What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 8.18.17

Happy Friday!! I am so happy it’s Friday you guys. This week was a WEEK. Anyway, I’m happy to be back with Charlotte and Lindsey and sharing our happy things from the week in our What’s Up Weekend link up! Here’s what made me happy in a crazy week.

(1) Kesha’s new album Rainbow on repeat. All day, every day. Well ok, maybe not that much, but I’ve listened to it everyday this week at least once. I’m also digging Pink’s new song What About Us.

(2) Thrift store shopping yesterday for National Thrift Store day with my favorite shopping buddy. He was happy to let mommy look at some stuff as long as he got a toy car.

(3) Nate is almost done with the deck. And it’s looking really good.

(4) Homemade pizza with fresh tomatoes and basil from my garden as toppings. Delicious.

(5) Creative ways to get my kiddo to eat. He’s been on a little bit of a hunger strike since he had his headcold a couple of weeks ago. We’ve tried lots of things but have found one thing that works is floor picnics. We do whatever it takes.

(6) Coffee. I have needed it in spades this week.

(7) Pretty toes. My mom was kind enough to paint my toes for me this week which is just as good as going and getting a pedicure in my opinion. I even got a foot soak.

(8) Nate had to run an errand the other night and it had been a tough day with Ollie and working early and what not. He stopped at HyVee and bought us dinner and also brought me home a giant box of their homemade “People Chow” which is their version of the Chex Muddy Buddies. Better than flowers in my opinion, ha!

(9) Random Ollie pictures that show up on my phone. He sneaks it away from every now and then and I’m starting to get gems like this one.

(10) In exactly one week from today I will be in my happy place – the Minnesota State Fair – eating all the food and seeing all the things.

Looking ahead to the weekend we’re helping friends move, seeing some family, and getting some time just the three of us too. It was a long week so I’m looking forward to some fun things and some down time! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Check out the other What’s Up Weekend posts below or feel free to add your own!

12 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 8.18.17

  1. I love that you have floor picnics! Hey, do what you can and get as creative as you need 🙂 I know getting kiddos to eat sometimes can be a major challenge!

    Awww, it really has been A WEEK. I hope you are able to decompress a bit this weekend–sometimes that’s needed, eh?

    And fresh basil/tomatoes from the garden on pizza? Sounds pretty fantastic to me 🙂

    PS: I need Kesha’s new album

  2. I am loving Pink’s new song also!! Confession: I haven’t listened to Kesha’s yet… I’m in need of a pedicure and I’m a little jealous you’ve had one (My schedule has been crazy). Have a fantastic weekend!!

  3. This was a week for me too. TGIF, right?? I like the floor picnic idea, maybe that would help Jona be a better eater too. Although I don’t know, that may not work with our dog around.
    Thank goodness for coffee!! Have a good weekend.

  4. Coffee made my list too. I think it might be the fuel that got me this far. I was just looking at the video from our Strawberry Festival last year and was wondering when the TX State Fair happens. I love the fair. Your pizza sounds delish!

  5. Hey girl,
    How has your week been going? Mine has been dragging real slow. On Monday, I was wishing for it to be Friday so clearly you can see the mindset I’m in this week. LOL.
    I’m really loving the ink on your foot, not to mention how sweet it is that your mother painted your toe nails for you. 🙂
    That’s fantastic that the deck is almost done. I think the week before last, you had Nate was working away at it day and night it seemed, so it’ll be nice once you can actually enjoy the fruits of his labours, eh?

    I hope your Wednesday is being good to you, lovey. 😉

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