Letters to the Universe

I saw my blog buddies San and Charlotte recently posted a “Letters to the Universe” type post, putting letters out to various things. It’s sort of like Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes. So without further ado, here are some of my letters.


Dear Leggings, thank you for existing. I am going to be even more appreciative of you as we get into the holiday eating season.

Dear Hair, please grow faster. I have many style ideas to try after watching several YouTube videos on how to style a shaved pixie. But I need the bangs to be longer! So, grow hair grow! You can do it!

Dear Pippin, please stop trying to eat Taylor’s food. She might like you more again if you’d leave her alone at meal time. And while we’re talking food, we’ll be bringing in a Christmas tree again soon. This is not your supper. This is not your chew toy. We do not need to repeat the Great Cat Puke Party of 2016.

Dear Nate, thank you for fixing up the bathroom tile issue. It might not be the most pretty thing ever, but you bought us time to save up to do the bathroom the right way and most importantly made it so we can shower at home again. So thank you!

Dear Ollie, please stop growing. We just bought new stuff for school this summer and now we need to buy more. I will put a rock on your head.

Dear Halloween Candy, you need to disappear so I won’t be tempted to keep eating you. See holiday eating season above. And again thank you leggings.

Dear Coffee, I love you. I pledge my life to you. Never leave me.

Dear Sunshine, I know it’s almost winter and we just switched the hours so there is less of you in the day, but it’s ok to shine a little bit even in that short amount of time. You make me happy, so please come out and play!




That’s what I have for today! What letter would you sent out into the Universe right now?


11 thoughts on “Letters to the Universe

  1. Love this. I think I will do one of these today too. Thanks for the idea. Oh and I live in leggings. If they ever go out of style I won’t care because I will still wear them proudly.

  2. Yay, glad you jumped on the bandwagon… these ‘letters’ are so much fun!

    I co-sign the letter to coffee (oh my, do I love it) and I am looking forward to seeing what you want to do with your hair!

    Hehe, I had to chuckle about the “Ollie, please stop growing. I will put a rock on your head” LOL

  3. I love these type of posts – they are too fun. And I also think of Jimmy Fallon when I see them. 🙂 I’m so with you on thanking leggings. I just recently got some Christmas themed ones from LulaRoe and I’m STOKED to start wearing them!!


  4. HAHAHa rock on Ollie’s head! The way C has been eating lately, I won’t be surprised if she’s on another spurt. She has a cousin 4 years older and we’re getting to the point where things leave E’s dresser and go straight into C’s. (Granted, a dress becomes a tunic which becomes a top before it gets passed on to become a dress again). I hear kids only grow in their sleep, but I’m guessing you don’t want Ollie to give up any more of that 🙂

  5. I loved this Beth! I tell Jona to stop growing all the time… he’ll be a giant at the rate he’s going, I swear!! I agree about the Halloween candy too. It really needs to go. It’s also turning my child into a monster.

  6. Lovely post – such fun!
    Can relate to wishing hair would grow – I’ve cut mine short and now have a style in mind so I wish it would hurry up and grow 🙂
    Wishing your future Christmas tree luck LOL.

  7. Aww, I love your letters (and so glad you played this game too, so fun, right?!). This one made me LOL: Dear Coffee, I love you. I pledge my life to you. Never leave me. LOLOLO, my thoughts exactly (I’m literally sipping cold coffee from this morning as I type). Also I miss the sunshine. This time of year is rough without the daylight <3

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