What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 9.29.17

Happy Friday! We have survived another week! And it’s just about time to bid farewell to September! It was a crazy month and this week was a crazy week, but as always, I am taking today to celebrate the happy and good things in my life for What’s Up Weekend with my girls Charlotte and Lindsay. Here’s what made me happy this week.

(1) Today is National Coffee Day! So you know, pretty much a normal day for me. I didn’t get any free coffee anywhere – yet – but might use it as an excuse for an extra treat later today!

(2) A little Sunday football with my favorite guys. No, we weren’t watching the game, but Ollie and Nate had some fun playing with a football. And no one pulled a Lucy, no worries.

(3) I’m now on the school board for Ollie’s preschool. As if I didn’t have enough to do, ha! But truthfully I wanted to do this, I’m looking forward to getting more connected with his school and I want to be involved in his education all the way through, so I figured this was a good place to start.

(4) I earned my six extra days off during my wellness tests at work. I wasn’t sure I was going to – the physical portion did not go so well. I’ll have some more thoughts on that in a post next week, but for now I’m celebrating my extra week off.

(5) My little gardener having fun in the dirt. My sister-in-law grew potatoes and invited us over to help dig them up as we knew Ollie would love doing it. He totally did. As for whether or not he’ll enjoy eating them however remains to be seen!

(6) I’m finally seeing some leaves start to turn colors around here! It seemed to be a slow start to the Fall color season but now I’m seeing all sorts of reds, oranges and yellows around town. Love it.

(7) Attending a fantastic talk by Alisha Perkins (author of Running Home and wife of MN Twin Glen Perkins) and Colleen Lindstrom from MyTalk 107.1 at the launch of their new podcast last Friday with my sister-in-law. And eating donuts and drinking beer. These are my people. I may or may not have more thoughts on this later. But the Chili and Mimosa life is my jam. And I will be living in this hoodie we got all winter long.

(8) Speaking of the wife of one of the MN Twins – The Twins are in the playoffs for the first time since 2010! I am not getting my hopes too high here because they have broken our hearts a lot here in MN but it’s fun to have something to be a little excited about in sports world. Did I just talk about sports? I must have a fever. Ha.

(9) Watching Pee-Wee’s Playhouse on Netflix after I talked about it earlier this week. It made me a little nostalgic for the first summer we were married and we’d stay up late watching it on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network. Ahh, memories.

(10) Snuggles with this guy. He’s had a bit of a threenager-y week thanks to a persistant headcold, but I still get my morning and nightly snuggles and he just has my whole heart. Always.

There you have it! The weekend is looking pretty fun too. I’m excited tonight for a fantastic body positivity event my friend and Lularoe consultant Cyndy is hosting at her house, we’re going to be watching a documentary on body image. I am sure I’ll have some thoughts on this next week. I hope you all have a fantastic and wonderful weekend. Feel free to link up your own happy posts below or check out those who have shared!

14 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 9.29.17

  1. Wait, wait… you earned extra days off during a wellness test at work? Tell me more! 🙂

    That picture of you and Ollie is the cutest <3

    1. Yes! If we commit to a healthy lifestyle and go to fitness testing once a year we are allowed extra days off of work! It’s a really slick program!

  2. Mm…donuts. You can’t say no to those!!

    Sorry it was a crazy week, but I’m glad you had some nice things to be grateful for too.

    That’s awesome you’re on Ollie’s school board now!


  3. Ugh my previous comment didn’t go through!! Whomp. Anyway, those donuts look amazing. I’m so excited about apple cider donuts this weekend, I can’t even <3 also I wish I drank beer. I’m like the worst excuse for a German, lol!

    Awww these pix are all adorable. Love the one of you and Ollie and hope you guys have a great weekend!! Xoxo best of luck at 5k!

    1. Apple cider donuts are NOM. I hope you got some! And it’s ok that you don’t drink beer. I’m not a huge fan of sauerkraut. So I’m not a great German either. XOXO

  4. Dang it, I’m not even celebrating National Coffee Day! I mean, I drank coffee this morning… but nothing special. Also, how cool is that to earn extra days off from work for being healthy! I work for a wellness company and we don’t even do that–we need to get on that!

  5. Sounds like a really cool event you have lined up tonight. I also think it’s really cool you are on the board for Ollie’s preschool. I didn’t get as involved in the twins’ preschool experience, but I’m all over getting involved in their elementary school. Nice job on earning some extra time off! Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. Oh my gosh, it’s these little things that keep us going, isn’t it? I love that hoodie and those donuts and beer, yum yum. SO cozy! It’s really cool that your little boy loves gardening with you, so great to get them started now with where food comes from and the satisfaction it brings- I love gardening with my mama.

  7. Dude how is it Thursday already?! I’m not complaining because Fridays are the bee’s knees but still, where does time go? Can you please find some for me, thanks. lol.
    That picture of Ollie getting footie lessons from Nate is ADORABLE.
    I hope your week hasn’t been too shabby. Mine hasn’t been terrible but it’s been FULL, leaving me totally bagged when work is done. Oh well.
    Happy almost Friday! 🙂 xoxo

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