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It’s November!!! How did that creep up on us so fast?? I swear it was just October 1st. And now that we’re past Halloween I know that the days are going to be on overdrive as we get into the holiday season. I’m so glad to start the first day of the month with a Currently post so we can slow down and take stock of things for a moment! Here are some current happenings based on prompts from Anne of In Residence and her co-host this month, Julie of A Hopeful Hood.

~Currently I Am~

Realizing – I need to make more time for myself and stop trying to do all the things. I can do many of the things, but it’s ok to not do all the things. This may be a big part of my word and goals for 2018. Yes I’m already looking ahead to that.

Stirring – Pretty much just my coffee! Copious amounts of it on these darker colder days.

Investigating – Bathroom options. Our bathtub decided to spew tiles off the wall at us the other day, so we’re working on how we want to fix it. We did a quick fix so we can still shower, but I think we’re going to be saving for a full out replacement this spring. Ollie loved looking at all the bathtubs and showers at Menards the other day!

Appreciating – My husband and all he does. He works hard, he keeps us fed, he figures out our finances, he doesn’t complain if I need a girls night and happily hangs out with Ollie. He’s just the best.

Following – I’m following along with Shea of Shea Lennon and Alexandra of Simply Alexandra and their Live Your Best (Holiday) Life For Less challenge. It’s a great daily challenge as we head into this very busy season to slow down and appreciate it – and do it in an affordable way. Today is day one and I love the idea of doing a daily or weekly gratitude log, so I will be doing that!

And just like that we’re off and running into the month. It is really my favorite time of year though, even with all the craziness, I just love it so much. Be sure to check out Anne and Julie’s blogs for other currently posts or to add your own!

17 thoughts on “Currently in November

  1. I may have to look at that daily challenge, sounds good. I need to realize I can’t do “all the things” too girlfriend. Ugh- I think it’s such a societal and social media thing to feel the pressure to do it all, especially for us bloggers- who read about and see all of these things!

  2. Your husband sounds fantastic – you’re very lucky! 🙂 I’m sure he feels the same about you too though.

    I’m loving the Live Your Best Holiday Life challenges; I need to see which ones will be feasible for me to do.


  3. Time really needs to slow down. I just looked at my dance calendar, and we only have 2 more classes until Thanksgiving break…aahhh….I’m not ready! I’ve been drinking lots of coffee lately, and I’m hoping my heartburn doesn’t catch up with me soon. It’s been super dark in the morning and night because it’s just been rainy and cold…yuck! I definitely need to not do all the things either. Best of luck to you this month!

  4. That challenge is something to check out! I’m wishing I could renovate my master bath. Our house is almost 100 years old and yeah….it needs to be ripped out and rebuilt! We had some similar responses on our posts – awesome! I hope the remainder of your week is super!

    1. Oh wow! Your house is older than mine! Mine is about 50 years old which still seems like a lot to me, but 100? Whoa! There is something so charming about old houses though, don’t you agree?

  5. Completely agree on not doing everything all the time. Before the end of October I’d already received a Christmas lunch invite and I haven’t committed yet because I just cannot do the whole: bake for hours, spend a fortune on food, run around preparing and then rock up and see another couple has bought 2 salads. I’m over Secret Santa and I’m done with bring-and-braai get togethers (where hubby and I bring loads and others just eat). I’m so tired and just realised that I’m ranting (instead of commenting) on a lovely post of yours.

    Long story short – I hear you – this time of year has enough pressure and saying no is not the end of the world. I love the idea of living your best holiday – will check out those blogs now.

    I love when couples appreciate each other 🙂

    1. LOL it’s ok! I totally understand and feel the same way, I want to relax and enjoy this season, not feel the stress of saying yes too much! <3

  6. Bummer that you’ve got bathroom issues, but a full replacement sounds like fun to me, I have to admit 🙂 I’m starting to scheme about mine now that our kitchen is done…

    1. I am excited about the possibilities of what we can do with it. It just wasn’t high on my list right now! But it will be nice to have it done!

  7. Aww yay I’m so happy that you’re following along on our LYBHolidayL challenge!! 🙂 My realizing was very similar to yours, which makes since given we both had exhausting Octobers. We need to take some time for ourselves!!

  8. Coffee is my savior these days (and afternoon tea!).

    Ugh, updating your bathroom is probably not high on your list of things you LOVE to do… but just remind yourself how much you’ll love the upgrade once it’s paid for and installed 😉

  9. I saw the pictures and thought: “that looks like Ollie in a bathtub” and so yes! I was right! Kids make tasks like trips to the home repair store both so much more fun and more difficult. Hopefully it was more of the first and less of the second for you!

  10. I’m doing the challenge too…although pumpkin waffles will be pumpkin coffee instead!

    Good luck on the bathroom reno. Don’t you wish it could be like a TV show and be done within an hour? Ha!!

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