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Thrift Style Thursday – The Perfect Striped Dress

I’m doing another Thrift Style Thursday today because it’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to. But I’m not crying over this dress. If I am, it would only be tears of joy. It is one of the most versatile pieces I’ve purchased in the last year. It’s a simple striped Old Navy t-shirt dress that I bought when I did my style appointment at Arc’s Value Village. Here are three ways I’ve already managed to style it – and I don’t think I’m done quite yet!

This first one was a warm day and I simply added a fun floral scarf for a little subtle pattern mixing along with some fun floral sandals and my favorite blush Kate Spade bag that I thrifted at the same time as this dress! It as an entire thrifted look minus this scarf.

This next look was a slightly cooler day and was an idea I took off of Pinterest, adding a kimono to a more fitted dress. I used one of my Lindsey kimonos from Lularoe, added a necklace and sandals and boom. This could have gone from the office to date night very easily.

And here we have today. I’m working on pulling this dress into Fall. Adding boots, a sweater and a scarf help keep me warmer and give it a much cozier look overall.

The best thing about this dress is that it is freaking comfy. It is made out of stretchy t-shirt material. But the amazing thing is that it can be made dressy and chic by just adding a few of what the big fashion blogger people call “completer” pieces. I have more ideas for this dress going into winter – add some leggings underneath and I’ll be plenty warm! I’d like to try a denim jacket, possibly my lace blazer, and some other various sweaters on top of this bad boy. It is definitely a closet MVP right now!

9 thoughts on “Thrift Style Thursday – The Perfect Striped Dress

  1. So cute! I love how different your looks are, plus if the dress is also comfy, that a huge bonus. It’s finally feeling like Fall here, so I have to get working on turning my outfits more fall-like with some accessories too.

  2. Three great but all different looks! You rocked them all. I think with the boots is my fav. I wish I could wear a scarf but Im top heavy I feel like it would mostly be wrapped around my face LOL .

  3. That does look like a great dress! I’m counting down the days ’til I’m done pumping and can finally wear my dresses again–I love the versatility of a stripey knit dress!

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