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It’s my birthday month, my birthday is the 25th. And then a month after that we have Christmas. This means it’s that time of year where I start thinking of items for my wishlist. I’m not greedy and if I don’t get the items I wish for, I don’t get upset. But it’s still fun to write to the birthday/fairy/Santa/coughNatecough with my ideas! So, here’s what I’m dreaming of this year!

(1) This sweatshirt from the website Mom Life Must Haves. It pretty much describes my life, so I kind of need it. And I live in hoodies on the weekends and after work in the winter.

(2) A pretty sweater with a lace extender built in! This one is the Knox Rose brand from Target. I saw it in person the other night and it’s very pretty! It looks warm, while the model is wearing it off the shoulder, you can actually wear it on the shoulder for a loose fitting cowl neck.

(3) A gift certificate to Better Life Bags. I’ve wanted to buy one of their design your own bags for awhile now for a couple of reasons. First, I’m obsessed with bags. Second, I never seem to find the “perfect” bag and by designing my own I could get everything I ever wanted in a bag. Third, this is a great company that gives back to the community. And four, they’re just so fun! But they are spendy. So a gift certificate would go a long way to helping me design one at some point!

(4) A unicorn mom sweatshirt from the Unicorn Moms website. Again, need I say more here? I’m a unicorn mom. I love hoodies. No brainer.

(5) Some new scents from Bath and Body Works. I have been on a project use it up this year with all my bath and body stuff so I haven’t bought new scents in a very long time. I’m ready for some fresh stuff! This new scent called Snowy Morning for winter sounds lovely, a mix of berry and lavender.

(6) A Light Box. I have seen these on so many blogs and Instagram pages and I want to be like the cool kids. I don’t know what kinds of things I want to use it for quite yet but I just know I’d have a lot of fun with it if I had one!

That’s pretty much it. I know, such a huge list right? I’m a simple girl with simple needs I guess! What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year?

12 thoughts on “Wishlist 2017

  1. I love the sweater that says “Fueled by Caffeine and chaos”. I love Bath and Body Works. My favorite scent is Dancing Waters, but they don’t sell it anymore. I’m still working on my Christmas list, but I do want some new Bath and Body Works stuff too.

  2. The Caffeine and Chaos sweater is the best!
    I too kind of like those light boxes or those letter board things. I’d probably have way too much fun with those. Inappropriate fun….

  3. I love the caffeine hoodie! I don’t have a long list either. I’d like a new coat for winter but it’s so hard to get coats that are warm; most are really thin! I love it if people buy me toiletries for Christmas as they normally get me stuff I wouldn’t think to buy 🙂

  4. I often have a hard time coming up with ideas for a wish list because it’s either something I can just buy myself or it’s a bit pricey and I can’t put THAT down. haha I like your ideas though. I hope you get some of these fun items for your birthday and/or Christmas! I’ve never heard of the website where you make your own bag but how cool is that?


  5. I keep seeing those light boxes around too, they’re so fun! And you’ll have to show off the bag you pick if you end up getting one. Happy birthday month! 🙂

  6. I’ve got Christmas then birthday, so I’m in list making mode too! I’m looking for a new winter dress coat, some gym equipment and gift cards to RW&Co, a Canadian mall chain because my closet is looked dated (or faded, or stretched out because I was too lazy to buy maternity clothing). Designing my own bag would be cool, too. I’ll have to look into whether it’s open to Canadians!

  7. Ahh so you’re a Sagittarius like my nomma. 😉
    Jeff just asked me this morning what I want and I haven’t a clue!! It’s tomorrow… HELP! Lol!


  8. I love when other people post wishlists! I do that too before Christmas usually… just for fun! 🙂

    That’s a really cute mom-unicorn sweater. And I have a light-box! Haven’t used it as much as I wanted to yet.

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