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Tuesday Topics – Six Football Stories

This week’s Tuesday Topics pick is Six Favorite Football Stories. Well, if you know me, you know I’m not much for football. I watch the Super Bowl each year and if the Vikings are in playoff territory then I get a little more interested, but otherwise, I am not a football girl. But then I started thinking and I figured out some creative football stories I do enjoy. So here they are!

(1) Rudy. I’m sure everyone had to watch this in school at least once, but it is a classic story about persistence and never giving up.

(2) The Replacements. This is a late 90’s movie that we actually enjoy quite a bit, about a fictional pro football team that experiences a players strike and brings on a bunch of replacement players and the trials and tribulations that go along with that. It’s got humor and fun, but also a lot of heart and at the core is a great movie about teamwork.

(3) Silver Linings Playbook. Go with me on this, the dad is so obsessed with the Philadelphia Eagles and it’s kind of a central part of the story even if it isn’t specifically about football.

(4) Charlie Brown. The classic story of Lucy and Charlie Brown and the football is probably one of the best of all time. He never gives up. That’s a good message right there.

(5) Friends – The One With the Football. This is probably in my top ten favorite Friends episodes. Everything from “the dutch girl picked me” to the Gellar cup to Phoebe flashing the guys, to Rachel “going long.” It just makes me laugh so hard. I watch this just about annually at Thanksgiving.

(6) Forrest Gump. Again I’m stretching here a bit, but Forrest getting to go to college on a football scholarship because he could run so fast is one of the central storylines in the movie. My favorite is the Run Forrest Run sign and then “STOP”. Too funny.

So there you go! Are you a football fan? What is your favorite football story?

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11 thoughts on “Tuesday Topics – Six Football Stories

  1. I’ve never been a big football fan either, and admittedly I haven’t seen most of these movies. I KNOW! I did watch Silver Linings Playbook and LOVED it because of whats-his-face (name totally escapes me, GAH!). and Rudy! I hear it’s a very feel-good kind of story. On my list 🙂 Awww, I never tire of Charlie Brown <3 Love your spin on this!


  2. Well as you know, I am a big football fan. From watching the Vikings play every week to playing fantasy football this year. I also love the movie Remember the Titans. I do love that Friends episode as well!

  3. Ahhh I loved the Friends football episode–that’s one of my favorites too. And Forrest Gump is the best. I think Remember the Titans is my favorite football story–that is SUCH a good movie. I also loved The Blind Side.

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