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Tuesday Topics – Seven Places I’d Like to Visit

This week’s topic for Tuesday Topics with Quirky Pickings is Seven Places I’d Like to Visit. I love thinking about and dreaming about travel, even if it isn’t something we can do a lot of right now! Here are the places I’d most like to go right now.

(1) Disney World. I have been fortunate to have been there before a few times, but it’s been over 15 years since I’ve last been there and I’ve never had the chance to take Nate (or obviously Ollie) so I’d really like to go there at some point. We’re waiting until Ollie’s around 5 and then I’m thinking we’ll try to plan a trip there.

(2) Canada, specifically Winnipeg to visit my buddy Cara and check out the beer scene up there because apparently there’s a beer scene! And it’s a reasonable drive from the Twin Cities. I have a passport. It just seems logical that this will happen at some point in the next couple of years.

(3) Hawaii. We had attempted to plan a trip there for our 30th birthdays with some friends but things just didn’t quite work out. It’s still been on my list to go someday, so hopefully it will happen eventually.

(4) Delaware to visit the Dogfish Head brewery. Yes I love this brewery so much it’s an actual destination for me. They even have their own beer themed hotel. This could easily be a long weekend for Nate and I possibly at some point.

(5) Wine Country in California. I’m a beer girl first, but I do enjoy wine and after seeing movies like Bottle Shock and Sideways, I just really want to go visit wine country and meander through all the beautiful wineries.

(6) Ireland. I did a report on Ireland in school and have always been fascinated with it. I’d love to go at some point in honor of my Irish loving late grandmother.

(7) The Jim Henson Experience at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York. I have heard this exhibit is the best representation of his work and as a huge Muppet fan, to have a chance to see it all up close would be a dream come true. So maybe one day!

There are other places I’d love to go, more Caribbean islands, out to the Black Hills in South Dakota, to see the lights in Vegas, back out to Maine where Nate’s aunt lives, the Grand Canyon, the list could go on and on. If only I had an endless supply of money and time off! What’s on your travel list?

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23 thoughts on “Tuesday Topics – Seven Places I’d Like to Visit

  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had an endless stream of money!!! I often wish I could get paid to simply travel. I l love your list and there is nothing wrong with loving a brewery so much it is on your travel list! We’ve not been to Hawaii either but I’m not sure my husband could do the long flight! I do recommend Vegas at least once as it is something that needs to be seen. Here’s to travel dreaming!

    1. The flight to Hawaii is definitely one of the reasons we haven’t been yet. And my friends just got back from Vegas so I think I might be moving that one up my list based on their experience, they had fun. 🙂

  2. I’m right there with you about California!! My husband and I went to Ireland on our honeymoon and it was the best thing ever I can’t wait for you to go

  3. Hawaii is my favorite place on earth. I’ve been 3 times and that’s only because my Aunt used to live there. You can literally smell flowers the minute you get off the plane.

  4. Wow I had no idea about the Jim Hensen experience–that’s so close to me, I absolutely have to visit!!

    So many beautiful places listed here. It’s been ages since I’ve done wine country and I’d love to go back, too, to breathe in that scenery alone!! And taking Ollie to Disney at 5 is a great age… hope you guys make it!!

  5. Love the list! Mine would be Washington DC (which we will be doing this fall) Vegas, Hawaii, CA, Ireland, England, DR, and Greece.

  6. The Jim Henson exhibit sounds awesome!! (Is there a pixar exhibit at the science museum right now? i heard about it this spring, but i’m surprised I haven’t heard more this summer). Full support on all your dreams, Ireland and wine country are big for me as well. But I’d actually like to do oregon’s wine country instead.

  7. I’ve been to both Ireland and Napa, CA and they were both amazing! I actually traveled across Ireland by myself to visit a friend living there in college and I felt so at home, so comfortable. Not at all nervous about being alone! On my list are Alaska, Iceland, Chile, Oregon and Chicago.

  8. London, England was the top of my list and I went last year. I hope to visit again though. I’d also like to visit Ireland and Disney World again (I’ve only been once and I was younger) – I really want to check out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

  9. Disney World and Hawaii top my list, I think. Plus going back to Chicago and Vancouver. But the thought of you coming to Winnipeg? Now there is a reason to vacation in my own city!

  10. Awesome list! Ollie will love Disneyworld!
    Hawaii looks so stunning 🙂
    Ireland is beautiful (I visited when I was 15 and did a family holiday overseas). Loved visiting the US and always say to hubby I’d really like for us to do route 66 together 🙂
    Travelling is one of the most enriching things in life – one learns so much.

  11. Confession: I have no desire to go to Disney. Ever. Never. I am that person. I don’t like crowds. Or Disney. I know. Half of my heart is black or something. Plus my son doesn’t like any Disney movies. He says “Is there singing in this movie? Nah. I’m not watching it.” So we never watch any Disney movies. Ever 😛
    Now Hawaii is my jam! We went there on our honeymoon. It is gorgeous. Laid back. Kauaii is the best.
    You should definitely come to Canada. PSSSSST….Ontario!

    1. I totally understand the anti-Disney feel. It is a crowded place and I normally don’t like crowds either, but somehow I handle it ok there. And I’ll admit, Ollie hasn’t been too into the Disney movies yet either, so if/when we do go, it’ll selfishly be more for me, ha!
      Laid back is my jam, so I think Hawaii will be amazing.
      I’ll add Ontario to my list, I wasn’t sure where you were in Canada, but now I know. I’ll make a whole Canadian blog tour, haha!!

  12. This is a fun post! Yes to all of these places. I’ve always wanted to visit wine country in CA, and the beer-themed hotel and brewery in Delaware! (Is it bad that the two that stand out the most here for me are the beer/wine-related ones? Mama needs a drink… )

  13. Great list. We have a lot of the dream spots in common. I’ve been dreaming of Ireland for ever now… gotta get there soon. I’m hoping when the oldest is a 10 we’ll pull the trigger? If you go to Disney when Oli is let say, 2yr 11months, he’ll get in for free! I know it’s not the 5 you’re hoping for, but it saved me tons of money!

  14. I had a difficult time narrowing down my list of places I’d like to visit to seven…

    Ireland is beautiful and the people are great. The Napa/Sonoma areas in CA are beautiful; golden, rolling hills lined with lines and lines of deep green vines. I had never heard of the Jim Henson Experience before. Very intriguing. May have to check that out the next time I find myself in NYC.

    Have a good one!

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