did Early Childhood screening, learning to write his name.

Dear Oliver,

You are my heart. You light up my world and make me smile every day, even when we have our challenging moments. You are learning so much and growing so fast. We are so proud of everything you are accomplishing and can’t wait to see what’s next. We love you so much! Love, Mama

9 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Ollie at Age 4

  1. He’s such a great kid Beth.
    Happy Birthday Ollie. I hope that you enjoy being a 4 year old because it was a bestest year ever. Full of adventure that’s for sure! xoxo

  2. Awe. Such a sweet post of such a sweet boy. I see many similarities between him and my boys…nuggets, Paw Patrol, a full bed of toys. I love that he said you are his best friend! So glad he had such a wonderful birthday!

  3. Aww, happy 4th birthday Ollie! I love this survey idea too, I need to do that for Jona. So cute that you’re his best friend–did your heart just melt when he said that? And a donut party is such a great idea!

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