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Summer of ’17

In two days it will be September. This weekend is Labor Day weekend. Ollie goes back to school next Tuesday. I know many people who will argue with me and say that summer is not over until the Autumnal Equinox late in September and from a meteorological standpoint, you are so right about that. I am sure we’ll have warm days into September. But mentally for me when that calendar hits September and school is part of our routine again, summer is over.

We had a wonderful summer. I wrote a “bucket list” at the beginning of summer but I knew we wouldn’t hit every single thing. And we didn’t. But that’s OK. Honestly, we had kind of a lazy and relaxing summer and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This was the summer of travel. We spent a week in Itasca. Nate had to travel for work for a few days. We visited Duluth for Thomas and Friends. If we go all the way back to May (which I guess was technically spring) we went to Branson. So it was a busy few months with things like that. They were good trips with good memories.

This was the summer of less eating out at restaurants and more picnic style lunches at taprooms, playing games and relaxing.

This was the summer of gardening, yard work and fixing the deck. Nate took his time with most of this but it all got done and it looks great.

This was the summer of spontaneous picnics at parks or barbecues in the backyard with family or friends.

This was a summer filled with lots of disc golf.

This was the summer Ollie more or less gave up napping and while I dreaded it a little because I’d lose my lazy summer afternoons on the deck, it worked out better than I imagined. The additional time we have had together has been worth it.

This was a summer of Farmers Market visits and enjoying produce from our own garden. Grilled pizzas and brats and corn and hot dogs and smoked chicken wings and other delicious food prepared by our wonderful chef Nate.

This was a summer with fun adventures to the Children’s Museum, the Como Zoo and Como Town, flea markets, disc golf tournaments, parades, festivals, capped off with the MN State Fair last week.

This was a summer of fun events with friends. 5ks, Blogger Bashes, book club meetings, Lularoe pop ups, clothing swaps, smiles and laughs all around.

This was a summer of transitions. Ollie now sleeps in a regular bed instead of a toddler bed. We rearranged the living room. We’re working on cleaning out the basement. I’m changing the way I think of “things” and what truly matters.

This was a summer I loved because no matter what we did or didn’t do, I was with the people I love. That’s what summer should be about right?

My eyes are now on Fall. I’m ready for cool days, crunchy leaves, apples, hoodies, bonfires, school days and pumpkins. Bring it on. But thank you Summer 2017. You were one of the gems.

13 thoughts on “Summer of ’17

  1. Sounds like a pretty awesome summer Beth! I typically am ready for school to start back but for some reason I’ve struggled a bit this year. I want more summer!!! Alas I gotta get with the program so I’ll enjoy the last few summer activities before the weather changes!

  2. Awwww, I love this post Bethie <3 And it sounds like you had a lovely summer…. Sometimes I think we have all these grand ideas and bucket list items we want to cross off and trips planned… but the happiest moments are when we just slow down and enjoy the fleeting days of summer with the ones we love 🙂 And it sounds as though you did just that!

    I'm rethinking what I consider important, too–I think this recent Hurricane in TX and reminders of Sandy so many moons ago (and all the other horrible disasters that took place since) make me want to give up some of my earthly possessions, too.


  3. I’m so glad that you had a great summer! Spending it with family and friends and enjoying your time is what’s important!

    I’m like you though – I can’t wait for fall. It’s my favorite time of the year!

  4. Wait, what??? It’s almost September… ?? Stop the clock!!!

    I am glad you had such an awesome summer, Beth. Sounds like you did a lot of fun things as a family!

  5. Sounds like a good summer to me! This was the summer of meeting you in person too, and that was really fun!
    Doesn’t having a kid make the seasons so much more memorable? It does for me–I feel like summer really feels like an event, as does fall, etc. It did a little bit before that, but now it’s so much more if that makes sense. I’ll be sad to see summer go but I’m excited for fall too!

    1. Meeting you and your family was a highlight for me, for sure! And yes, kids make all the seasons more fun. I am already getting excited for Halloween and it never used to be my favorite holiday 🙂

  6. I’m still soaking up every last second of summer this week and it’s exhausting. There is a lot of “just one more time!” going through my brain. Fortunately, it’s exhausting the kids too, so nap stages that I thought we were past we are back on. No complaints on that front! A full summer for you guys, so much so I can’t figure out what else you could have listed!

  7. I love love love everything about this. Sounds like our summers were kinda alike. Started with a plan but then we just did what made us happy. The only thing about a fun filled summer is that time flies by way to fast! I say Im looking forward to fall, but not because of the weather. South Texas goes from Hot summer, to warm fall, one moth of freezing over and then its spring and warm again LOL . Hope the rest of your week is fabulous!

  8. Nice, poignant reflection on a season of transitions. You have a good outlook on them. Years from now you’ll re-read this and get nostalgic for this period in your life.

  9. I’m going to sound weird for a minute so don’t mind me. I love your smile and you just seem to radiate this positive, happy energy, I just want to be around you. I wish you lived closer lady.


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