November Mantras and Goals

The end of the year seems like a silly time to start a new monthly post, but what can I say, I do things on my own time. I’m joining my Peaceful Posse gals Lindsay and Charlotte to do a monthly post where we share goals for the month and mantras to follow. I really like that idea and I’m hoping it will help keep me accountable for things I’m trying to accomplish! So, here are my mantras and goals for the month of November.


Do you see a theme here? For the month of November in honor of Thanksgiving I’m really trying to focus on being thankful and grateful for all I have in my life. I’ve been posting a daily 30 Days of Thanksgiving picture on my Instagram and over on my blog FB page as a way to help with that, but hopefully these mantras will help me remember as well. One of my favorite priests used to always talk about living life with an attitude of gratitude. So I’m doing that this month – and hopefully beyond.

November Goals

~ Bring a bag of clothes and bags to Style Encore to sell

~Do at least one Thanksgiving themed craft at home with Ollie

~Clean out the bathroom closet and throw away things I do not need

~Get up early three days a week to work out on the elliptical

~Order our family Christmas cards

~Plan Ollie’s birthday party and his special mom/dad day

~Plan a special birthday date night for me and Nate

~Schedule Ollie’s yearly doctor appointment and his first dentist appointment

~Paint another picture

It might look like a big list, but I think these are do-able. Starting next month with this post I’ll look back at my November goals and see how I did. Sometimes it really helps to list things out and see what needs to be done!

Please feel free to link up any goal posts you have with the ladies and I below! We’ll be back the first Monday of December to talk December goals (most of which I know will involve Christmas I’m pretty sure!)

15 thoughts on “November Mantras and Goals

  1. I love your mantras! Every time I hear that quote of living life with an attitude of gratitude, I also think of Father Al (I miss him!!!) Can’t wait to see next month how you did.

  2. Your mantras are awesome! I like them all but my favourite is first one regarding gratitude – it is so true and I want to stick this somewhere as a reminder 🙂
    Sounds like you have a busy November ahead – I hope it is a wonderful one and that Ollie has a great birthday.
    Enjoy your date night – it is so important to plan these 🙂

  3. Awww I love your list, Beth!, especially that you are adding date nights into rotation and important health reminders, like scheduling appointments and Ollie’s first dental exam <3 an attitude of gratitude…what an important reminder for this time of year especially. Can’t wait to see how you did and wish you the best of luck! Xo

  4. Love the quotes! I’m going to try to order our Christmas cards this month also, but we are having a hard time getting a good picture. The harder we try, the worse the pictures turn out! lol

  5. I really like your mantras for the month and hopefully your November goals will be very successful. Planning Ollie’s party sounds fun, and I like the idea of a mom/dad special day with him – how cute! 🙂


  6. That’s a great list and I feel like having a list makes it even that much easier to get things accomplished (and check them off, which is always fun!).

    And yes I agree, November is a good time to be thankful for all the good things in our lives.

  7. Great goals! I really need to get on the Christmas cards. I always forget, then it’s a big rush at the end. Love that Ollie has a party and a special mom/dad day. So awesome! Hope you have a great week!

  8. Well you know I love writing about goals, so I’m definitely linking up! I love that you have mantras too–that first quote about gratitude is one I need to repeat to myself over and over again. I think those sound like great goals for this month too, go you for getting up early to work out!!

  9. Our reverend was discussing the difference between gratitude and thankful in this month’s church newsletter. Gratitude is hard! I think I’m going to have to just make an effort to be thankful first, and then move onto gratitude.

    Can’t wait to hear Ollie’s first dentist experience. C’s been a few times, and while she hasn’t bit anyone, it’s iffy enough taking her that I’m afraid she will. I do have to schedule her first eye appointment, though. Maybe she’ll be better with that? Who am I kidding. This kid wouldn’t even let the doctor look in her ears at her last appointment.

  10. Oh my goodness, I used to love doing Thanksgiving-themed crafts. My favorite was turning a painted handprint into a turkey and gluing feathers onto it. I also remember one year in Girl Scouts, we each got to make a miniature apple pie the week before the holiday. It’s so much fun to be creative around the holidays. 🙂

  11. I feel like you can totally tackle the list!
    I’m trying to live with an “attitude of gratitude” too! Love how that sounds.
    I think my 5 minutes of down time each morning is really helping. All it takes is a few minutes each day <3

  12. I highly recommend coloring the star tribune turkey on thanksgiving day as your thanksgiving craft for ollie (i still color that darn thing, its so fun!)

  13. Im just not getting to my goals but will share them soon. If you want an elliptical buddy, let me know. I think I need to dust mine off to since I haven’t been to the gym in a few weeks :-/ Love all the Thankfulness this month.

  14. Hey sweetie,
    I love your theme of gratitude for the month.
    I have one suggestion for you after reading about wanting to clean out your bathroom closet. If there are things like towels or old sheets, donate them to local shelters or rescues. I find they are super appreciative of things like that. Also, if you have any unopened toiletries, you could always donate things like that to a women’s shelter or something of the like.

    Not trying to be preachy but those things came to mind when I read your post.

    Knock those goals out of the park for November, babe. 😉

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