What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 8.4.17

Happy Friday guys and gals! We’ve made it once again! It’s a gorgeous day here in Minnesota after a rainy cold mess yesterday. So it’s a perfect day to reflect on the good things from the week in the What’s Up Weekend link up with the Peaceful Posse! Here are the things making me happy today!
(1) The news making me most excited this week is that you are now looking at a new Admin for the Peaceful Posse group on Facebook! I was honored and humbled when Charlotte (My Pixie Blog) and Lindsey (The Flynnigans) asked me to join them and of course I said yes. Another wonderful thing is that they also invited me to host this weekly link up with them! So I’m now hosting What’s Up Weekend!  Thanks again Charlotte and Lindsey, I am all about the love, supporting other bloggers and helping build each other up. If you’re a blogger looking for a supportive group on Facebook, please join us in the Peaceful Posse. We’d love to have you.
(2) We’ve all had nasty colds at our house this week and it came to a head last night and I just said “enough” and made Nate and I go to bed more or less right after Ollie. And let me tell you, the extra sleep has made a world of difference. I had to get up early for the early shift at my work today but I’m feeling leaps and bounds better and so is Nate.
(3) I had a blast at the Minnesota Blogger Bash at Can Can Wonderland the other night. It was so fun getting to see other bloggers, hang out with my Jen (without KIDS!), take in the whimsy of Can Can Wonderland (super fun indoor mini-golf in St. Paul, local folks, you must check it out!) and of course, get some free swag. Blogging definitely has it’s perks!
(4) Jamaican dinner at home. After we visited Jamaica, Nate had to find a recipe for Jerk Chicken because we loved it so much. He has pretty much perfected a recipe. We decided it had been a while since we had it and it sounded good, so he made us some this past Sunday and it was delightful as always. Ollie on the other hand is not much for Jerk Chicken. So he had spaghetti. We try not to do that too much, but we made an exception here since Jerk Chicken is a little on the spicy side.
(5) Shampooing our carpets at home. SO exciting, amiright? But seriously, it hasn’t been done in ten years, thanks to a certain cat in our house we needed to shampoo our couches, so we decided while we had my dad’s shampooer we’d do the carpet too. We are only a quarter done, but it looks SO good already. As we finish the living room area we’re also going to try to rearrange our furniture and Ollie’s toys in a way that seems a bit more user friendly and less like a toy store. And that makes mama very happy.
(6) Hide and seek with Ollie. It’s the easiest game in the world. Why? Because he tells you where he’s going to hide. But seriously, this kid you guys. His imagination is exploding. We play games where we “drive” to our houses, or a restaurant, or the disc golf course. He narrates everything. I’m starting to see a lot of myself as a kid in him with his creative play and I just love it so much.
(7) Fresh new hair. I had a cut and a color refresh on Wednesday and it feels so good. Pink pixie forever. I don’t think I’ve been this satisfied with my hair in a long time. My stylist/friend just gets me. She does an amazing job.
(8) We bought the supplies for our deck project. I’m not excited to have the deck all torn up for a little while, but I’m excited to have it done. It will be safer and will look better when we’re finished. With any luck we’ll have it done in time to have a backyard party sometime this Fall.
(9) New responsibilities at work. I am now going to be in charge of processing street related permits which is pretty exciting. I have also become a Notary. Yep, that’s right. So if you need something notarized, you can come to me. I have an official stamp and everything. It’s pretty exciting. I’m a geek.
(10) Next week is a short week because we are finally going to Duluth for Thomas and Friends. And I get a MN Blogger State Fair preview next week too. So I won’t actually dread the end of the weekend for a change!
This weekend should be a good one. As long as our colds continue to stay on the mend, Nate and I are going to attend Crayfest at Smack Shack again. The weather is promising to be amazing for it tomorrow so I’m really looking forward to it. My friend and hair stylist is also hosting a Lularoe party at her salon on Sunday and while I’m really considering moving towards this Secondhand only shopping challenge I’m going to stop by and check it out since it’s a LLR consultant I don’t normally shop with. I think we’ll hit up a Farmer’s Market too. While our garden is slowly getting close to harvest, we want to see what else is out there! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

17 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 8.4.17

  1. How awesome that you are an admin! Congrats to you! Can’t believe the weekend up in Duluth is next week already! Hope you have a good weekend and you all kick those colds!

  2. Look at you!! Sounds like you had an amazing week! I haven’t been to a blog event in ages and I really miss them. Thanks for the reminder–the swag bags are always the best, eh!?

    Also I literally covet your hair. Like that short bright red pixie do is exactly what I want on my head but I’m so nervous bc I have really curly hair that it would look a bit sideshow bob-esque lol. I’ll admire from afar 🙂

    So happy you are now an admin in the group and cohost of this weekly linkup–you are such a great fixture and we are lucky to have you,

    Xoxo and yay for Jamaican food…I’m craving it so much myself!

  3. Yea for such a good week – minus the summer colds!! I’m now dreaming about Jerk Chicken – Jamaica is one of my favorite places on the earth!! Hope you get to feeling better – and Congrats on being a new admin for the group!! XOXO

  4. Yay for being an admin and hosting this link up! How exciting!

    Aw, I love kids and their creative play. It’s so much to just watch!

    I hope you have a great trip next week to see Thomas and Friends. I know Ollie has been excited.


  5. Shampooing carpets at home is exciting! We haven’t done ours in forever and a day! We only have the basement one though and it belongs to the dog so it’s his responsibility … so I say 😝
    Summer colds are the worst! I hope you feel better soon friend!
    Hide and go seek at that age is the best! So is Ollie. You two make such a great pair ❤️️

  6. Woohoo! Way to go on the admin and host of the link up 🙂 Hope you are able to take it easy just a bit this weekend and catch up on some more sleep. And can I say that I just love your hair. I have dreamed of having crazy colored hair, but its naturally jet black and Im scared to bleach it so, I just let the summer sun do my highlighting and call it good LOL. I do have an itch to cut it short though.

  7. Wow, lots going on for you, Beth. All good! Love your hair!! I also love that your hubs cooks for you. I’m jealous about the blogger event you have local. I’m going to see if there is one in my city. That would be amazing. Congrats on the Peaceful Posse admin position.

  8. So many fun things here Beth! I love your hair, and the blogger bash sounds like it was such a blast. Hide and seek with Ollie cracked me up too, because that is what Jona does too. The whole concept is totally over his head 🙂

  9. Congrats on becoming an admin for this wonderful group! I am so glad to have found this blogging group 🙂
    Your hair looks stunning – it is great when you get a stylist who just knows what you want.
    Hope your colds are loads better now – getting extra sleep often helps with stubborn colds and flu.

  10. Congrats on becoming an admin! I really enjoy that group and how positive and supportive everyone is. I don’t link up or post on there as often as I want to but as time permits, I do.

    I love that he tells you where he’s going to hide! That is hilarious!

    Congrats on the notary too! I’m a librarian and we get asked all the time if we have a notary service. We don’t currently so I’ve thought about it myself.

  11. Wooo! Notary! I’m super impressed. My boss was a limited notary (student permit things and the like for our international students) and now that she’s retired, I’m wondering if they’ll delegate that out (though we never saw her notarize anything so many it wasn’t needed any more). But that’s ok to geek about, because it’s awesome.

  12. It overjoys me (and us) to have someone like yourself reppin’ and leading the group with us. You have such a light, likeable spirit about you that I think we all just adore. So again, thank you for helping out. 🙂 🙂
    Your hair ROCKS girl and like charlotte said, it’s everything!!
    Congrats on becoming a notary, that’s awesome love!

    I hope you’re having a good week lovey. Xo

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