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Tuesday Topics – Two Ways to Get out of a Funk

I’m back with Tuesday Topics this week. I can’t believe the ten weeks of this challenge are almost up! Anyway, I find this week’s topic just a little bit timely. Two ways to get out of a funk. Real talk, I was in a funk last night. The circumstances that led to said funk are not important, but what is important is that I pulled myself out and I used both of the two things I’m about to share.

(1) Turn to music. Listen to music that you enjoy that will cheer you up. Or if you need to wallow a bit, go ahead and listen to songs that might make you cry. Another thing I love to do is if I have to go somewhere and I’m on my own, I’ll crank music in my car super loud and sing at the top of my lungs. And a dance party in the kitchen with my kiddo will also always brighten my mood. So music is huge for me.

(2) Talk with a trusted person and tell them what’s getting you down. I always talk to Nate and he is always there with a supportive listening ear. I also talk to my mom if I need to vent about something because I know she’ll listen with love and won’t judge me. And yesterday I sent a few messages to Jen and enjoyed pictures of her new baby kitty – if you don’t smile when you see a baby kitty, then there’s something wrong with you. (Ok I kid a little, if cats aren’t your thing, then insert favorite baby animal here.)

These both seem like such simple things, but they are tried and true for me and 9 times out of 10 will make a huge difference. I think it’s also important to practice extra self care if you’re feeling down, be gentle with yourself, take a bath, go for a walk, lose yourself in a book. And I think it’s also important to point out that we’re all human and less than great moods will come. However if you find you can’t pull yourself out and you’re feeling like you are struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out and get some help. There is no shame in that.

I’m happy to say my funk was short lived. Today there are many reasons to smile and be happy. The sun is shining, the weather is kind of my favorite, Ollie is back at school and routines are back to normal. But if it comes around again, I’ll go to my top two funkbusters right away.

What do you do to get yourself out of a funk?

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12 thoughts on “Tuesday Topics – Two Ways to Get out of a Funk

  1. YES to both of these! Music is something that can always help draw me out of a bad mood or a rut that I’m stuck in. I’m so lucky to have some really good friends I can talk to when I’m feeling off. Great tips, Beth!

  2. These are wonderful suggestions, Beth. I’ve been feeling the funk, too, and not in a good way. This time of year makes me very pensive and sometimes sad, but like you said, sometimes we need to feel those emotions fully, and not suppress them. Having people to talk to, who don’t judge, is unbelievably important. I also love music, mediation, and dance parties when the funk happens 🙂

    Xoxo and thanks for this…glad to hear you are feeling better!!

  3. Yes! Music is a huge one for me. I’ve always loved it, and it just helps tune everything else out and make me feel better. I’m so glad you were able to get out of your funk, and I hope your Tuesday is fabulous!

  4. I totally agree that music can pull me out of a funk too. The sad thing is I sometimes forget about it–I’ve become such a podcast addict lately that I don’t listen to music as much as I used to. Also, reading a good book is another go-to for me. I also tend to vent to my husband or my mom 🙂

  5. I’m glad you were able to get out of your funk quickly! I talk to trusted people too. (My dad is one, because he listens, but will also talk me through it if the funk is really uncalled for… which sometimes it is.) Cuddling with my pup and reading always help me pull out of one.

  6. Kitchen dance parties are a must to get out of a funk. I was in a terrible funk. All day Sunday. The only thing that solved it was ranting to/at Scott the next morning. Usually running helps me a lot. Especially if it requires a lot of head space to figure my way out of it.

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