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Mom Style with Third Love

I have made it my mission since I became a mom almost 4 years ago to show that moms can still be stylish. Now don’t get me wrong, my jam is the mom uniform of leggings or yoga pants with a hoodie. But I’m a working mama and apparently my office has this rule against coming to work in your jammies. So, I have to get dressed for work and I decided long ago I wanted to keep it fun. Office and mom style do not have to be boring! And they can still be comfortable too! Here’s a great example with the Amelia dress from Lularoe.

There are so many reasons that this dress is my BFF. It has pockets. POCKETS. What mom doesn’t need pockets for things? It fits like a dream. It hides my mom pooch. And it’s comfortable. I can easily sit on the floor and play with my preschooler, but it still looks professional and put together for the office. And you can wear it a couple of different ways to add some interest. For the purposes of this post, I’m wearing it with the zipper toward the front.

Where was this dress when I was nursing?? Not only does it give a cute, sporty look to the dress, if a nursing mama wears this with the zipper in the front, she will have easy access for baby to eat! Add in the 24/7 Classic Nursing Bra from Third Love and you’d be golden. Hey nursing mamas, this bra looks amazing, it doesn’t even look like a nursing bra! Check it out over here.

Back to this look, my number one mom style secret is in this outfit. What is it? Could it be my boots? Nope, I love me some good boots, but that’s not my secret weapon. It’s the denim jacket. A denim jacket makes any outfit look amazing and stylish. I don’t know what it is, but it works. You can even throw it on with a t-shirt and yoga pants and some how look put together! This item is so needed in my life that I now own TWO denim jackets. Moms, don’t leave home without one!

To change up the look even further, I added a scarf. Not only does it add warmth on these cool fall/winter days, it is also a great color contrast for this particular dress. And again, if I was still a nursing mama, a scarf could also double as a nursing cover for baby. I will not lie, sometimes I miss those nursing days – but I’m also happy for a full night’s sleep!

Third Love also has plenty of regular bras and I plan to check those out. I’m finding my girls have changed quite a bit since having Ollie and stopping nursing. Third Love has a great online fit finder tool to try and help you figure out the shape of your breasts and what size you need. And the best thing, they will let you try before you buy. After you take your online quiz they will recommend a few bras and you can select one to try out and buy it if it fits! If it doesn’t, they’ll take it back and let you try another one! I can’t wait to find my perfect fit! (PS it appears they have a big sale going right now too! I love me a sale!)

I keep joking that I’m no expert when it comes to Mom style. But I do love fashion and clothes and playing around with my closet. So if my tips can help just one fellow mom out, I’m happy to share them! If you have any questions about mom style, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer them!

9 thoughts on “Mom Style with Third Love

  1. I love this look and also the denim jacket. A dress with pockets?! I think I might be in love. Perfect for work and a day event out with friends 🙂 also I am going to have to mention these bras to some friends… and we now have two pregnant Peaceful Posse members 🙂

  2. Dresses with pockets are the best! And ya, now that we’re winding down the nursing, there are all kinds of zippered tops and dresses everywhere! I can remember having two nursing friendly dresses with C. Thank goodness we didn’t do a lot of fancy stuff!
    Bras are a struggle right now. I’m a 30B, and while Third Love does at least have some in that band size, the smallest cup is C! And apparently the myth remains firmly in place that you must be at minimum a 32C to breastfeed. My boobs and my baby beg to differ. Alas. At least we’re down to twice a day, and that’s less of an issue now.

  3. First of all… LOVE that dress. The color, the fit, the fact that you can wear the zipper in the front or the back. I need one of those! I keep hearing good things about Third Love and would like to try them. Now that I’m DONE pumping (hooray!!) I know I need to invest in some good “regular” bras once I’m convinced my size will stay the same. (Talk about things people never tell you… I was expecting my pants to never fit right after pregnancy, but I didn’t realize my bra size would change too. And I never would have predicted it would go down not up… sad. Ha!)

  4. I love this look! The details and the color of that dress are awesome. I also love it paired with the jacket! I have to get some new bras. I wear a lot of sport’s bras during the week, but I need something for when I dress up. That’s awesome there is an online tool to help find the right one. And I love me a sale too!

  5. I’m all about dresses with pockets, and that’s awesome you’re wearing the dress backwards. I wouldn’t have thought of that but it looks great. And jean jackets are awesome!!


  6. I just adore your outfit. Im fashion challenged. Not only and I short and fluffy but I just have zero fashion sense. Im a jeans and a t shirt kinda girl. I hate shoes. Mostly because I have flat island feet though LOL . Maybe next year I will expand my wardrobe and wear less yoga pants hahaha. Maybe… Hope you are having a great day!

  7. I love how you styled the Amelia. I have one Amelia myself but haven’t worn it because it just doesn’t feel like “me” although I want to love it… because on you (and other people!) it looks so great. Might have to give it another go.

    I have also heard of Third Love, but haven’t tried… do you recommend it?

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