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If You Give a Mom a Carpet Shampooer….

….she’s going to rearrange her whole house! Ok, maybe not the ENTIRE house, but our main living area for sure! We had recently borrowed a carpet shampooer that my dad owns so we could clean our couches. While we had it, we decided it had been ten years since we last shampooed our carpet, so why not do that too. And since we were needed to move furniture around to shampoo the carpet, we decided to experiment with re-arranging the furniture when we were done. And if you give a mouse a cookie, he just might ask for a glass of milk.

Honesty time. I have hated the way my living room has felt pretty much since the day we brought Ollie home from the hospital. Once it was overtaken by kid things it just felt small and claustrophobic. Eventually we went from having a baby swing and jumper to having toy boxes and toys everywhere. Yes, the kid has his own room, but he doesn’t have to be confined to having stuff just in his room. The bigger issue may be that his mom and dad are clutter infested pack rats, so the more we leave stuff around of our own, of course the more Ollie’s going to do it too. And our house is modest sized. It’s not huge, it’s not too small either. We should be able to live comfortably in this space.

I started thinking of ways we could create a play space for Ollie and sort of have a separate living room/entertaining space for us. And everything came down to this damn piano we have. I do love the piano, I wish I had the time and energy to both care for and learn how to play the piano, but I just don’t right now. So the piano is a giant decorative statue in our living area that is a magnet for clutter. It was in this nook that is kind of behind a half wall. And that was the area I wanted to set up for Ollie. After we finished the carpet cleaning, Nate said, ok, go with me on this. What if we put the piano on this other wall? And then moved Ollie’s toys over where it was?

That was the magic key. It unlocked a million possibilities for rearranging the space and somehow everything fit like this was where it was all meant to be. We even cleaned up a bunch of the clutter as we went. Somehow my living room feels like a cozy, homey environment and now I want to have all the company because it feels so inviting!

Being a parent is one of the greatest gifts in life and I regret none of it. But I will say learning to share your space with a tiny inhabitant is an interesting challenge and I guess sometimes it just takes time to figure it all out. We’ve made it. And yes, maybe this doesn’t seem like a big deal to any of you, but I’m a nerd. So nerds celebrate their small victories!

And now the nerd in me is wondering where my Christmas tree is going to go. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves right? Besides, if you give a mom a Christmas tree, she’ll find a way to make it work!

10 thoughts on “If You Give a Mom a Carpet Shampooer….

  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean! When I had a dog, I had to frequently shampoo my carpets and since I was moving furniture to do that, it was always a good time to rearrange stuff. Also, can we talk about how there is no better feeling than clean carpets? 🙂

  2. I love how you have your living room set up! It’s so cozy and homey feeling!! We need to shampoo our carpet in the office and the family room. I know what you mean about the Christmas tree though! I’m always thinking that way when moving our living room furniture around. LOL!!

  3. I love how we always get ahead of ourselves when doing projects. Drives me nuts! I love how you rearranged everything! It’s amazing how moving a few things can change a whole room. We need to do this in our bedroom. It is so cluttered and I’m sure moving some stuff will make all the difference.. Maybe I need to rent a carpet shampooer..

  4. It looks great! I love Ollie’s new play space. With three boys, every room in our house is filled with some type of toy or something. I’m also a bit of a pack rat, so our bedroom is filled too. Anyways, we’re hoping to get a new couch one of these days, and I’m hoping that will lead to some rearranging for the kid stuff too.

  5. I so know the feeling of rearranging and having more space! It’s amazing how much one little one can take over, isn’t it? Just looking at your photos makes me smile. Enjoy your new space!!!

  6. We re-arranged… sometime ago. I think right after Madeline came home? We have the same giant elephant in the room (piano) but that was the only thing that didn’t move. We also limit the toys Charlotte is allowed to three toy categories, and when she wants something else, she has to decide what gets put downstairs. It’s amazing how much lighter life feels when your room is lighter, eh?

  7. I really need to shampoo my carpet too–between the dog and the kids… it could use a good cleaning. I love how rearranging a room can really give a space new life! I feel you on ALL the toys… they take over the house!!

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