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Tuesday Topics – One Worst Vacation Memory

It’s the last week of Tuesday Topics with Quirky Pickings. I had a lot of fun going through these topics and sharing more about myself, hopefully you all learned a lot too. I don’t know what her next set will be yet, so I haven’t decided if I’ll keep going or not, but for now, I’ll share the last week’s theme – One Worst Vacation memory.

At first I was thinking I didn’t really have a vacation memory that was all that bad. I’ve had a lot of great vacations. But then I remembered one vacation in particular that overall was less than great. I think I tend to block some of it from my memory in fact.

St. Louis 2011 Visit. Uffda.

It had nothing to do with the relatives we were visiting there. They did nothing wrong and were wonderful to spend time with as always. It was a number of other things over the course of the week capped off with the worst drive home ever.

We hadn’t been to St. Louis since well before our wedding so in 2011 we decided we’d make a trip down, especially because two of Nate’s cousins were graduating high school and they were having one open house in July. We made plans to spend time with the family and also do some sight seeing and what not. We knew that it would be hot there but we figured, it will be hot here too, so what’s the difference?

HUGE. We may have had 90’s here in Minnesota, but almost every day we were on that trip it was close to 100. We went to a Cardinals game and were in the direct sun and Nate got heat sick. I don’t believe it was severe enough to be heat stroke, but he was definitely heat sick and has had issues with heat off and on ever since.

I didn’t have a Smartphone yet (I know, it was 2011, how was I that late to the party) and I was a little snaky because one of our good friends here at home had delivered a baby extremely prematurely and I hated not being able to check in on things and see how they were doing. Nate finally gave me his phone and let me log into Facebook so I could read posts.

My mother in law and sister in law went on a walk in this park not far from Nate’s grandmother’s house and my mother in law got lost. For over an hour. In the heat. Thankfully they were both ok.

We went to the St. Louis Arch. I had done the Arch with my Women’s Choir in college so I figured I’d be totally cool with it again. Wrong. The little capsule you ride up in is so claustrophobic, it was windy outside and you could feel every movement and there were so many people up inside the top of the Arch that I had a mild panic attack. My sweet family sang songs with me the whole way back down to help me stay calm. That was my last time in that Arch. I’ll go look at it, but I’m never going up again.

I can see in my eyes how freaked out I am here

And the day we went home was the worst of all. Nate hadn’t slept great the whole time we were there, he was stressed about work and between that and the heat just wasn’t getting rest. We didn’t eat much for breakfast because we had a huge dinner the night before. It was crazy early in the morning so he decided to slam one of those 5 Hour Energy drinks and then start driving us home. We weren’t even an hour away when he started feeling really sick. We pulled off in a small town and found a gas station and he basically emptied the contents of his stomach and then I got to be the lucky one to drive. And it started raining. I hate driving in the rain and in an unfamiliar place. Thank god his sister took over for me for awhile. I was never so happy to get home and I’m pretty sure I kissed my front door.

Lest you think it was all bad, it really wasn’t. We had some fun experiences on that trip as well. We did the Budweiser brewery tour which was a lot of fun (even if Budweiser is kind of the devil to craft beer lovers), we spent a day out on his aunt and uncle’s boat, and we went wine tasting at one of the best wineries I’ve ever been. And as I said, we had a great time visiting with the family so that’s all that truly matters in the end!

I don’t have a ton of pics from this trip, ha. But here’s the winery!

Thankfully the next time we went down was much better and that was even with a six month old Oliver in tow! And we look back at this point and kind of laugh at all the things that kind of went wrong on that trip. It is definitely character building, that is for sure!

What’s the worst vacation you’ve ever been on?

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8 thoughts on “Tuesday Topics – One Worst Vacation Memory

  1. Oh gosh, that’s awful! I’ve had pretty good vacations too. The worst that comes to mind right now is when my family decided to drive to New Jersey/NYC. It was so long, New Jersey driving is awful and you feel like you’re going in circles all the time, I got really sun and wind burnt so my face was burnt and swollen all the way home. Oh, and not long after we started driving home, my mom locked the keys in the car so we had to wait a convenience store for AAA. Fun times. LOL But no, there were a lot of good moments too!


  2. I block out a lot of the bad stuff too, so I couldn’t think of a terrible vacation for this prompt! Those little capsules in the wind would totally freak me out. And that ride home- ugh! I had a similar thing happen driving through the mountains of West Virginia in pitch black and it was raining so hard I could barely see 3 feet in front of the car. It was terrifying. This trip sounds awful, but I’m glad you’ve been back since and had a better time!

  3. i’m brainstorming on topics and will post what they will be later this week… probably friday. glad you participated. :]

    and that vacation… GAH. the second worse vacation i’ve had was about thirty years ago when we visited my great uncle in utah. i was playing football with my brothers and cousins, and my younger brother broke my collar bone. i spent the rest of that vacation pissed at him and pouting. i was fifteen; he was eleven. i was moping in my bedroom, and mom came in to say your little brother’s out there crying right now because you won’t talk to him. so… i understand well how being physically uncomfortable and sick can seriously impact how you feel about a place or time.

  4. Oh boy – those 5 hour energy drinks will take a toll on your innards man! Cue *Is the world shaking or is it just me?*
    Our worst was when we were stuck in Hurricane Wilma in Mexico. EEKS.

  5. Sounds like a hectic holiday. Feeling ill on holiday is the worst 🙁

    Our worst holiday was a while ago and I’ve tried to block it out it was so awful. Lets just say that holidays with in-laws can be extremely stressful.

  6. That sounds terrible! I’m glad it wasn’t all bad times, but I’m sorry it was such a sucky trip. I got heat sick at a ball game one time too and actually passed out–I was so mortified! And what did my friends do?? Take pictures. Nice. Ha!

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