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Tuesday Topics – Nine Games You Love to Play

Hello! I know I said yesterday I had a Thrifty Tuesday topic, but I forgot about Tuesday Topics and I love the subject this week, so Thrifty Tuesday will happen tomorrow. On Wednesday. Because that makes sense? Anyway this week’s pick for Tuesday Topics is – Nine Games You Love to Play. We LOVE games at our house, so this was a fun ones for me! Without further ado, here are the ones I love the best!

(1) Cribbage. Nate and I have been playing cribbage together for pretty much the entire time we’ve been a couple. I used to be pretty terrible at it, but my skills have improved over the years and sometimes I even beat Nate now! We like collecting fun cribbage boards too from places we travel or when we see a neat one that catches our eye. My goal is to mount some of them on the walls around the house so when the mood strikes we can just go grab one!

(2) Yahtzee. I have always loved playing Yahtzee. We just taught Ollie how to play over the weekend and he seems to like it too, he does need some help, but he caught on to the general idea. I love that it’s a pretty easy game to play with two people or with more.

(3) Scrabble. I should play it more often, it keeps my brain sharp! I still remember playing one night with Nate early on in our marriage, I don’t even think alcohol was involved, but we were being rather goofy one time and tried to use up every last letter and started making up words. We laughed until we cried.

(4) Clue. I have adored Clue since I was a kid. I used to play with the pieces on my own and make up my own little mystery stories – yep nerd right here. It’s fun to play as an adult too, especially if you’ve had a glass of wine or something, just saying.

(5) Uno. We also play a version with regular cards called Dirty 8’s. This is another great game for small or large groups.

(6) Monopoly. I know some people have an extreme dislike of Monopoly because it can take hours to play – but if you play the shortened rules it isn’t so bad. I also have a Muppet version of it that is super fun.

(7) Cards Against Humanity. One of my favorite times I ever played this game was right after Ollie was born on New Years Eve with some friends. I had a low alcohol tolerance since I had just started having it again after nine months. I was careful when nursing, but had my one glass of wine and it went to my head and between that and being sleep deprived I just remember everything being SO funny. One of the question cards was something about who will dominate the world and one of the answer cards was simply “Bees?” with a question mark. You kind of had to be there, but oh did we laugh. It can be a very dirty game, but it is hilarious and I’d honestly rather play this than Apples to Apples.

(8) Sorry. Again it’s a simple game but it can be a lot of fun and it’s another one we’ve discovered is fun if you’re drinking a little. I swear I’m not an alcoholic, but what good is a game night without a little beer? We now have a copy of Trouble which is similar and we’ve started playing that with Ollie. He gets bored kind of fast but loves popping the little dice button.

(9) The Oregon Trail Card game. I have to say this, because right now we play it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. But seriously, even if it gets a little tiring every now and then, I love how much Ollie has grasped the concept of this game and enjoys playing it so much. It is so cute. He doesn’t even get mad if he gets a card that makes him “die” he just stays in as our dice roller or as “the store”. I like that it’s something we all do together. And when we’re on the Oregon Trail Ollie’s name is not Ollie. It’s Bishton. Don’t forget it.

What games are your favorites? Who wants to come over for a game night?

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21 thoughts on “Tuesday Topics – Nine Games You Love to Play

  1. There is this card game from hell that is a mix of UNO and I cannot for the life of me remember what it is called…why can’t I remember…anyways, someone gave it to my son for Christmas. We could not figure out how to play it. We had to google it and watch videos. It was maddening. Once we figured it out, it took us over 2 hours…TWO HOURS and lots of yelling to finish it. It’s like the monopoly game of UNO. So if you ever come across a game that looks like UNO but it’s called something else, never ever buy it.
    It ruins families.
    Just kidding.
    But it sucks.
    I hid it in a closet.

    1. Haha! Ok noted. Regular Uno and nothing else. Two hours is way too extreme. Not to mention I don’t think the three year old would sit for a two hour card game! Then again, we’ve played Oregon Trail for over an hour before (multiple rounds. We’ve only reached the end a couple of times)

  2. I have never played Cards Against Humanity, but I really want to try it! Seeing these games really brings back memories. 🙂

  3. I used to play the computer game Oregon Trail all the time in computer class in grade school. I like that it’s a card game, but I’ve never played it before!

    My family used to love playing Monopoly, but yeah, too long for me now. I used to play Uno a lot with a friend and her family when we were younger too.


  4. *raising hand* Me, me! I love games and believe they improve our minds. And make us laugh. And bring us together with family and friends. Invite me over!

  5. hey lady! thanks for linking up. i’m glad you did.

    i see we have sorry and scrabble in common. i, too, remember playing oregon trail on the computer and had not heard of the card game. that might be worth checking out. thanks for sharing. :]

    1. I loved this topic!! You can find the Oregon Trail Card game at Target. It’s fun, but it’s hard to get to the end unless you have a lot of people, ha!

  6. Some of the games you listed here are my faves and I have played them as an adult too (and don’t worry, alcohol is pretty much always involved when we pull out the games!)

    Clue is called “Cluedo” over here and we played it recently over Christmas (I know, I say recently, because I forget we’re already over half way back there again!)

    We recently played Cards Against Humanity on our family catch-up holiday and it was seriously hilarious too – so much wine involved as well. It’s one of those games you feel a bit nervous about playing with your parents, but I guess my sense of humour must come from somewhere because we were all roaring with laughter.

    We also played sequence which I really like as a start of the night type game that anyone can play 🙂

  7. We struggle with games in this house. I like anything that involves high levels of trivia and competition. Scott likes competitive games of strategy. It’s not often we find a game we can agree on. We both miss playing games though, so we’ll probably relish in the luck driven children’s games over the next few years.

  8. This was so fun to read because I love board games too. It sounds like we need to pick up the Oregon Trail one. I also love Scrabble, Uno, and Cards Against Humanity. Cribbage is one my parents both enjoy and I do like it too but it’s been a while since I’ve played! My favorite is Trivial Pursuit, and I also love playing dominoes when we have a big group of people.

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