What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 10.20.17

Well hello there Friday! So glad you are here! And hello to all of you out there! I’m glad you’re here too. It was an up and down week as many weeks are, but it is finally Friday and the weekend is looking good! As always on Fridays I’m here to share the good and the happy things of the week in my What’s Up Weekend post, with my gals Charlotte of My Pixie Blog and Lindsay of The Flynnigans. So let’s dive in shall we? What was good this week?

(1) Twinning with my little buddy. Ollie got a pair of pants in a similar color to a pair of wine colored pants that I have, so mom nerd over here, I dressed us alike one day this week.

(2) Getting our family pictures done. It will take Erin a little bit to process them, but I’m feeling confident we got some cute ones this year! It was cold, but we had sunshine, so I can’t complain too hard about that!

(3) The simple joys of playing in the leaves. Ollie had a blast raking leaves with daddy and jumping in them a bit yesterday.

(4) This blog community. Serious love for so many of you, the other day when I wrote my confessions post and said I wished I was a better writer, many of you reached out with such kindness and sweet words. I appreciate more than you can know!

(5) The fun we had at the pumpkin patch last Saturday. Since I didn’t share a ton of pictures on Monday, I’ll share another one today. Because we had such a great time there!

(6) Warm days. It’s been a little like Indian summer here this week so we’ve been enjoying some of the last warm days before the snow flies.

(7) Finally seeing some decent Fall color in our area. It’s been a bit slow to get going but we’re finally seeing some good colors out there!

(8) Coffee. Because coffee. But seriously, I am kind of excited to already be drinking Reindeer Blend as I said the other day. I also really enjoyed a delicious latte at Five Watt coffee last weekend. Coffee is my life.

(9) Lace extenders. They seriously make it easier to wear leggings to work!

(10) It’s my mother in law’s birthday today and we’ll be celebrating her tonight! Since she is responsible for creating my favorite human on Earth she’s a pretty important lady to me! Happy birthday Barb, we love you!

Looking ahead to the weekend we have a wedding reception for my cousin, but it’s open house style so nothing too fancy. Other than that Ollie’s been asking to go to the Children’s Museum, so we might go there. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Feel free to link up with me and the ladies below and make sure to check out the other posts!

12 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 10.20.17

  1. So cute! I love mother-daughter matching outfits and have never seen a mother-son one but this rocks! As does jumping in leaves. Also love the lace-extenders which I’ve never seen before. They add a nice touch of modesty to leggings.

  2. I love the twinning day. I had a shirt that matched a little one and had pictures made with me and two of my girls in it. We dragged our feet with one of them and she outgrew it!

    Hope your weekend has a little time for slinging plastic, too.

  3. The pic of you and Ollie twinning—I just can’t with the cuteness <2”3 friggin adorable. And I’m so glad you got so much love and thoughtful comments on your post about your writing—you add so much sunshine to this community…please don’t ever change!

    Hope you have a great weekend!! Also I was totally confused about the open house wedding reception. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that outside of real estate :p happy bday to your MIL!

  4. Im so jealous of your Fall! This whole family tends to match when we go out because we all love jeans and plain tshirts. The first person dressed usually gets to call dibs on the colors and everyone else changes LOL Can we come jump in the leaves too?!?! Looks like so much fun!

  5. Hi Beth, Aw, the matching mother-son outfits are adorbs!! Lace extender? I want one of those. Where did you get it? The autumn is in full force here and along with colorful foliage, high winds and pounding rain. I have mixed feelings about it all. Have a great weekend!

  6. I secretly love when you color-coordinate clothes with your family … haha you and Ollie look great in the ‘matching’ outfits.

    We had our first rain of the season last night and I am wearing fuzzy socks for the first time this fall… it’s going to be warmer again here in Northern California next week, but I take any fall day that I can get 🙂

  7. Cute outfits! We are definitely seeing some great foliage up here in the Catskills, but with our last rain, a lot of the leaves have fallen off 🙁

    I haven’t played in the leaves in so long, would love to, except ticks scare me! lol

  8. Aw I love the photo of you and Ollie twinning. How cute is that? Ooh lace extenders would be awesome so I could wear leggings more. LOL I’m always afraid my shirts just aren’t quite long enough.

    I hope you have a good weekend. It’s cute that Ollie asks to go to the Children’s Museum. Love it!


  9. Oh my word — I just discovered the lace extenders and LOVE them!

    I have to say, Ollie’s little face is precious! He’s so cute!! Makes me miss my son when he was that age. You’re got so much fun ahead of you with him!

  10. Hey babe,

    I agree with Eli, I think you must have a matching day with Ollie at least once a week. He’s just so adorable and I love how he tries to/does photobomb many of your outfit posts.
    I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with your Mother-in-law. She sounds like a lovely lady.
    Aren’t the fall colors just amazing? I haven’t gotten around to post the almost-100 pictures I took last week but I will. And I’m going up north again next week, so I’m excited to see the differences. Man it’s going to be chilly up there, though.

    I hope your week has been better than mine, whining and crying about all this stupid pain I’m in. Today it’s a bit better though, thank goodness.

    Have a lovely day my sweets. 🙂 xoxox

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