Reverse Wordless Wednesday

Recently my friend Kim from All Work and No Play Make Mommy Go Something challenged me to the black and white photo challenge that’s been going around. The rules are you are to post a black and white picture every day for seven days without saying anything about the photo. I’ve seen some variations stating that the pictures can’t include people, but thankfully that portion wasn’t included when Kim challenged me. I posted my seven pictures on Instagram, it was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, it’s hard not talking about the pictures! So today I thought I’d share the seven pictures here now that I’m done with the challenge and instead of it being a “wordless Wednesday”, I’ll talk about each one.

Day One – It had been a long day at work and I think I hadn’t slept well, so I collapsed on the couch while Ollie played cars and Pippin found me. She’s giving me a kitty kiss, which is what we call it when they nose you with their nose.

Day Two – This was my attempt at being artistic. Ollie left his garbage truck toy with it’s “garbage” spilling out. He set it up this way and I thought wow, that would look cool in a black and white photo. So, here it is.

Day Three – I think this was a trying day at work and a trying day mentally and I stepped outside for a five minute break sitting by my favorite pine trees to relax a bit. Pine trees always ground me. I think it’s because they remind me of Itasca.

Day Four – My favorite photo bomber. He likes to hang around when I’m taking my outfit pictures some mornings.

Day Five – A snuggle with my snuggle buddy. He’s been pretty clingy this month, he usually is when I have had a stint down in Public Works and his schedule gets off. I don’t mind the cuddles though.

Day Six – A sweet moment between my favorite boys. I think Nate was helping Ollie with a game on his tablet. They were just too cute to resist.

Day Seven – An Ollie kiss. No more words needed on that one. Just love. Pure love.

This was a fun challenge to take on, I don’t do a lot of black and white with my phone, but it definitely adds a different perspective to a photo – and not necessarily a dark one. It can feel classic, dreamy, reflective. The hardest part really was not saying anything about the pictures at the time. At any rate, I’m always down for a good challenge, so I enjoyed this a great deal!

13 thoughts on “Reverse Wordless Wednesday

  1. Oh I love all your pictures! Ollie and kitty kisses and eavesdropping on the boys and the truck. Black and white photos always look so much more artistic, don’t they?


    What a fun challenge!!

  2. You have some great photos here. I really do like black and white photos; I should try using them more! It does add a nice quality sometimes – definitely agree with it being a bit reflective sometimes.

  3. Some lovely photos here. I love black and white photos. I probably do it far too much to be honest. But not saying anything with a photo is definitely something I’d struggle with.

  4. I loved seeing these on your IG, and I like having the explanation now to go along with them. That would be a hard challenge–I’d have a hard time not including text! I’m such a wordy person 🙂 I love the garbage truck one–that looks like something I’d find at my house too.

  5. My favourite part of the black and white challenge was how much lighting is enhanced in black and white. I love playing with light when I’m taking pictures with my camera but don’t have the same effect on my phone. In black and white it came closer!

    1. YES! I was shocked at the neat shadow effect in the picture of Ollie’s toy garbage truck. It’s a toy garbage truck. But it looks so artistic in the lighting!

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