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Tuesday Topics – Six Favorite Country Songs

I thought I’d have trouble with this week’s topic for Tuesday Topics with Quirky Pickings. I am not a big country music fan. Most of it makes me kind of cringe. But the more I started thinking about it, the more I was able to find a pretty decent list. Most of what I chose is in the bordering on “pop” music category, but they’re still country artists, so that counts right? Here we go!

(1) Standing Outside the Fire – Garth Brooks. I have actually always enjoyed Garth Brooks, he has a nice voice without getting twangy. I have always enjoyed the electric violin line in this song. You’ll quickly learn I enjoy violin music.

(2) Independence Day – Martina McBride. It was hard to pick one Martina song, but I went with this one because I used to enjoy belting this one out at the top of my lungs in the car (and still do on occasion). I also auditioned with this song for one of my high school musicals, accapella no less.

(3) Somebody Like You – Keith Urban. This song just makes me happy and puts me in a good mood. And he’s not bad to look at you have to admit.

(4) Easy Silence – Dixie Chicks. If I could write my own love song to Nate it would be this song. The lyrics “I come to find a refuge in the easy silence that you make for me, it’s ok when there’s nothing left to say to me, the peaceful quiet you create for me and the way you keep the world at bay for me” speaks to how I feel about him so much. It is a song about how your person helps keep you sane in a crazy world. And Nate does that for me.

(5) Don’t Be Stupid – Shania Twain. This is another song with fun electric violin and fiddle and an almost Irish dance feel, in fact, she had clog dancers in the video for this one. I will admit to loving most of Shania’s music from back in the day, but this one was my favorite.

(6) So Small – Carrie Underwood. Wonderful song about figuring out that the only thing that matters is love and everything else is small. And Carrie can do no wrong in my eyes, she’s amazing.

Runner ups would be This Kiss by Faith Hill, Everybody Knows by Trisha Yearwood, He Thinks He’ll Keep Her by Mary Chapin Carpenter and just about anything by Alison Krauss. I couldn’t pick one song by Alison Krauss I think because I like her too much.

So I guess I like country music a little more than I thought? Do you like country music? If so, what’s your favorite song?

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15 thoughts on “Tuesday Topics – Six Favorite Country Songs

  1. I can’t do country except for Shania Twain and that’s probably because I’m Canadian and I’d be booted right out of Canada if I didn’t love her with my entire being.
    OK and I like Dixie Chicks.
    But that’s it.
    Well anyone in tight jeans maybe….nom nome nom

  2. I love the Dixie Chicks! Faith Hill, Tim McGraw are some of my favorites. I remember singing Standing Outside the Fire that one year for Follies.

  3. Most country music (besides Garth Brooks and the Dixie Chicks) is not known in Germany (or should I say, wasn’t known?), but my husband introduced me to Country when we met and I love it quite a bit…

    which is why I have to ask: no Rascal Flatts on your list? How come? 🙂

  4. I’m not a big country music fan either but I do love me some bluegrass…. but now I’m listening to this shania song you recommended and I dig it. I was a huge fan of That Don’t Impress Me Much song back in the day–that was a fun one, too 🙂 thanks for sharing !!

  5. Ok so I thought I wasn’t into country at all (and therefore couldn’t participate in this week’s topics) but like you, I guess I like the pop-like country songs haha! Really like Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, Little Big Town and Lady Antebellum! Oh, and Luke Bryan ain’t bad to look at either 😉

  6. i am having SO, SO much trouble with this one. go you for posting BEFORE me. :] so on the ball. i had no idea this was gonna be a challenge for me, but it is. i’ve spent hours trying to come up with my six, and it’s making me nervous…

  7. I’m not a huge country fan either. But I absolutely love Eric Church. He’s more of a rock and roll flavor to me than 100% country. But I have all his albums, I go to every concert I can get to that is near me. I shook his hand once during one of those concerts, swoon! 🙂

  8. I actually DO like country music. I don’t listen to it as much as I did growing up – but my family is big fans. My favorite is probably 90’s country so Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, Martina McBride, Reba, all of that!


  9. Oh man I LOVE Easy Silence by the Dixie Chicks. I pretty much love all their stuff–they were the first “country” music I ever listened to. My husband is a big country fan and over the years I’ve come to enjoy it more because of him.

  10. I am all about country. For the most part I like music based off the lyrics. Sometimes the instrumentals. and occasionally for the dance moves (the farther I get from 18 and my crazy freshman year, the less I can about “club songs”).

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