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TBB Asks – Summer Survey

Guess what? I found another survey/all about me link up to join up with. Before you roll your eyes, I thought this would be a fun way to share more about me and I might be copping out and pre-posting this because I’m heading to Duluth with my family as we speak, so this seemed easy for today. Anyway, I’m answering the TBB Asks survey from the gals at The Blended Blog – all about summer!

(1) Pool, Lake or Ocean? I love the lakes here in MN, especially if I’m on a boat. But a pool is less sandy, so that’s nice too!

(2) Camping, cottage or hotel? I’ll say cottage because that seems close to cabin and I love staying in cabins in Northern MN in the summer.

(3) Favorite ice cream flavor? I have a hard time picking, but I think cookies and cream wins this one.

(4) PJ’s: Nightgown, T-shirt/shorts or Birthday Suit? I’m pretty much a T-shirt and shorts gal. Or sometimes I even just sleep in the leggings I was wearing that day. No shame in my lazy game!

(5) Fave Summer Beverage? For non-alcoholic it’s definitely cold press coffee. For alcoholic I like a good summer shandy every now and then.

(6) Would you rather be hot or cold? I’m not a fan of either extreme, but I think I’d say cold, because you can always add layers.

(7) Sandals with heels or flats? Flats. I’m getting clumsy in my old age.

(8) Shorts or skirts? Skirts. I only have one or two pairs of shorts that I actually like the fit of right now. And my LLR skirts are so comfy.

(9) Sit in the sun or the shade? If it’s really hot then I want the shade. If it isn’t too bad I might sit in the sun, especially because the Vitamin D does me good.

(10) Water, tea or soda? Pretty much just water. Maybe a sparkling water if I’m feeling crazy.

(11) Favorite summer fruit/vegetable? I love fresh strawberries and as an adult I have a fondness for radishes. Ooh and grilled sweet corn!

(12) Sunrise or sunset? Definitely sunset.

(13) Bike ride or walk? I like a nice slow walk, but I do enjoy a good bike ride too!

(14) Winery or brewery? Brewery. I like visiting wineries more in the Fall.

(15) Garden or no garden? Garden! I take no credit for ours though, that’s all Nate.

(16) Big summer concert or music in the park? I’d definitely prefer music in the park. Although I saw the Goo Goo Dolls last year outside and that was pretty fun.

(17) Fave cookout food? Grilled sweet corn as I mentioned above. Nom.

(18) Dine indoors or patio? I love eating on patios. We don’t do it as much with Ollie though, he typically wants to stay inside.

(19) Fave summer destination? Anywhere in Northern MN. Itasca, Duluth, Brainerd.

(20) Big theme park or local carnaval? Um, neither? Unless I can count the State Fair!

(21) Drinks blended or on the rocks? Give me all the rocks. Blended drinks give me Mr. Misty headaches.

(22) Popsicle or Freezie flavor of choice? I have always preferred cherry.

(23) Hot dog or hamburger? Hamburger.

I must admit I love summer, but I am starting to look forward to Fall a bit too. I hope they do another survey about Fall stuff as well!

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3 thoughts on “TBB Asks – Summer Survey

  1. Oh, I love reading these kind of memes… you always learn something new and random about each other!
    I love summer shandys (and don’t drink much alcohol otherwise!).
    Grilled sweet corn… I haven’t had that in ages. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. This is so fun! I saved this and meant to do it too and never did… maybe next month. Mmm, I love a good summer shandy. I also prefer skirts to shorts. I feel like good shorts are hard to find–they’re either way too short or too long.

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