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Thrift Style Thursday – ThredUp Finds

Hey, does anyone out there still remember my days as a “fashion blogger?” Seems like a lifetime ago. Anyway, I used to participate in a weekly Thrift Style Thursday round up with some other ladies and in the spirit of that and because I haven’t done a Thrifty Thursday post in awhile, I thought I’d share some recent finds from ThredUp and kind of give a secondhand style challenge update at the same time. Could there BE more going on this post? (My apologies to Chandler Bing.)

I sold a few items to ThredUp this summer. I’ve decided it’s kind of at the bottom of my list for selling my goods though, it is taking months for bags to be processed and credits applied. I get it, they are busy and popular and it’s totes cool, we’re still friends, I think I’m just going to take my resale items somewhere locally. I’m all about the instant gratification. Anyway, I’m getting off track. I finally got some credit on my account and I did what I always do – I turned around and spent it.

I found a super cute Mossimo top and a really pretty Merona bag. yes friends, I spent my credits on thrifted Target items. I’m not a fancy lady, I have no shame! And hey, they might be collector items now that Target is phasing out Mossimo and Merona items! I wore the top as part of an outfit on Sunday when we went to the jerk chicken festival. There were a couple of awesome walls along the way so I stopped and made Nate take my picture because once a fashion blogger, always a fashion blogger I guess!

Sweater – Gap (thrifted), Top – Mossimo (via ThredUp), Jeans – Gap (thrifted), Bag – Vintage Coach (Tandem Vintage), Shoes – from friend

See? Cool walls beg for pictures, amiright? Anyway, I really loved this look and I was pretty proud that my entire outfit was secondhand!

And now on to the bag. Crazy Bag Lady. I actually just got rid of a ton of bags you guys. I have four what I would consider “regular” sized day to day bags (it used to be at least 10) and I have one or two smaller bags. That’s it. Anyway, I saw this gorgeous burgundy/plum colored bag on ThredUp and decided it was the perfect color for fall and something to switch off with from my teal bag every now and then.

Isn’t it a pretty color? I am guessing it may not have been used much, it still had a silica gel packet in one of the pockets. Unless previous owner really liked carrying those around? The Unicorn was added by me because I need a Unicorn everywhere I go. It’s not enough that I have a Unicorn tattoo now I guess. Ha. Anyway, I had this bag in a mustard color awhile back but I handed it down to my mom. I have always liked this style, so I’m pretty pumped to have this in such a lovely color!

Overall my secondhand style challenge is off to a great start. I’m not missing Target or Old Navy all that much at all. However, I may be doing too well with my secondhand shopping in that I’m doing too much of it. So I am going to take the entire month of October off from clothes shopping – gasp! I’ve done this before. It’s not earth shattering. It’s the month leading up to my birthday month so it honestly makes sense. Bring it.

Follow along with more of my Thrifted finds and daily outfits on my Instagram page – link at the right side of the page. Also watch my Facebook page for another live video either tonight or tomorrow night, so exciting!

15 thoughts on “Thrift Style Thursday – ThredUp Finds

  1. I love shopping with ThredUp. I have never gotten anything that i didn’t love. Plus with the prices i can get more. Yess! Your style is so cute. Hah i should have you to shop for me too, hah.

  2. Great finds!! I have never shopped with ThreadUp but they did ask my recently to collaborate with them. So I’m excited to see what it’s all about.

  3. Ooh I love the color of that bag and that cute top! I am totally with you on ThredUp. They’re one of my favorite places to buy from, but I’m usually disappointed when I sell–it takes forever and I never make very much. But buying on the other hand… that is dangerous. Good for you for taking a shopping break next month!

  4. I thrifted a Merona dress yesterday! I miss Target. I actually stocked that dress during their closing out sale but it never went down to a price I felt comfortable paying.
    Love the top. I’ve been contemplating getting a new bag when I go back to work and trade in the ol’ diaper bag

  5. I just sent my first bag to ThredUp, because I had only mediocre success selling things at local consignment stores… does ThredUP at least take many items? It would make up for the wait.

    Anyway, super-cute mossimo shirt!

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